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12:48:58 May 3rd 11 - Mr. Moot Muncher:


13:01:16 May 3rd 11 - Lord Reddragon Cursed:

i think is a frog in an ice cube. Also theres only one God err...moderator.*starts praying to mighty zondervan*

13:42:13 May 3rd 11 - Ms. Wilberforce:

I remember when ZeTa did one of those pics for me. I was a rock God with a big crowd behind me.

15:56:36 May 3rd 11 - Lord Reddragon Cursed:

im the only one i cant see the picture :(.

15:58:30 May 3rd 11 - Mr. Pure The Archfiend:

Dragon its just a picture of zondy with text in a speech bubble quoting "I bAN U lololol"

16:05:52 May 3rd 11 - Sir Horus XV:

07:55:54 May 7th 11 - Mr. Razios:

Isn't there a Facebook page with Zond's pic in it?

16:43:49 May 11th 11 - Mr. Dildozer:

You might have that with facebook ...

05:31:17 May 24th 11 - General Who:

16:04:44 Mar 1st 06 - VU Admin:

1 Stay on topic

2 No personal attacks, racism or name calling.

3 Do not post offending (as in disgusting) content.


General guidelines:

  • Posts must add content to the discussion.
  • Contribute to the topic. Avoid one-liners and spam.
  • No pointless criticism
  • Explain or caption pictures if they do not explain themselves
  • No advertising
  • Don't make rules for your thread unless it's some type of game, poll, etc.
  • Write in english
  • Don't make fun of other players in the game unless it's about their in-game role-playing character.
  • No chatting! Do it via PM or the chat instead.
  • Do not question forum moderation.

Bug reports and suggestions:

  • Be as specific as possible so your problem can be addressed ASAP
  • Give instructions how to repeat the bug.
  • Post as much information as possible. Screenshots are welcome.
  • Don't drag these threads off-topic, dredge up politics, etc.

Miscellaneous Discussions:

  • Thread start must have enough content to allow a debate or discussion.

In game politics

  • We talk about in game politics and are not interested to hear about how Mike Smith from California, US is a asshole. Posts clearly directed towards the player (not the character) are not tolerated.

Report - - 08:50:49 May 22nd 10 - King Ernest Deallus The Wise:

Duke Pesterd


22:04:45 May 20th 10
All topics in the Miscellanous Discussion forum must be SERIOUS discussions or you will run the possibility of being banned from this section.  The "seriousness" of the thread is up to the admin or mod in charge of the forum

Irrelevant topics should be in "Hangaround" and "Hangaround" ONLY.

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