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Idiot control
05:13:53 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Einskaldir:

how do you keep an *beep* busy?

05:14:55 Apr 21st 08 - Sir Surviver:

Give them Vu?:)

09:57:28 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

introduce them to plato

17:30:23 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Squiddy:

make lots of meaningful/less threads and wait for an *beep* to make a pointless random comment in it.

17:33:08 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Antman:

get them to talk to Alban

21:16:15 Apr 21st 08 - Lord Seloc:

Give them a lightbulb and a screw.

22:21:52 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Einskaldir:

all good ideas; i saw a website the other day with a sutton labeled click here. nothing happened but someone is probably still clicking it

normally i go to suggestions thread and suggest something dumb or something that isn't popular. the replies can get interesting

01:29:47 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Clamps The Redeemed:

Post in the Jesus thread and wait for their reply...

(holy crap....someone is doing that to me!)

Erm what I meant to say was get them to come up with three good reasons to keep Bush for another term somehow.

01:37:28 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Einskaldir:

to keep bush

1] better than hillary clinton

2] better than bill clinton helping her

3] better than obama; is he a sleeper terrorist?? his name is middle eastern and they are basically hated in us right now

02:21:26 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Clamps The Redeemed:

LOL see? Didn't take long enough though so my sugg sux =p

02:37:04 Apr 22nd 08 - Prince Gorris Septim:

03:21:43 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Plato The God of Knowledge:

wear a shirt that says:  Wanna know how to keep dumb people busy  (look at other side)  and on the other side:  Wanna know how to keep dumb people busy?  (look at other side)

03:24:21 Apr 22nd 08 - Sir Hiding:

lol, hillary and obama both scare!

03:31:15 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Dalakticon:

I find it hard to believe that they are more scary than your out going President...  :-)

04:26:44 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Charley II:

Mr. Dalakticon


4/21/2008 10:31:15 PM
I find it hard to believe that they are more scary than your out going President...  :-)
You better believe it....Bill will be back (Good for the Chinese) but Hilary is moving to Canada if she wins.....Ill take anyone else but her

09:36:00 Apr 22nd 08 - Lord Zombie Marche:

Hillary does strike me as the crazy type.

Anyway, some voting round going on today. I have been told that if Obama wins, Hillary will be in a tight spot.

16:15:15 Apr 22nd 08 - Sir Hiding:

Hillary loves being in tight spots...

17:39:46 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Deth:

17:46:57 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Clamps The Redeemed:

Yeah we expect a pretty big influx of refugees up here in the Great North if Hilary does in fact win. I've been volunteering at camp building huts for the poor Yanks who'll have to flee her nonsense. Don't worry though folks, we'll be ready to have you in by the end of the month....just leave your *beep*ing guns at home ok?

01:15:58 Apr 23rd 08 - Mr. Charley II:

NEVA! us poor Yanks need guns to fight off Hilary

19:35:14 Apr 30th 08 - Mr. Einskaldir:

its gonna be civil war again. hillary slaves vs freemen

you will lose all your rights if she wins. online games might be outlawed LOL

00:56:46 May 1st 08 - Mr. Dalakticon:

I saw a funny story about the media and even political opponents calling Obama, Osama. In political debates he has been called Osama and even the media has repeatedly called him Osama. Its hard to believe hes in the race for the presidency with the small mindedness of the general population. He must be a good candidate or have bad opposition..  :-)

03:40:26 May 1st 08 - Mr. Atreides:

It's a combination of both I believe.

05:22:14 May 1st 08 - Mr. Charley II:

I hope Hillary is declared mentally unstable and forced to drop out forever (she is one crazzzzzzy biatch)

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