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Kingdom Picture
01:23:44 Apr 10th 10 - Prince Wiley Coyote:

Who on here is really good at creating and manipulating pictures? Or even creating some? I plan on renaming my kingdom and would like a great picture to go with it, but I want something unique, so plz help :)

01:26:36 Apr 10th 10 - Sir Jesus Left Toe The Benevolent:

Well give us a name, and what you want on the banner, and i'm sure someone will help out..

01:34:22 Apr 10th 10 - Prince Wiley Coyote:


Names: Fallen Angels, Dark Angels, Lost Souls, Damned Souls. (Something like that because I am open to a suggestion if someone has a good picture)


Pretty much what ever the name is have those things in it with the name.

01:59:50 Apr 10th 10 - Sir Jesus Left Toe The Benevolent:
Posting images has never been my storng point...

22:49:40 Apr 10th 10 - Prince Wiley Coyote:

Can someone tell me why i can't upload this to my kingdom picture it keeps saying error, but yet when i put the blank picture with out the "Infestation" on it it works -_-

22:54:39 Apr 10th 10 - Prince Wiley Coyote:

btw they are jpg format

23:11:04 Apr 10th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Just a suggestion, use some thing simple with not much detail for the kd banner, a pic like this won´t look very good on the map because its to detailed with a lot of small stuff and text on it.

Btw, the pic is way to big, you have to make it a lot smaller for it to be accepted I think.

23:17:10 Apr 10th 10 - Mr. Thc:

haha your always changing stuff (:

23:41:40 Apr 10th 10 - Prince Wiley Coyote:

@tyrgalon -  It actually looks very good on the map because i had originally uploaded the plain version by accident and it look very good, but I want the words if i can get them on there, but as far as the size it automatically resizes because the original is the same size and that uploaded but soon as i put the words on it it came up as error. The first picture is photbucket so i tried photoshop on the second and the same issue.

23:49:05 Apr 10th 10 - Duke Drakos:

Go to and adjust it their to the size it says on the Banner upload screen. See if that works rather than trusting an "automatic resize".

23:53:47 Apr 10th 10 - Prince Wiley Coyote:

Well i resized on photobucket to a medium pik and it worked. Weird kuz it barely did anything to resize but ahhh well ha

14:34:01 Apr 13th 10 - Mr. Slegna Naila:

Just cause a picture has a lot in it doesnt mean it wont work well when shrunk.

The problem lies in few people can make a picture with detail shrink down to that size and look good.

11:05:37 May 1st 10 - Mzz Mzzery The Cannibal:

I've made banners for 4 kingdoms.... all of them highly visible when shrunk, and 3 of them have been era winning kingdoms while wearing the banners I made. I'm pretty happy about that :)

07:37:43 May 16th 10 - Mr. Kratos Wolf:

So Mzz... if you make a banner for my KD (if I made one) then I have a 3/4 = 75% chance of being an era winning Kingdom?

07:51:20 May 16th 10 - Duke Random:

she's not going to make you one, because you suck.

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