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Maarg died
22:50:10 Feb 20th 08 - Sir Einskaldir:

my brother in law died and it has been crazy as hell. he played VU with me a few eras under name Maarg in Bow and Bonecrushers. He was 39. he had a heart attack we think


he was also under 1-2 other names also I think though I don't know them all. I don't think he was playing now though sometimes he liked to play annonimously to suprise me; ussally to try to kill me but sometimes he'd help me some how

22:51:14 Feb 20th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Thats sad.

22:53:36 Feb 20th 08 - Mr. Omc The Zeonic Crusader:

didnt know him but man that must be terrible! :/

23:04:00 Feb 20th 08 - Sir Einskaldir:

he had 3 kids by his firs wife and 2 with my sister; yea it sucks but it will be ok sometime. you may have known him by some of his other names but he didn't even tell me what most were

23:04:33 Feb 20th 08 - Sir Soccerrogue:

sorry to hear the bad news eins. i remember him well, a great player, and a great guy indeed. terrible loss :(

23:10:49 Feb 20th 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

i am sorry for your loss

23:24:27 Feb 20th 08 - Lady Gangel:

Sorry to hear that Sir E, my thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time


23:25:59 Feb 20th 08 - Duke Altron:

that really sucks dude, I dont know what to say. I didnt know your brother in law but Im sure he was a great guy

23:31:45 Feb 20th 08 - Lord Seloc:

Sorry to hear about your loss.

23:47:54 Feb 20th 08 - Mr. Dakarius:

sorry to hear that :(

23:53:15 Feb 20th 08 - Mr. Nehemiah Augustus:

sorry to hear of your loss

00:38:31 Feb 21st 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

 life continues after death,  rest in peace

03:27:08 Feb 21st 08 - Mr. Stormcrow:

Sorry to hear that Ein. I never knew him personally, but i have seen his name time to time. My condolences. Young children should never lose their parents at such a young age:(

03:39:52 Feb 21st 08 - Sir Drunken:

Condolences to all affected :(

06:16:27 Feb 21st 08 - Sir Einskaldir:

thanks i will be back next era. this era was bad anyways i had a 300 size city. i thought 6400 was minimum size before? not sure how to do links in here



06:26:45 Feb 21st 08 - Sir Einskaldir:

oldest son is 20-21 and youngest daughter is 4. he had 5 kids naturally and raised my other neice sinceshe was 2-3 so she said he was only dad she ever knew. so obituary listed 6 kids and 1 grandson [a 2nd grandson due soon]

thanks for the support and whoever moved topic here. i should've posted here at first but was'nt thinking right

06:41:35 Feb 21st 08 - Mr. Jar Jar Banks:

My condoleances man.. =(
Reading that he was an awesome guy.

16:32:07 Feb 21st 08 - Prince Calus Septim V:

Sorry for your loss...may your brother rest in peace...

Death is an interruption to life, like sleep or disease, only permanent.  Life is to be lived in spite of it.  It is the end of our projects, an interference with them, not something to be integrated.  This would be the case for both ourselves and those we love.

Death is to be considered as a transition from this life to the life that really counts, eternal life. 

This latter is usually conceived in terms of a soul surviving the body, via a view in the West going back to Plato; but a kind of immediate resurrection as postulated by Schillebeeckx,  David Coffey and others is also conceivable.  Whatever, it's the next life that counts, and death is not something to be feared, at least not for those who die in the grace of God.  Like a butterfly shedding its cocoon.

(But in traditional religiosity, unfortunately, there is also hell and suchlike, and frequently in the popular imagination and popular preaching in the past most people will end up there --which can sometimes make even 1, which is either agnostic or negative in respect of an afterlife, more acceptable.

21:16:06 Feb 21st 08 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

aww Eins!!! hug?

21:31:31 Feb 21st 08 - Mr. Plato:

Going back to me?

Sorry for your terrible loss


22:34:00 Feb 21st 08 - Sir Erunion Telcontar:

Many condolences for your family Ein. It's a terrible loss.

11:09:36 Feb 22nd 08 - Ms. Natalia:

I'm sorry for your loss and his wife and childrens loss, look after them for him and comfort them! I'm certain he loved you and all his family with all of his heart and probably misses you all just as much as you miss him! I hope you all being to heal soon and just always remember the happy times with him when ever you feel sad!

Rest In Peace!


19:45:20 Feb 22nd 08 - Mr. Batmattis Bat:

my condolances aswell.

20:22:18 Feb 22nd 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VII:

My respect gose to you and your family.

Rest in Peace.

22:56:35 Feb 22nd 08 - Sir Revenge:

I feel for your loss  =[
I know this wont meen much but by the age of ten, all my grandparents were dead, I never got to know them very well   ='[
Condolences, try and stay strong

01:11:36 Feb 23rd 08 - Duke Ulgrin The Bastard:

Sorry to hear that, man...

14:05:23 Feb 23rd 08 - Mr. Demonsul:


06:41:27 Feb 24th 08 - Mr. Justin:

sorry to hear that

13:45:42 Feb 25th 08 - Mr. Dalak The Licker of Clams:

Wow..Ein I only just found this thread.. thats a tragic thing to happen mate. I wondered where you where this era. So now i know i offer my condolances to you and you family especially your sister and there kids. Hope to see you soon mate..

20:12:11 Mar 1st 08 - Sir Alban IV:

Like wise, I only just saw this thread. My condolences to you and all others affected by this.

02:25:57 Mar 4th 08 - Mr. Pesterd XII:

Sorry about the loss:-(

13:00:11 Mar 5th 08 - Lord Verll:

My condolences to all those affected, but stay strong!

15:43:01 Mar 5th 08 - The Spamfighter:

I'm sorry for your loss. :(

13:15:40 Mar 9th 08 - Mr. Zeus Ding I:

Sorry for your loss, never had played with him but sure he was a great guy and a great player.

16:47:54 Mar 17th 08 - Mr. Penguin:

sorry for your los ;((( im crying now ;( i know how its hard to lose someone from family ;(

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