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Looking for Dark Blood members
23:34:36 Apr 13th 21 - Mr. Eivor:

Also some in Superheroes. Hoping to reconnect with some old people from those KDS not sure what names they are now. Been around 12 years! 

02:39:59 Apr 14th 21 - Exalted Farmer Salamon:

I was there for an era or so, with Dvsmasta and Quietone.

08:33:49 Apr 14th 21 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

Was in Superheroes 

09:28:08 Apr 14th 21 - Penguin (Lord Penguin):

Was in both

12:15:36 May 3rd 21 - Mr. Fizban:

Quietone and Dvsmaster?  Those are names I haven't heard in a while. Yes, I was there too.

Also, I miss the old Legacy crew sometimes.

15:04:24 May 3rd 21 - Penguin (Mr. Might Guy):

a few old legacy members are in Forgotten Warriors. Roxcheater and Eloldmansin

19:24:20 May 3rd 21 - Emperor (Emperor Berkelium):

I think queitone quit a while ago.. or am i wrong?

19:16:08 May 8th 21 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Bad Bell Mate):

dark blood was the poor mans LGC

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