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23:45:27 Nov 13th 06 - Lady Spooky:

When we had unlimited KDs I was spending far too much of my life playing this game.  I would log on first thing in the morning, at lunchtime, as soon as I got home from work, sometimes I'd be on all evening...

Because I was having fun playing the game I'd often log into IRC or MSN and chat to anyone and everyone.  I had 45 contacts in my msn list and 40 of them were VU players.  Sometimes I'd still be on at 2 am just chatting to people all over the world.

I was late for work more than once because of VU.  I logged on on Christmas Day - my family thought VU was some sort of weird cult.

I used to think when I was going away to see people - did they have a broadband connection - or not...  My 10 year old Godson knew all about VU - I have allowed him to name armies for me - he knew exactly who Legacy were.  My 5 year old nephew has sat with me and watched me play.

People at work knew better than to interrupt me at lunchtime.  Even my boss knew what VU is.  Colleagues would ask me how the war was going.

For the few short eras in which I ran a Kingdom it took over my life.  I won't go into detail of how sad and obsessive I was about it because former Rumour players know all too well and the evidence is still there for all to see in a certain forum.....

Since the game changed to 3 player KDs it has become less and less interesting for me.  I cannot give the time commitment that such a format needs.  If I am away for three days there are no viceroys and knights to step up and guard my cities.  There is no large Kd network all supporting each other and making this more than just another computer game.

These days I am on time for work every day.  I log on at lunchtime for about 10 minutes and then I'm bored.  I go to see the family for the weekend and don't even log on.  I haven't logged onto MSN or iRC for weeks and I don't feel the need to.  I'm always in bed before midnight.

Thank you Zeta for giving me back my life.  Pity you had to wreck the game to do it.


00:13:52 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Sognar:

That was a nice story spoon , as i have once been a member of rumour i was aware of how much you used to be online, and it was not healthy!

00:54:32 Nov 14th 06 - Duchess Ginger Rogers:

*grabs a pink hankey out and dabs eyes

<3 Spooky  

I agree with Spooky, thanks Zeta.  You had to wreck a great game for me to get my life back.  This game has begun boring, lost its appeal.  Why do I still log on?  I guess I refuse to believe the love affair is over with :(  Thanks for breaking my heart. 

(Edited by Duchess Ginger Rogers 11/14/2006 12:55:08 AM)

01:09:47 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Master Shake:

Well said Spooky, Hit the nail on the head so to speak.

01:58:48 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Incorruptible Politician:

of course there was no need to ruin the game to give Spooky back her could have just banned her and let the game still be cool:D

02:57:25 Nov 14th 06 - Duke Carrothian:

well said, Spooky...

*gives Ginger a little hug*

04:25:34 Nov 14th 06 - Sir Moordenaar:

ahh this game getting boring aint gonna give me my life bak.i got plenty of other games out there. :P

04:33:20 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Sloth:

i enjoyed the summer.. i was hoping that by winter, zeta would return VU back so i would have something to do while the days are short. :-) still waiting!

17:45:04 Nov 14th 06 - Daimyo Dingo:

Would you really have your "life" back? What exactly is having a "life"? If having a "life" means talking to good friends, and having fun, then you have always had a life. It's simply a matter of how you look at it. Sure you were late for work, didn't talk to friends in real life as much, whatever. But let me ask you this...

What is truely important in life? Money? No. Power? No. Happyness, yes happyness. If you go to work at a job you hate, and hang out with people you despise, is that really having a "life"? Life is all about the pursuit of happyness. And this game was once a source of great happyness in my life, but then the kingdom limits were changed, the battle system was ruined, the magic system was ruined, several dedicated veteran players have left already because of these improvements. Is it really worth losing more of your crowd Zeta?

As the game stands now, and in previous eras before the bad improvements occured, we had a good base of players. People got along, Legacy won every era due to shady buisness mostly :P   and everyone else heckeled Legacy for being so good. Sure Legacy got on the forums and complained like no other, for what reason I still don't know. But at the end of the day, everyone was friends. We all got along, had a good time being beaten by Legacy, and also bashing Legacy. The game was great, no real improvements were needed, except maybe some minor adjustments. So what does Zeta do? He completely revamps the entire game, improvements everything. For the worst in big picture.

