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Mind blown
17:27:40 Jun 15th 18 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

Zeta is harvesting our souls energy but he can't make the game go viral because the media would find out then his plot for world domination will be revealed. 

18:51:06 Jun 15th 18 - Osiris (Dark Lord Telamon):

19:38:51 Jun 15th 18 - Venomz (High Warlord Venz):

Didn't even have to read the rulername to know which nutjob this came from 😀

19:47:09 Jun 15th 18 - Mr. Hanky Panky:


19:49:23 Jun 15th 18 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

I just had a moment.

20:02:24 Jun 15th 18 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

Sorry this should be in hang around but i put it here for comedy please don't ban me lol

20:06:57 Jun 15th 18 - Mathew (Mr. Mattathia):

Admin is always secretly want game stay unpopular, big brain Mattathia know this.

Admin are going ban Hanky to cull population, you should be very scare. Break rule again and Mattathia call Admin on secret red phone then say 'ban' and Hanky gone for good.

20:11:22 Jun 15th 18 - Mr. Hanky Panky:


21:18:16 Jun 15th 18 - Mr. Bane:

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