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Multiple Characters
07:16:40 Nov 1st 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

Everyone seems to hate multiple characters. I'm guessing it's because these people are part of an older crowd. 

I would love to find out why people hate the multiple characters option.

And for someone new like me, why would multiple players be terrible, especially since there are so few players.

07:20:28 Nov 1st 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Go to suggs, and read :P

Im to lazy to copy n paste. 

07:21:13 Nov 1st 12 - SFD (Mr. Die For Some):

because since multi characters the forums are shit, Imo anyway.
forums used to be boooooooomin :P

07:21:48 Nov 1st 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Forums died before that bro :P

More or less bc ppl give up and quit char when about to lose

07:23:58 Nov 1st 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

Lol, so people quit this game because they're ragers! haha!

07:25:32 Nov 1st 12 - SFD (Mr. Smelly Fart Destroyer):

not the game, mostly the characters.
they give up b/c another world is more important/there doing better :P
so there is no heart on most worlds :P

07:29:38 Nov 1st 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

I would get incredibly bored if I had one character (especially if that character was losing and I had nothing else to look forward to)

07:30:31 Nov 1st 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

What happened to this game though?

You guys seem to remember an age of glory

07:34:28 Nov 1st 12 - SFD (Mr. Die For Some):

for me it isnt the machanics it is just the forums :P
used to come on and have 100's of posts to read everyday, now there is close to none after a week :P

07:35:29 Nov 1st 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

Well, there must be a reason everyone left... 

07:40:26 Nov 1st 12 - SFD (Duke Some Fcked Dude):

think of this, you have a ball go park, and then you kick the ball in a tiny lake, me personally would go get it.
but if i had 3 balls and kicked one in the lake, i would not ;)

and idkno why they left something to do with machanc of the game going down hill i guess :P

07:45:45 Nov 1st 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

There are probably ways to bring it back, if that's what people wanted.

07:46:40 Nov 1st 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Game wasnt getting updates and such as it should :P

Or would get stupid ones xD

And they wouldnt quit because other worlds.. would quit you kick their ass and then they just like wateves instead fight it out. More or less become sore losers since they have other characters :) 

07:48:09 Nov 1st 12 - SFD (Mr. Die For Some):

i think personally, that if we end all worlds again when fant ends, then there was about a week gap with no game (think it was a week) so people just used the forums everytime they came on and that would be a kind of baby step to keep the forums active throughout the next era.

07:49:26 Nov 1st 12 - Zond (General of Legend):

Nah, mostly now days people post garbage and get banned. Thats a big issue. Some people never grow up. 

07:55:23 Nov 1st 12 - SFD (Mr. Die For Some):

dont listen to him,

08:50:52 Nov 1st 12 - Sir Orcenstein:

 A major reason why alot of people left was voting for bts.. made the game alot harder and far more interesting..

08:53:40 Nov 1st 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

I'm not familiar with bts

08:55:05 Nov 1st 12 - SFD (Mr. Smelly Fart Destroyer):

bonus turns, you used to get them from voting for VU on the sponsor site's and for being inactive for 12 or 24 hours, cant remember

08:57:00 Nov 1st 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

Ah... the promotional duties that squelch growth...

09:46:36 Nov 1st 12 - Dragon (Mr. Sly):

Personally I think if voting for BTs came back the game would grow again.

Of course you can buy them, a lot of people actually do. well used to anyways. I do when I can afford it.

Now you can still get free BTs by linking VU to forums that allow you to and for every 5 unique clicks you get 1 BT.   It really does work and the game benefits by gaining new players.

if you dont believe me look at mine:

Pages that link to Visual Utopia

ClicksUniqueAccessible *DelReward
Visual Utopia a great WAR STRATEGY GAME
6662Yes11 BT's
Visual Utopia Guide: Beginners Guide to VU– Reviews, Cheats, Walkthrough, Guide -
81Yes0 BT's
Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/Visual Utopia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
00Yes0 BT's
00No0 BT's
I am currently playing.. - Page 49
11Yes0 BT's
Visual Utopia - Internet Games
11Yes0 BT's
PC - Visual Utopia | Gaming Forums
11Yes0 BT's
Visual Utopia, A great WAR strategy game - Ares Wargames Forum
00Yes0 BT's
The Wargamer | Computer Gaming - Visual Utopia, a great War Game
507412Yes80 BT's
309221No44 BT's
Visual Utopia
6149Yes9 BT's

I set them each up once and I continue to get them.  It is supposed to be set to automatic but it takes a while for them to come in.

If you want to know more about it PM me in private and I will try to answer your questions and help you firgure out how to do it.

10:52:20 Nov 1st 12 - SFD (Mr. Smelly Fart Destroyer):

why dont you just make a topic about it :P
would be less hassle for you

11:06:28 Nov 1st 12 - Dragon (Sir Apple Pie):

I just might. just want to make a point. thats all

16:58:39 Nov 23rd 12 - Mr. Dvsklown:

I used to play this game about 5 years ago, and i quit. the reason i quit then was that i was worn out from playing this game, at the time i was 30 years old, had 2 kids, and work, and i was obsessed with this game, i wanted to do good, i had played for 2 years i think, my activity level was high for someone with 2 kids and a job. but after a while, it became too much, id set my alarm for 3 am to check my prep status or id go to work late. i ended up sacrificing my sleep and my social life for a game. and at the time, there was no multiple characters. i did play 2 but i wasnt suppose to be. lol i said me and my son both wanted to play and a mod said it was ok. id have to say the multiple characters sped up the games wear on me. i would have to guess that is what might have drove people from this game. it just becomes too much.

now im 35 years old, my kids are older and want little to do with me, im my own boss now so i can work when i want to. but im guessing that after a while im gonna again get tired of this game. will it be sped up by me now playing 3 characters. probably. i dont give up when im lossing, i certainly spend more time on my characters who are doing better.

09:01:10 Nov 24th 12 - Electric (Electric Piro):

Basically the game has lost its "challenge" it used to be something if you won an era, or a kingdom won an era on Fant.. Makes me sad face on toilet.


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