Sure, 3 man kingdoms was a good idea, but the problem is diplomacy. As long as there IS diplomacy, it won't matter if you make 2 man kingdoms, 5 man kingdoms, or 30 man kingdoms. The people who want to play together will. For instance, this era, Legacy with their 6 seperate kingdoms, all under the same banner, and 7 kingdoms all working together against them. Now tell me, how is that any different from unlimited kingdoms? Except of course for the fact we couldn't all merge and the such. But it really wasn't all that different. The Legacy guys worked together, and we worked together.

I will be honest as well, the battle system and magic system were both changed, and in my personal opinion, they suck now. But that I can live with. With the new systems it seems like there are more big failures and more lucky people out there. Sure you can rationalize it, "Well sometimes the general makes a mistake on the field of battle...", and sometimes pigs fly to the north pole and back. If you want to say it's more like real life then your retarded. In real life, any good commander is going to call a retreat if he is being beaten, sure sometimes the entire army will die, SOMETIMES. But it doesn't happen often.


Bleah, I will have more, probably a few suggestions on improvements at a later time. Please look for them and see what you think.

18:10:49 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Spanky:

"Legacy won every era due to shady buisness mostly"

Please do explain what you mean, since for a good number of eras now if somebody won by using a bug or exploit in the game it wasnt Legacy. So I'd like you to back your statements with some facts, and I hope the best you come with wont be river hopping.

18:18:23 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Master Shake:

"For instance, this era, Legacy with their 6 seperate kingdoms, all under the same banner, and 7 kingdoms all working together against them"

I just counted 16, thats a bit more than 7, lol.

18:22:39 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Hungry Horse:

Legacyshmegacy, who cares? They're *beep*s.

Now Spooky. How about you and me hook up some time, we could share nude pics of each other? :)

18:30:08 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Spanky:

Who the hell would want nude pics of a horse?

18:48:43 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Dante Vengance:

well with a name like spanky shouldnt you be answering that question??


yer ive only recently come back to vu, i havent been on since the era jecker was it? i forget. but anyway the game has deffinatly lost its given attraction where you need to make sure your towns and armies are surviving, but it made the game more interesting, people got together, nap's were formed and lies and deceit, it was real life war fare. but now its just little squares on a green bit of screen.... i miss VU ='[

19:13:57 Nov 14th 06 - Lady Spooky:

Now Hungry, you know perfectly well that I created an army called Nude Pics this era especially for you.  Someone killed it.  Now was that you?  :)

Dingo - the big difference in 7 (or however many it is/was - I reckon about 12) KDs working together against 6 Legacy Kds as opposed to us both being UL KDs is that our organisation as an Alliance was not nearly as good as theirs.  It takes much more dedication and commitment to co-operate properly  if you are not part of the same KD.  Also you actually have to agree who is going to run the show and have some sort of mechanism where you ALL communicate be it a forum or an IRC channel.....  they got it right this era - kudos to them - we did not organise all together as well as we should.

Maybe Zeta will listen to the call to bring back UL KDs on Fantasia. 

21:57:10 Nov 14th 06 - Mr. Civ:

I don't have a life! oh, right im on WoA...

And Spooky, You dont seem that frightening when You expose weaknesses like this. If we met in a dark alley, you'd have to kill me yourself now that i wont die of a heartattack on sight.

23:14:30 Nov 14th 06 - Lady Spooky:

Don't worry Civ - I'll make sure you don't suffer.

(really I don't know where this idea comes from - I'm the sweetest girl you could ever hope to meet......)

00:05:58 Nov 15th 06 - Mr. Sfd:

Mr. Civ

11/14/2006 9:57:10 PM

I don't have a life! oh, right im on WoA...

