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Need help with writing
02:38:55 Dec 5th 08 - VU Admin:

I'm doing some Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and need some help with texts, the more people that write about the topics, the better. I'm going to post some of the texts on this site for relevance and some on other pages that link to the game.

The topics I want you to write about:

1. Strategy war games

2. Massively multiplayer

3. Real-time strategy

4. Role playing

If you have more words that you think has to do with the game and would be good for SEO, feel free to write a topic about them.

03:44:55 Dec 5th 08 - Duke Maltorv:

I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you mean.

03:52:57 Dec 5th 08 - Mr. Electric:


04:02:38 Dec 5th 08 - VU Admin:

I just need you to write something abou the topics.

04:13:07 Dec 5th 08 - Master Cloutier:

Like how so. For the game or search engines, so people can find the game easer

04:31:28 Dec 5th 08 - VU Admin:

Both. To create relevent info. The game itself is not relevant, you need text :P

06:49:23 Dec 5th 08 - Mr. Desol:

So you want single key words like you have in the html source for each of the 4 topics?
free, browser, web, games, MMORPG, multiplayer, online, fantasy, strategy, sci fi, space, combat

Or like the description of the game?
Visual Utopia is a fantasy web game played in your browser. It has an advanced map based...

07:02:55 Dec 5th 08 - Prince Validus Septim II:

I think I know what you're talking about...but for roleplaying I really don't know...

07:52:12 Dec 5th 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

I would have wanted to write something about Role Playing...unfortunately I have to be studying for finals...will be distracting I'm sure...

22:50:53 Dec 5th 08 - Mr. Angelrobot:

1. Strategy war games- My two cents?

Visual-utopia is an awesome war strategy fighting game. The visuals may be restricted but what it lacks in graphics it makes up for in gameplay. Visual-utopia is constantly changing sometimes for the bad, but mostly for the good for the will of the players have a somewhat say in the gameplay. The fact that the game is always changing means that this game is constantly being improved. Now the cool part of this game is the tactics can change from race to race, and even from map to map. They're is a variety of maps which get changed around a bit every few eras, so you don't have the same boring spots for you're empire. Also with changing maps so do the spots in which the battlegrounds on a map happen, and the situations in which you will encounter, and the way you deal with those different situations  Every era ia a new one, some eras you may have to fight from the very begininng other eras you may not see an enemy for a week.

If you like strategy games this is the game for you!  

-Quoted from Angelrobot a veteran of VU!

22:51:21 Dec 5th 08 - Mr. Angelrobot:

Is that kind of what you wanted? IDK

I think it's alright : /

22:54:45 Dec 5th 08 - Mr. Thermite:

  1. Why say its bad at times? O_O
  2. Your no Vet
  3. You mumble alot through it


23:05:31 Dec 5th 08 - Mr. Roxbury:

Improve the game, and the users will come. Cheap search engine tricks to land more hits in Google cant replace adding content to the game.

23:06:34 Dec 5th 08 - Mr. Thermite:

Agreed with Rox

23:31:45 Dec 5th 08 - Mr. Fitesalot:

   disagreed with rox, zeta owes himself some basic marketing, almost all other websites do it. If he gets more people, more players, more customers, maybe he'll be more motivated to make better improvements to the game.

23:55:31 Dec 5th 08 - Mr. Angelrobot:

I'm a vet, but looking at my history you wouldn't know : )

I change accounts more than I'd like to count... thermite you don't need to insult me : / and i didn't mumble...


I was asking Zeta anyways : P and at least I'm trying to help.. I don't see you posting anything thermite... so out "write" me ok?

00:42:11 Dec 6th 08 - VU Admin:

Is that kind of what you wanted? IDK

I think it's alright : /

I want the texts to be more general, not so much about the game. I might be able to use it somewhere though.

00:53:06 Dec 6th 08 - Duke Arzun:

Will that work?

00:56:21 Dec 6th 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

The English of it could use a once over before you try putting it somewhere...

