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Multies or Copycats
01:02:04 Jun 19th 09 - Mr. Gawaine:

Owner: Mr. IgnisKingdom Banner
Size: 353 building(s).
Kingdom: Phi Factor
Gates: no gates

Commander:Mr. Ignis The WarlordKingdom Banner
Kingdom:*No Kingdom*
Size:Brigade (Around 5000)


01:02:30 Jun 19th 09 - Sir Belmont The Avenger:

copycat -.-''

01:30:37 Jun 19th 09 - Mr. Paracelzus:

i like the copycat's name better then the original though. lol

22:20:54 Jun 23rd 09 - Lord Sky:

Probably copycat... is Ignis in Phi still active, because Ignis the Warlord was kicked for inactivity from Rebirth.

00:37:04 Jun 24th 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

he is active, but i really doubt it is a copycat. Who would be that stupid to copy your name on a multi? and anyways why would he go inactive on Rebirth and not PHI?

00:37:50 Jun 24th 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

sorry, mean i doubt it is a multi :P

04:38:58 Jun 26th 09 - Sir Sorra:

because Rebirth pretty much lost so he decided to muli with Phi instead of waiting to restart

06:50:17 Jun 27th 09 - Mr. Gawaine:

xD or somebody just copied it out of hatred for him and wanted to get him banned? Idk. Lulz

09:22:00 Jun 28th 09 - Mr. Penor The Large:

Its easy for zeta to tell though... just look at the IP

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