And Spooky, You dont seem that frightening when You expose weaknesses like this. If we met in a dark alley, you'd have to kill me yourself now that i wont die of a heartattack on sight.

Frankly, Spooks would eat you alive :)

05:37:00 Nov 15th 06 - Daimyo Dingo:

Spanky spanky never cease to amaze me. I still don't know if it's really that you are just that dumb, or if you really have an issue with taking words out of context. Allow me to ellaborate...

"Legacy won every era due to shady buisness mostly :P   and everyone else heckeled Legacy for being so good"

The above is what I wrote.

"Legacy won every era due to shady buisness mostly :P   and everyone else heckeled Legacy for being so good"

The bold part is key. My statement was, Legacy won every era....due to shady buisness mostly :P

What this implies is that I am not serious about the shady buisness, though I do know for fact that Legacy HAS used exploits and bugs to their advantage, ALTHOUGH no more than other kingdoms.

Sometimes I feel like I'm back in middle school with you Legacy fools. You may be good at this game, but some of you are dumber than a pile of bricks.

08:03:16 Nov 15th 06 - Mr. Spanky:

You know, I wanted to reply to your post but decided against it since obviously you're an immature brat.


08:50:11 Nov 15th 06 - Mr. Jim:


If a computer game is taking over your life so much then don't play it.


09:27:38 Nov 15th 06 - Lord Efrandor:

This thread is true, in some ways..

The limited kingdoms have made me playing VU alot lesser, but that is only because I haven't any chance of winning for the moment, I know that whatever I will do this era I will still die, and I have known it for about 200 ticks back, therefore, i haven't been in "need" to play more then logging in every now and then to check everything, but for two eras ago, whe nthere was a chance of winning, I couldn't stay away 12 hours to get a BT, I would have been fried by the time I got on again, one of the guys were online, what, 18 hours a day? I have never had to be online for that long when there was unlimited kingdoms, I'm starting to loose my point here, I'm in a hurry, anyway, what I'm trying to say is, eeeh....     Well, it takes up pretty much time whatever the limit is, but the fact is, with this kingdom limit the game has gotten boring.. .   well, yea, something like that, now I gotta go to class.

Hope it made any sense..

09:55:56 Nov 15th 06 - Dreadlord Valar:

Of course a little ":p" is enough to dispell the bitterness and camouflage the flame on a forum where most of the people dont know eachother...

I can type up countless smileys..does that reflect upon what I think  (rethorical question)? - No.

09:57:04 Nov 15th 06 - Dreadlord Valar:

Oh the topic at hand. Ever since this 3 ppl thingie was implemented I have been logging in less and less...even skipped this entire era.

10:50:58 Nov 15th 06 - Mr. Senturu:

so thats why i havent heard from Valar. dang i felt something missing from this era. i havent threatend Valar. so here it goes...........................................................................ok i cant think of anything. but i will.


On Topic- yes i agree iv'e logged in less and less because i've lost contact with many friends in here due to kingdom cap.

11:44:51 Nov 15th 06 - Mr. Hungry Horse:

Given the massive support for unlimited kingdoms in the suggestions forum, I'll be very, very shocked if ZeTa ignores them next era.

Unlimited kingdoms are what made the game so fun. =)

11:48:42 Nov 15th 06 - Mr. Spanky:

Eh... I've learned never to underestimate ZeTa when it comes to screwing the game up, but hope you're right! :p

(Edited by Mr. Spanky 11/15/2006 11:49:04 AM)

16:29:01 Nov 15th 06 - Mr. Erpiu:

If the KD limit keeps people far from addiction....why to remove the limit? Thats the demonstration to keep at least one world with the limit will help people like Efrandor or Spooky in real life.

We want people successful in real life as well playing VU. Keep the KD limit..Zeta.

16:39:46 Nov 15th 06 - Ms. Sassafrass:

*gags and pukes all over Erpiu*

stop shoving that stupid 3 man limit down our throats already!  gah!

