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Mantrax top KDs wasting times
17:51:27 Jul 31st 19 - Mr. Davy Jons:

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Forgotten Warriors23Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal1367
Royal Order of Claidhmore16Mr. Xiahoudun II1236
Pestilence8The Oppressed1060
Riven5Mr. Blue Dog238
Kingdom of Stormwind1Mr. Bonno Ways0

Are you guys been "Wasting" our valuable times by "Not Doing Anything" after +83 days?! When we asked, you said you need +60 days time to finish this War for good. Now look at the scoreboard (if u forgot), its the same number that had on 60th DAY on this Era! Not only that, some of you even "No Voted" after arma casts to waste more of our times, waiting for you!!

I'm sorry, but are you serious? ZeTa your game is been Ripped off by some of the Vets, did you understand it yet?! They're doing whatever they want as they're top rank kd's & as we don't have any Active players or newplayers coming here, we literally can't beat 'em!! 

ZeTa, I understand you must be busy RL, but pls do something! Cap the world in 60 days! And please implement those easy fixes that mojority of us agreed. You dont wanna end up this game like this after all these years, right?

18:55:25 Jul 31st 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Erdogan):

wasting time as in waiting for the clock to tick down? Also those easy "fixes" are far from agreed by a majority :D 

20:22:39 Jul 31st 19 - Mr. Bonno Ways:

Wasting time means, usually this era is over like 23 Days ago. If you couldnt finish the war then why 23 more days? We could be in Mid-era now of next era. Dont forget the peeps you killed are waiting to play from new era. Thats insane, right? No world passes through 60 days without a major reason.

Not those fixes you're thinking. Im talking about the Blocker fixes & other previus fixes. You cant expect me to ask ZeTa bout some impliments that has no majority. Thats not me.

20:55:34 Jul 31st 19 - Mr. Mantrax:

Meh. Did what I could to do SOMETHING.

Kudos to whoever stole a literall bilkion gold worth of sciences a month ago.

22:29:46 Jul 31st 19 - Mr. Edd The Great:

The ending of era system is among the best mechanics this game has to offer, you get to decide when you want to end it. Winning Kd gets to decide when you want next era to start, depending on rl stuff, there are several people who wanted these 10 days rest cause rl does not allow active oop now. 

How to fix this? Beat the winning team. That is one of the few perks of winning, you decide when you want next era. 

I am annoyed this era, both RoC and FW are just sitting in our cities,  not doing anything. Kudos to Pesti and Riven for fighting the entire era non stop. You guys are the true winners this era. Both kingdoms.

22:36:26 Jul 31st 19 - Mr. Bonno Ways:

There is no "winning kd" if 3 KDs has same score. So cut this crap. All u doing, is spawning 1's troops to be rank 1 after  era resets.

This is only possible if top rank kds not doing what they were supposed to do. This is a War game, not "Farm villa". Get real.

If top rank kds decides they need to run an era of 90 days without killing each other, then yes, you deserve to be Cap'ed to 60 days or even lesser.

02:34:44 Aug 1st 19 - Mr. Bane:

There is nothing that Forgotten Wankers have got that scares any of us.

22:30:18 Aug 1st 19 - Mr. Edd The Great:

4 ticks to go?

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Forgotten Warriors23Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal106
Royal Order of Claidhmore16Mr. Xiahoudun II100

14:11:16 Aug 2nd 19 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

"I am annoyed this era, both RoC and FW are just sitting in our cities,  not doing anything."

Disagree with this bit. War was a fair bit more strategic than the usual point an army at the enemy and go. RoC had entrenched armies next to our core all era and we did a pretty good job of killing them. There were only a few left at the end. I wanted to finish the war, but someone else wanted to cast arma so we surrendered instead and I started mid era break...


14:48:44 Aug 2nd 19 - Ohmly (Mr. Frodo Bagins):

"I am annoyed this era, both RoC and FW are just sitting in our cities,  not doing anything."

