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Multi in Leper Knights
07:48:21 Jan 2nd 10 - Mr. Sinister:

I join their kingdom for a minute or two because they ask me to, and I see two accounts with the same email!

Peter 1 Mr. Human Star. 2 days
Volvagia The First 0 Mr. Human Star. 1 days

08:03:50 Jan 2nd 10 - Ms. Black Mamba:


08:13:13 Jan 2nd 10 - Mr. Barny:


08:15:22 Jan 2nd 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

ha!  That's rich

08:18:22 Jan 2nd 10 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

good job kid!

09:16:18 Jan 2nd 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

wow, youd think that since he even went out of his way to buy a title he would at least go through some effort to hide it. O well one less multi in the world and im sure there are plenty to go. ;/

09:25:52 Jan 2nd 10 - Ms. Black Mamba:

Mr. is a bought title?

11:07:35 Jan 2nd 10 - Sir Lazuras of Acre:

Although we should of realized this we didnt , but we would of thanked sinister if he had come to us about it before posting it on the forums.

They will be dealt with. 

15:17:51 Jan 2nd 10 - Duke Random:

is it another of kath's multi's?

22:31:56 Jan 2nd 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

nah i messed up rofl i saw volvagia and thoguht he bought it in place of mister. i made a mistake o well. still though do we have any info whether they are okay'ed by zeta?

22:44:33 Jan 2nd 10 - Prince Bartimaeus XIV:

haha i find that quite funny :p

20:26:25 Jan 3rd 10 - Sir Lazuras of Acre:

i dno if they are okay'd but i kicked them , and random fuck off

20:55:39 Jan 3rd 10 - Duke Pesterd:

THank You for this report.

21:08:28 Jan 3rd 10 - Archangel Argyle:

it's not email for game registration, but msn contact adress, is it against the rules to use the same msn?

21:31:12 Jan 3rd 10 - Duke Random:

why would two people use the same msn adress? slightly odd if you ask me.

also you've mutli'd in the past kath... just putting the question out there....

08:59:32 Jan 4th 10 - Sir Chow Yun Fat:


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