(Edited by Ms. Sassafrass 11/15/2006 4:40:54 PM)

16:52:31 Nov 15th 06 - Mr. Meatwad:

The purpose of game is not to destroy life but to entertain people. Usually entertaining people will destroy life as a result when it's so entertaining and addicting that has a bad side effect like draining your money (cigarettes, bars, gambling). But to those who don't care about the amount of money they make and care only about the amount of happiness they receive, making the game worse will not help people in life but actually destroying their life (happiness).

To those that don't quite understand the above message:

What does it mean to be successful in real life? Is it:
1. Making lots of money or
2. Having lots of fun and happiness

Well, to me #2 is the real deal for being successful at life. You can make a lot of money and still be a sad guy with no life. You can make a lot of money and have no real friends. But if you're truly successful, no matter how much money you make, you will still be able to find your happiness from something, somewhere, or someone. And to me, that happiness comes from friends, families, and Visual Utopia! So don't destroy a part of my happiness. Thank you.

17:02:53 Nov 15th 06 - Mr. Master Shake:

Yes, listen to him. Meatwad is a very simple minded creature and for him to actually make sense is amazing.

17:29:53 Nov 15th 06 - Mr. Senturu:

it is so simple now. i see clearly now.its like a veil has been lifted from my eyes. the fog is gone from my sight. and watever else im trying to say. but its true. i may not make a lot of money but i do allright. im not dirt poor so im good. i live with my brother and i pay half the bills. so i get along fine....cept i lost my job recently but still i am good. i make enuf money on the side to support this addiction. and best of all it dosent really cost me anything. cept to have the internet. which has its other uses. like porn. myspace. email and visual-utopia. and some other things. but yea.

18:36:39 Nov 15th 06 - Mr. Pilkington:

Dont keep the 3 limit kds, its just annoying. The same old players will stick together anyway but it will be a mess. The 3 kd limit thing was to protect the weak players, let them have that limit on mantrax and let Fant be for the guys who can take a beating without leaving the game.

*edit: I didnt bother to read through the thread, and probably wont.

(Edited by Mr. Pilkington 11/15/2006 6:37:48 PM)

19:15:02 Nov 15th 06 - Lord Efrandor:

"If the KD limit keeps people far from addiction....why to remove the limit? Thats the demonstration to keep at least one world with the limit will help people like Efrandor or Spooky in real life."

Well, it would give me some more of a real life, but the life I have is just fine, if I want to be inactive from VU from a time, I will, but I don't want to be inactive for now, I don't have anything else to do, besides, there is still great people playing here and it's great fun, but the cap brought down the fun with about 110%, and besides, what I tried to say is, the limit didn't help me in being lesser active, when I had a chance to win two eras ago I was online very often, now that I don't have a chance to win I have no need to be online that often, it doesn't matter if it is limited or not, there will still be time put down on VU, but the fact is, there are funnier with unlimited kingdoms, it is like 1 on 10 or maybe even 1 on 20 that feels limited kingdoms are fun.

19:46:30 Nov 15th 06 - Lady Spooky:

Erpiu wrote "If the KD limit keeps people far from addiction....why to remove the limit? Thats the demonstration to keep at least one world with the limit will help people like Efrandor or Spooky in real life.

We want people successful in real life as well playing VU. Keep the KD limit..Zeta

Tell me you realised that my original post was meant to be sarcastic - or is it ironic?  One of those anyway.

Efrandor and Meatwad have it right.  It's not so much FUN any more. I thought that was what I said but obviously it went WOOOOOOOOSH.

(Edited by Lady Spooky 11/15/2006 7:46:53 PM)

02:50:50 Nov 16th 06 - Daimyo Dingo:

So true Meatwad, I was acctually just about to get on and say something to that effect. Great minds think alike!!

I don't know what your excuse is...  :D

04:50:51 Nov 16th 06 - Mr. Camel:

Let's get unlimeted kd....that way you can have way more friends...=)

04:14:17 Nov 17th 06 - Mr. Ghostalker:

I'm one of those certain people who had access to that "certain forum" (what happened to that by the way, that section of the forum seems to have disappeared...) and can say without a doubt that we were all hopelessly addicted.

