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Image host needed
18:16:46 Dec 28th 09 - VU Admin:

Telia AB is taking down their web servers, so we can no longer host the images there, we need to find a new stable host for the static materials.

Traffic is about 100 GB/month. The server needs to be stable and with decent bandwidth like 5 Mbit/s.

Feel free to contact me on or discuss it here.

18:19:35 Dec 28th 09 - VU Admin:

Some Internet Service Providers offer a personal homepage. Those are great places to host images as they should have great capacity.
Unfortunately I'm stuck with Telia AB here.

18:57:12 Dec 28th 09 - Sir Kobuskan:

Contact Wuu, he is genius

20:02:44 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

I can lend you one of my 5 servers till you get sorted if you want.

20:14:41 Jan 22nd 10 - Mr. Orrises The Elder:

i Am a web Designer i have the Latest Photoshop and i make great Images ( i rushed in my KD image ) i'll do it too

20:16:46 Jan 22nd 10 - Mr. Observer:

Just use imageshack :P

20:45:22 Jan 22nd 10 - Archangel Argyle:

Just use imageshack :P <<<

with 100GB traffic per month imageshack is not to count on.

Is it any question about asking for sponsorship of bandwidth company? like constant add on frontpage for free imagehosting?

On a second note, bloggs usually have "unlimited" traffic.

00:41:01 Jan 23rd 10 - VU Admin:

I'll start a VU blog then... Any suggestion? It has to be able to host CSS files too and the images need to keep the same name when they are uploaded.

01:23:37 Jan 23rd 10 - Mr. Legna Van Hteaed:

Just incase you change your mind about the blog.

04:09:03 Jan 23rd 10 - Overlord Dvsmasta:

Perhaps you could split it up having one host for USA and one for Europe  ect.?

I could host the USA mirror.

04:10:56 Jan 23rd 10 - Mr. Abhishek IV:

Picasaweb can be used. We all know that Google has the most powerful servers in the world and they are the best. Picasa gives you unlimited Bandwidth and has an excellent transfer speed. It gives you 10Gb of hosting space too!
It can be used indirectly too by making a VU blog at
Trust me!! I have tried it and it produced some excellent results. Zeta may use it for a try once on his demo server.

04:27:55 Jan 23rd 10 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Lunarpages are arguably the best. I run 5 servers through them. Just do your blog using a joomla or wordpress installation. Simples.

20:33:26 Jan 23rd 10 - VU Admin:

The problem with those blogs are that you can not upload css files.

And those cheap hosting companies that offer "unlimited" bandwidth will kick me out if I put the VU images there, they only want customers that use no bandwidth at all.

But for a big companies or ISP:s, 100GB/month would either be a piss in the ocean or benefit them as other ISP:s has to pay them for accessing their network.

21:23:37 Jan 23rd 10 - Mr. Observer:

but css files are small? Why not just upload the images elsewhere? and host the css yourself?

03:33:16 Jan 24th 10 - Mr. Dwarfnub:

On his own computer? that would make things very slow, even if it is a small file. Ever tried hosting a website on your own computer before?? it takes forever to load even basic static html web pages

02:23:05 Feb 5th 10 - VU Admin:

Any ISP in US that offer personal homepage space? Like 10mb or so?

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