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Most frequent lie in VU
17:22:53 Jan 2nd 22 - Ms. Jasmine:

What is the most frequent lie used in Visual Utopia? 

In life in general I believe its something like:
You look great in that - clothes or something 
My phone died - when you did not answer
It was on sale, did not cost too much
You've lost some weight

What about VU? Give me some commonly used lies

18:08:07 Jan 2nd 22 - Konspyre (Captain Hindsight):

I wasn't active anyway - when you lost an era you clearly played

18:13:50 Jan 2nd 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Imperator Imperiorum):

I'm not addicted to VU, I...just...can't...stop...playing...

18:18:56 Jan 2nd 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Thank you for killing my army, that was my plan, to get rid or army upkeep.

00:55:18 Jan 4th 22 - Mr. Wet:

I'm just looking around.

09:12:14 Jan 5th 22 - Endless (Ms. Envy):

do you use those lies? which is why you think they are?

09:59:43 Jan 5th 22 - Ryan the Archion (Duke Ryan The Archion XXXIX):

16:12:14 Jan 5th 22 - Endless (Ms. Envy):

do you use those lies? which is why you think they are?

 +1 to Endless

10:24:34 Jan 5th 22 - Mr. Ghost II:

Everyone uses these lines.

Last night my army died when I was sleeping
So yeah I got killed because I was not active

Or when people say they quit the game, leave the kingdom like you did last era 
But still play.

11:30:24 Jan 5th 22 - Endless (Ms. Envy):

you’ll wish you never implied I was a liar…

I did quit Valhalla when my character died and I deleted all my characters except the one on Mantrax as it was active.

 Then, later, I changed my mind. I decided I was going to just play Mant. 

 Then I started building on one world as a dwarf, another as a halfer checking out income and science costs. Were you the guy who EQ’d the free cities? 😂  that was pretty funny.  If you were, thanks. I was able to resign quickly :)

 Then I decided play Fant since a new era just started.  

Today my husband gave me the stink eye and dialogue about this game being time wasting, so fvck him I just might play more then Fant and Mant.  And a fvck you too for concluding the only possibility was lying.

12:11:49 Jan 5th 22 - Mr. Friendly Cyrone:

When players/kingdoms get completely dismantled by 1-2 players and go accusing BTs so they can save face to the community for their poor play. It's a real popular one these days, I hear!

12:13:02 Jan 5th 22 - Mr. Ghostface:

I will wish I never implied you were a liar?

What does that statement even mean lol
You think I care what you say? Or that your comeback was so powerful that I will want to quit the game now?

You just said you did say you are quitting the game
And then changed your mind and continued to play
So saying you quit is a lie. Does not matter if you look it other way

Not a problem with changing your mind and coming back
This was not an attack on you, you need to chill

I dont know nothing about free cities, my ingames have Ghost in the name, so you will know who I am.

12:32:21 Jan 5th 22 - Endless (Ms. Envy):

you’ll wish you never 

then you get the longass boring explanation was all 😂 

and huh?

I said it but didn’t do it so it’s a lie?
I was being deliberately deceptive why? 

never mind, pretty sure I won’t understand any further explanation even with clarification 

13:59:46 Jan 5th 22 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dark Dreads):

Endless type of person to get offended at most frequently used lies in VU

16:27:40 Jan 5th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Imperator Imperiorum):

The biggest lie of all is that "The Dutch Rappers" are not all Dutch!!

They probably aren't even Rappers... 

20:51:36 Jan 5th 22 - Legend (I am Lange Frans):

The biggest lie of all is that "Swedish Rappers" are not all Swedish!!

They probably aren't even Rappers... 

00:25:07 Jan 6th 22 - Endless (Ms. Envy):

no, not offended 


truth is easiest option 
lying takes effort 
I’m lazy 

probably would make more friends in VU if I had a filter or  politely 🤥 a little 😂 

07:49:37 Jan 8th 22 - Penguin (Clown Biggus Dikkus):

Oi, but we are getting old. 

07:17:05 Mar 28th 22 - Mr. Cameo of Chade:

fvck off penguin ... we are just getting into stage 3 youthfulness innit mate

22:00:29 Apr 4th 22 - Prince Azog The Defiler:

06:53:17 Apr 4th 22 - Mr. Kool Dude:

 We went inactive in Val due to playing fant..

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