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Make it go faster
00:49:38 Jun 22nd 13 - Mr. Ignis Demorali:

Whouldn`t it  be good if one of the world was faster then the rest .Also it would be more intressting

What do you guys think about this idea:P(for some reason I think  that I am not the only player who have thought of this).

01:45:37 Jun 22nd 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

The game used to be run with faster ticks in its early days, until we switched to 60 min ones. Game went too fast and people would die before they could react.

06:08:31 Jun 22nd 13 - Fire Lord Crazy (Mr. Immolation Deathbear II):

Agreed with bad

13:21:30 Jun 23rd 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

1 min = 1 turn sounds good XD (whoever sleeps first, dies :P assuming you even survive that long)

13:22:33 Jun 23rd 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Esmeralda):

Fant has bigger map and kingdoms, zeta has walls, what about making mantrax an aspeed world? sounds good, eh?

16:33:21 Jun 23rd 13 - Pure (Sir Binh The Orc):

I remember a few years ago zeta tried implementing a speed server but there were a heaps of problems and the idea was scratched. 

02:43:21 Jul 18th 13 - Struddles (Toaster Struddle):

I was actually part of the testing crew and the issue literally became that because things moved so quick unless your internet ran at incredible speeds you wouldnt even be able to load the map before next tick.  (When it was tested at 1 tick a minute)  There was talks of having like speed VU where it was a tick every 10-20 minutes which could possibly work but consider this the average person sleeps 8 hours that's roughly 40 ticks of missed time.  That's a lot of time to not be playing and consider if you have to go to work for 8 hours that's 80 ticks.  You can have a blockers broken and the entire portion of someones core taken before they even get home from work.

It was an interesting idea but the issue pretty much stemmed from inability to have the game load fast enough or ticks went by so quick it literally was like the end of the world had come and gone while you were taking a nap.  I'd love to see a faster map even if it was ticks every half hour but it would definitely have to be tested extensively and balanced accordingly.

01:05:00 Jul 19th 13 - Mr. Couchie:

What about ticks that are just SLIGHTLY faster?

50 Minutes?

11:27:51 Jul 30th 13 - Mr. Spoon:

That's how fast ticks used to go in the old days. It was shit to calculate what time my army would arrive somewhere so I could be there on arrival. 

14:34:56 Jul 30th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Hes Binh Swearing Again):

the vu speed test was hectic

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