However, theres one point in particular that spooky brings up: Ranks.


I personally want them back, I realize theres not much point to them now that there are only 3 people in a kingdom, but lets face it, thats a load of crap anyway, you see countless "X Empire: X" kingdoms (x being variables, in case you didn't finish elementary school)


And camel, I'm not sure how to take your post... are you somewhat new? Because we used to have unlimited kingdoms, but zeta threw them away :(

04:35:58 Nov 17th 06 - Daimyo Dingo:

Yar, what a new guy, get out of here new guy, we don't like new guys here. Punk....


Oh btw Camel, you will learn quickly who the Legacy people are. They are all pompous and apparently can not read or interpret normal persons talk properly. They seem to take everything you say out of context and have no idea what the word humble means.

To be honest I think they may all be one 11 year old with no life other than VU who is kept locked in their basement because they are too big of a freak to acctually take into public. Though I could easily be wrong :)

05:15:05 Nov 17th 06 - Sir Lithlego:

The whole point of Lady Spooky's post, if you allow me to do a personal interpretation, is that the game had lost the sense of community and friendship. When there was unlimited kingdoms, friends can band together to play the game, and new friends can be found through them. A real community was actually bubbling with activity. Emails, IRC and even slow mail (though I never received them....maybe I need to employ a spin doctor or something...) was being exchanged.

With the 3 player KD limit, you will meet former friends as foes. What is worse, there is no further means to further the friendships. I mean, you are fighting on the other side, you can't talk about strategies and in-game information. Of course, if you try hard enough, the friendships can still be cultivated without the KD limit. But then, that is if you try hard enough. No longer a simple post in the KD forum saying "How are you, Arwen? I am doing blah blah blah blah" will solicit numerous response. (An aside, How are you Arwen? Zetamenia is BORING).

Instead, if you try posting a such a message in the general forums, you will get some junk from people unknown to you.

And since some people are so intent on bashing LGC again, I must re-state what I had been trying to tell everyone I know: Yes, some (ok, you can replace "some" with a larger quantity) LGC players have an attitude problem, but take it from me, there are nice guys in there. Just be polite, like I am trying to be with everybody else, and you will learn loads from them. Ditto to WAR and NT players. A little bit of respect and politeness goes a long way (and that I mean forwards, not to the private areas of the human/dwarf/elf/orc/troll anatomy).

06:06:20 Nov 17th 06 - Mr. Camel:

I only played one other era. A long time ago I think it was Adelbert.Ghostalker what I mean is with unlimeted kingdoms you will met more people.

You see

More people = more talking with them = more friends


You're more likely to be friends with someone if you're in the same side.   

10:09:56 Nov 17th 06 - Lady Spooky:

Ghost - the forum is still there - you just can't see it any more because you disappeared for an era or two and we try to keep it current players only.  If we put up an UL KD next era and you (or anyone else who knows what I'm burbling on about) come back to it then you will magically be able to see the forum again.....

Lithlego - yes that was indeed my major point.

02:46:54 Mar 3rd 07 - Mr. Wilberforce:

Just coming back to this, a long time ago i know but an example of too many members here:


DARK The Dark Riders 69 Mr. Justin Fontain 79

69 members? Over the top in my opinion, i say bring back low man KD-caps like before. Small KD's like Templar Crusaders or Girl Power with strong player/power ratio would benefit rather than pumping 69 players, or even 30 for that matter. Down with massive KD's, or have a seperate kd cap world like GvE or something.

(Edited by Mr. Wilberforce 3/3/2007 2:49:58 AM)

03:33:27 Mar 3rd 07 - Mr. Super Sloth:

1. have you checked the date on this sucker? lol

2. if experience is any indicator, it is quite possible that 5 competent players could take down that entire kingdom of 69 players with little to no effort. large kingdoms are notorious for being incredibly hard to organize.

3. i think Girl Power can take care of themselves

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