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Napoleon Total War
19:46:49 Dec 12th 10 - Mr. Alexander The Great:

Does anyone here play Napoleon Total War, and if so do they know how to download the mod for all factions as I am having trouble working out how to download it

19:50:09 Dec 12th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

god talk about lazy why dont you just beat it and unlock the factions? but if your to lazy to do that just google it.  GOOGLE = BEST FRIEND EVERZ

19:54:06 Dec 12th 10 - Mr. Alexander The Great:

I have tried downloading the 2.7 mod, 3.1 and I am downloading the 3.4 one now but so far none have worked. I have searched the web and watched videos but I can't work out how to do it, can you help??

20:22:20 Dec 12th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

I dont play Napoleon Total War and if I did I wouldnt use a MOD to get the factions.  I played the campaigns through and through so I could unlock all the different factions (I played Rome Total War, Barbarian Invasion, Medieval Total War 2, Empire Total War).  But if I remember correctly you can find them online but a big issue is that it makes your game extremely unstable because your effectively taking the game and rewriting the code so you can play unplayable factions.

My Advice:
Play a short campaign and you can literally win and unlock most factions in a day without risking messing up your game.

23:38:41 Dec 12th 10 - Mr. Alexander The Great:

I played Rome Total War and unlocked some of the campaigns before getting bored and just altering the text script though the MOD I downloaded did unlock all the factions

About completing the campaign to unlock more factions you can't unlock any factions. The campaign is called "Campaign of the Coalition" so that is Great Britain, Russia, Austria and Prussia. You can also play as France.

I have never played Empire Total War though I have seen campaign videos and it looks better than Napoleon Total War even though it is older. This is because you are not restricted to just Europe, there is America and India, plus a wider range of factions and units. 

08:33:41 Dec 13th 10 - Emperor Alexius Septimus Cidellus:

I played Rome: Total War and Medieval II: Total War. Both were epic, but I preferred EU3: Heir to the Throne over both of them after I tried it. =P

00:52:50 Jan 14th 11 - Mr. William Unawesome:

EU3 is epic :p the new TW's suck.. the old ones are much better (rome and Med II). I think the new shogun 2 will be quite good..

10:02:26 Jan 24th 11 - Mr. Playstation Dude:

the only total war games i currently have are medieval 2 total war and rome total war. Dont know if its the same in napoleon total war or not, but just do this. follow this path.

c:\\program files/SEGA/Napoleon total war/data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign/descr_strat

descr_strat is a text file. Around the start of the text file, it should show all the faction names under playable, unlockable and non playable. Just simply cut and paste all the factions under unlockable to playable. You can do the same thing to non playable, but there could be issues trying to play them.

Make sure you create a back-up of descr_strat before modifying it, just in case.

09:36:10 Jan 25th 11 - Mr. William Unawesome:

Med II and rome are so easy to mod.. Its funny for example to create a cavalery unit for creece from a armoured hoplite and a heavy horse ^^

14:55:40 Jan 25th 11 - Mr. Playstation Dude:

yeah i did stuff like that. But i spent most of my time in either the buildings file, or the campain ai. Seriously, the developers didn't even try with the ai.

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