I for one lost millions fighting FW. Just because it happened in a small area that likely wasn't seen because of FOW doesn't men nothing happened. I too was ready to reengage after loosing over a million man army FW, but with arma cast and a 3 real time day march back to the front, it wasn't worth finishing it.

15:23:17 Aug 2nd 19 - Cao Cao (Mr. Caoabunga):

Agreed with Ohm,

RoC tried to break through FW's defenses multiple times. We got beat back a few times, then had 1-2 of our armies taken out. If we had kept going, we would have likely lost, so we pulled back. It sounds like FW decided instead of taking the fight to us, where it likely would have been a long stalemate until they finally broke through or got beat back, they would cast arma, at which point coordinating an attack with a 3 day march was pointless

15:31:20 Aug 2nd 19 - Mr. Bonno Ways:

"3 day march was pointless"

3 days march is never pointless. It indicates that you folks lack strategies. I didn't expect that from high lv vets!! 

There are ways to solve long distances:
1.Start building forward Armouries & MC's after mid-era.
2.Keep 1-3 defensive armies in core then move towards long distances, when your core is safe & u wont need to march back.

16:17:37 Aug 2nd 19 - Cao Cao (Duke Cao Cao):

We had forward armories and MC's mate, we fell back when we lost armies and didn't have the strength to defend them anymore. And that's the point, when we lost a few armies we no longer had the strength to both launch a real attack on FW and still have armies left to defend the core.

Slightly related point. A potential fix to some of the long waiting times would be to let people change their arma vote after they've made it. That way, if circumstances change after arma is cast, people can switch their votes and end the era. It happens pretty frequently that arma is cast a few days too early by a losing team, the winning team votes no, but then ends the battle well before the timer runs out. If people could change their votes, then arma could end a little quicker and prevent multiple days of nothing happening. It might not have fixed this era, but it would have been helpful many times before. Its also probably a very easy update to make

16:21:43 Aug 2nd 19 - Mr. Bonno Ways:

I knew you'd never miss building forward arms mate ;)

yeah totally agree mate. Let us change Votes later on!

18:37:30 Aug 2nd 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Penda):

forward arm towns are pretty useless when your walking around with 500k troops tho :p 

18:45:00 Aug 2nd 19 - Mr. Bonno Ways:

Thats why u need to make it main arm instead of secondary ;)

19:35:46 Aug 2nd 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Penda):

that might work for an orc :D not so much for a dwarf or halfer 

19:43:30 Aug 2nd 19 - Mr. Davy Jones Daa Witty Capn:

Lol yup :)

22:18:50 Aug 2nd 19 - Mr. Edd The Great:

I did not say the era as a whole was boring, far from that. It was fun until we retreated and Arma was casted and nobody did anything for 10 rl days. Should have expressed myself that way. On side note, I am one of the people who did nothing as well, my 300k Berserkers remained in city for 10 days, cause the whole atmosphere was just a waiting game. 

00:01:03 Aug 3rd 19 - Mr. Bling:

I had 60k naz on Chades homogheys, and then arma got cast so just a waste of time doing much but bounce a few of their armies around for a few days.

08:54:19 Aug 3rd 19 - Mr. One More Chade:

3 out of the 4 members of Riven are in top 5 most kills, including 1st place ... it wasnt boring for us at all, and we thoroughly enjoyed it ... particularly after we made two players rage quit after they lost multiple times against us.

Credit to Pestilence for the persistence of never stopping to attack till the very end.

@Bling they weren't 60k naz mate ... more like 600,000 nazguls, right?

13:13:44 Aug 3rd 19 - Mr. Bane:

Yeah, at that stage 59,500 mil 10 with 38 XP

06:05:47 Dec 5th 19 - Phat (Mr. Slaughter of Laughter):

This sounds familiar, again. 

07:16:51 Dec 5th 19 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

How so? When this thread was created at least two large kingdoms were warring. Now we're just waiting for one kingdom to turn every single town on the map (I assume) Berserker colored.

01:14:38 Dec 6th 19 - Mr. Bigfield:

Not content to just absorb the multi pirate is it seems lol

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