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Japan is SICK
20:39:45 Jun 1st 07 - Lord Argyle:

I just heard that the national age of consent in Japan is 13 for both males and females.


23:20:31 Jun 1st 07 - Sir Ironpick:

13 was an acceptable age for many centuries in Europe and many decades in America.  Personally I think 13 is too young, but that number itself is debateable.

23:47:26 Jun 1st 07 - Lord Senturu:

i agree wit you Argyle, dats wrong :(

23:49:18 Jun 1st 07 - Mr. Supercalifragilistic:

There are countries that have no age of consent, so picking on Japan is stupid.

23:51:15 Jun 1st 07 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

check out India's culture. 

00:35:21 Jun 2nd 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

why would you want to at 13? she hasnt even hit puberty yet!!

03:03:24 Jun 2nd 07 - Mr. Thardin:

Seriously... how many of you were virgins @ 13?  I'd guess very few of you. So, what's the big deal?

03:53:19 Jun 2nd 07 - Lord Senturu:

yea but that takes away from the whole thing.

07:04:14 Jun 2nd 07 - Sir Ironpick:

Lol Thardin, what do they teach you (or not teach you) where you live?  Having sex with a 13-year-old is considered rape here, possibly even child molestation.

07:16:20 Jun 2nd 07 - Mr. Thardin:

Well personally I wouldn't have sex with a 13 year old and it is illegal here, however I don't see it being the government's job to tell someone when they're ready to have sex. 

11:10:23 Jun 2nd 07 - Dreadlord Valarion:

Chastity belts for everyone!


That would be the onyl way to stop teenagers from "getting some" if they really wanted to. It better have GPS and a security system though, in case the lovers get to creative.

11:45:06 Jun 2nd 07 - Mr. Roxbury:

Japan has a lot of strange *beep* going on. In their courts of law for
example, they dont rely on evidence to convict people of crimes, but
rather have police do month long interrogations until the suspect
cracks and admits any crime. No joke.

17:30:51 Jun 2nd 07 - Lord Senturu:

that is fuct up

17:43:31 Jun 2nd 07 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

what is wrong with that? We call them recycling.  People in america buy the panties at the vending machine in Japan and sell them in e-bay for a higher price.  That is how the economy works

18:51:07 Jun 2nd 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:


i thought it was because they had a strong workforce

how wrong i was....

14:37:34 Jun 13th 07 - Mr. Breadlord:


14:46:42 Jun 13th 07 - Sir Drunken:

Just an email i recieved recently kind of like that game too hehehe. You get to blow out Jap ships ;)

21:34:47 Jun 13th 07 - Mr. Breadlord:

dude the west has coused and is still couseing the extinction of hundreds of species. why are we only focusing on whales?

21:38:30 Jun 13th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:

'cos whales are defenceless gaints

thats cool =)

HUG ME!!!!

22:31:36 Jun 13th 07 - Sir Drunken:

They blow super bubbles!!

23:50:46 Jun 13th 07 - Mr. Zakira:

whale for shusi

12:03:12 Jun 14th 07 - Mr. Breadlord:

dolfins can blow too and they are smart yet they get cought in wesrn fish nets all the time.

17:22:50 Jun 14th 07 - Mr. Thomas Bell The Unclothed:

But dolfins r soo arogant an smug. Stoopid dolfins!

19:28:26 Jun 14th 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Diplomat:

365578   jake is a wanker from sd, Australia - signed petition on 14th June 2007

23:05:31 Jun 14th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:

I'll sign!!

23:09:18 Jun 14th 07 - Mr. Breadlord:

OMG  thomas is sooow perjudice...
so you say that FAT whales are not arrogand but thin smooth surfing dolfins are arrogant?

20:15:47 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Dwolf:

Its all about Wolves, they fight trying to get food at the local farms, and then the stupid hillbillies go out huntin em, like they wouldnt jump a fence and steal a pig if they were about to die of hunger.

I wish I was a were wolf, so when a farmer try to shoot me I would transform and kill him, then I would go out on a killing spree, killing any hunters, and stuff, and I would not stop untill they made hunting ilegal, or else, I would kill everyone!!!.

20:16:44 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Dwolf:

Im 14, and Im a virgin, whats wrong with enjoying your childhood and growing up when you need to, ill just let life pass by, and jump into the foking train when I need to.

23:07:01 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:


lets just let that one by shall we?

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