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My heart goes out to you all
14:06:04 Nov 14th 15 - Mr. Friedhelm Hentschel:

To my European friends, particularly to the French people, my heart goes out to you all in these dark hours. May god be with you. Vive la France! 

15:08:35 Nov 14th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyzilla):

Bump. Too much bad happening lately. 

15:39:28 Nov 14th 15 - Bran (Mr. Branny Branbrann):

this is what a lot of people said open borders would entail. the left insisted that all cultures are equal

16:11:59 Nov 14th 15 - Prince Pure The Vengeful:

Im not one to sympathise  much but these monsters that did this are honestly scum of the earth. Honestly coming from a small town that plays host to a detention center and having work at the center before you come to realise that many of the people in there arent "refugees" Now I'm eagerly awaiting to see if these cowards came to france as "refugees" or are french nationals from birth and how they were radicalised.

Also does anyone else find the whole #prayforparis thing ironic? Its religion that has potentially caused this.

Rest in piece to all the innocents that have passed however.

16:59:56 Nov 14th 15 - Bran (Mr. Branny Branbrann):

they werent refugees thats already been established. theyre economic migrants coming from africa and pakistan and places like that. the government isnt processing them cause theyre just keen to create a multicultural sesspool which will allow the political class to destroy the nation state and establish a world government. have you ever listened to how these clowns speak in the eu parliament?

17:05:32 Nov 14th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Shylamain):

No because praying to God is much different than praying to Ali .... Your obviously not religious.

17:32:37 Nov 14th 15 - Mr. Cherry:

I really wish NWO was a real thing. I would fully support it. If we had a world goverment we wouldnt have an ISIS to deal with.

17:40:22 Nov 14th 15 - Bran (Mr. Branny Branbrann):

and  how would you ensure this world government was democratic? how to ensure you are never governed by another Stalin? how do you account for the  various  political and cultural differences between people around the world?

17:49:54 Nov 14th 15 - Mr. Cherry:

How do you ensure any goverment is democratic? 

17:50:25 Nov 14th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Shylamain):

You think? Or maybe you would have different problems? Evil is evil, and the root of the problem. Evil will never go away, you simply have to limit its power. But even the best men fail, and good can not fathom the extent of evil. I worry of one force in control for man can not be trusted.

17:53:16 Nov 14th 15 - Bran (Mr. Branny Branbrann):

i completely agree with shyers. power corrupts, and having a world governemnt is a recipe for lots mroe corruption.

17:54:16 Nov 14th 15 - Mr. Cherry:

But without a world goverment how are we supposed to leave this planet before the sun explodes? Its not looking good if we dont have a world goverment and can have an organized evacuation.

18:00:39 Nov 14th 15 - Bran (Mr. Branny Branbrann):

by realising that we are perfectly capable of getting things done without the need of a centralised government attempting to micromanage us

18:23:28 Nov 14th 15 - Prince Pure The Vengeful:

Cherry lets use fifa and sepp blatter as an example, as far as im aware the largest global body in the world. I hope you follow football.

Background, The Asian and African football bodies own about half of the votes when it comes to presidential elections. Therefore one Blatter got in power he got power crazy and had to stay in power. Therefore he poured money into in both bodies and pretty much barred off the majority of the rest of the world (To a degree) As he was able to fund half the selection body for cheap he continually got reelected despite not helping the strongest leagues in the world from Europe and South America as they lacked the votes to overthrow him.

Now whats to say that wont happen with a global demorcaracy? On such a large scale how do you prevent massive amounts of corruption?

Also we have 4 billion years before the sun expands

18:59:20 Nov 14th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyzilla):

Only the super rich get to evacuated regardless... Duh

19:33:23 Nov 14th 15 - Mr. Cherry:

Only 4 billion years? Its looking grim men.. its looking grim..

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