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MORE TROOPS more fun
23:43:06 Aug 5th 13 - Mr. Hellosmarttoownneverever:

Hello, HItone here, and I wanted to say, do you think we need more troops? A healer unit would be welcomed and here is my form for it

Unit-6 healers


OP- 4
DP- 12
Days to train (DTT)- 60

Elf- Guardian

DTT- 60

Orcs- Traix


DTT- 60

Troll- Experiment 220

OP- 8
DP- 8
DTT- 60

Halfling- Pixies

OP- 2
DP- 14

All healing units heal injuried troops, AFTER BATTLES ONLY

Do you like it guys?

23:54:25 Aug 5th 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

MUs already kinda do that I think.

00:08:35 Aug 6th 13 - Mr. Zlz:

Mus heal??

00:12:26 Aug 6th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Medicine Science heals your armies.
If you have high medicine, after batter more of your injured will come back.
Mages protect your armies against magic, they dont heal.

00:19:34 Aug 6th 13 - Mr. Ignis Pahgorim:

They just bring them back to life :p

03:19:22 Aug 6th 13 - Captain Common:

VU Admin (1/30/2010 12:43:12 PM)
Not all injuries heal, it depends on your med sci and amount of spell weavers in the army.

VU Admin (1/30/2010 2:44:10 PM)
Adding more spell weavers would increase the healed. Investing in a higher med sci would decrease died.

06:52:02 Aug 6th 13 - Struddles (Toaster Struddle):

Honestly it would just be better if aotd got removed and heal was put in this has been suggested before and pretty much got ignored by a big chunk of the player base honestly I would much rather see balancing of the end of era scores and other things before a new race got put in.

09:30:07 Aug 6th 13 - Mr. Sharpe Theme:

Races are pretty balanced though Struddle. Dwarves need a buff  the rest are even for certain roles ie halfers early era trolls late etc etc. If you removed aotd trolls and orcs will become useless late era unbalancing the races once again. Orcs as its hard to conjure up a real strong naz army without aotd and trolls because losses are way too high and if they dont have aotd then there is no point going them, they rely heavily on aotd and this is coming from a first person point of view just playing troll on fantasia and needing an aotd just to survive.

10:30:11 Aug 6th 13 - Mr. Fmbest:

Mages do indeed heal injured troops. It's popular knowledge tbh.

15:33:12 Aug 6th 13 - Mr. Binh Ladinh:

Actually Wilbad, that's one of Legacies exclusive secrets that apparently no one else  knows, in fact anything not in the guide is an exclusive secret to Legacy.

18:21:55 Aug 6th 13 - Struddles (Mr. Toast):

I agree with the point of needing it for naz and such but the issue I have isn't really AOTD since I just found out it got nerfed as I quit back before it was.  I still think the big fixes need to be removing a good portion of the worlds and fixing end of era scores to show who actually is doing what because currently the worlds are dominated by halfers.  Not saying a halfer wins every era but about 60% of the races in top ten finish are all halflings.

I realize they do better point wise but it makes it extremely difficult to see everything dominating on the hoh is pretty much consistently halfers.  I realize hoh doesn't matter nearly as much if your kingdom is the one that wins but it's still kinda a shitty feeling to see people bust their ass all era be it enemy or ally and know some halfer will swoop in and steal the win away.

But that's an opinion.  As for staying on topic the units are interesting my only worry would be that you would never "lose" any troops currently you have to wait for your units to die to use aotd with this it would make it unnecessary and could you imagine not having to invest in medicine sciences and be able to heal units.  Not necessarily a great idea.

Now if there was more of a support style race that could focus on other things besides maybe just military that supply different types of buffs beyond those casted by magic I would like a race like that.

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