01:08:11 Dec 6th 08 - Mr. Angelrobot:

yeah true..

19:32:44 Dec 7th 08 - Mr. Onomatopoeia:

A general topic huh? So it's going to vaguely about VU, name the basic concepts and stuff like that.

Could you give me an idea of what your looking for, like an example?


21:10:14 Dec 8th 08 - Mr. Evul Fakir Pimp:

I think Admin is talking about General War game strategy... ie: how the use of specific units make for better attack options, the use of natural terrain in defensive positions, how to maximise teamwork to ensure constant levels of attack are utilised to draw on enemy resources, the manipulation of the economics to the betterment of a particulair group of players etc.

21:17:29 Dec 8th 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

Make sure you use small words because some people cannot read or write.

21:18:08 Dec 8th 08 - Mr. Evul Fakir Pimp:

I would present an entire thesis on it considering I am one of very few players who has done actual military service, and had to study it as part of the officers courses...but Os is a Nub and you're horrible to me so....phew

21:18:33 Dec 8th 08 - Mr. Evul Fakir Pimp:

Hi Os... ;)    dont ban me....and stop taking down my banner

21:45:22 Dec 8th 08 - Mr. Evul Fakir Pimp:

For those wanting to "help" zeta, I've added a list (longish) which is "keyword" rich, and google optimised. where possible, try use the word or phrase in your little homework assignment, as it is best suited to Zeta's SEO needs.

afghanistan military
free mmorpg
army afghanistan
free online mmorpg
army aviation
general army
army base
german army
army bases
helicopter army
army boot camp
infantry army
army brigade
infantry officer
army camp
join army
army camps
join the army
army com
army command
military army
army defence
military art
army defense
military basic training
army deployment
military camp
army division
military combat
army force
military command
army forces
military defense
army generals
military deployment
army guard
military force
army marine
military forces
army marines
military general
army national guard
military marine
army of
military marines
army officer
military navy
army officers
military officer
army operation
military officers
army operations
military operations
army patches
military personnel
army personnel
military reserve
army police
military soldier
army reserve
military soldiers
army reserves
military special forces
army soldier
military tactics
army soldiers
military training
army staff
military uniform
army toys
military unit
army tradoc
military units
army training
military war
army troops
military weapons
army uniform
army unit
army unit patches
mmorpg game
army units
mmorpg games
army war
mmorpg online games
army weapons
aviation military
basic training
navy army
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new mmorpg
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british army
roman army
browser game
salvation army
browser mmorpg
special forces
combat army
strategy tactics
corps army
the army
final fantasy tactics
us army
free fantasy mmorpg
vietnam army
free mmorpg
war tactics
free online mmorpg
wwii army

05:26:29 Dec 10th 08 - The Architect:

I think a bunch of us really do want to help with the writing, but we're still not entirely sure what you mean in terms of what you want.

Do you want the answers to specifically pertain to VU?

Are we trying to lure people in with what we write or just give them information?

Where is this being used?

Do you just want a list of words like the post above me?

A few more specifics and possibly an example of what you want would be great.

19:01:16 Dec 10th 08 - Sir Mingan:




     Empires arise from the ashen remains of their predecessors in a new Real-time strategy game. Striving for power, the glory of conquest entices all who enter this realm. Visual Utopia, a massively multiplayer online game; a new era in Strategy Wargames begins.

     Swords are forged, spells are cast, weapons and magic clash in a unique Fantasy World. The thunder of war echoes across the land. Through the smoke of fire and the rain of arrows emerge the victorious legions of the mystic races. Role play your position in a game where only the cunning will become strong, only the strong will survive.

     Who will remain to drink from the chalice of victory? Who will be crushed under the heels of powerful Kingdoms? Another era begins soon. Write your name in the book of Visual Utopia history.

      Whether to rejoice in victory, or suffer the anguish of defeat is yet to be known. Join in the effort and create your own Legacy. The new era beckons, a passage through time measured by the heartbeat of warriors.

     The call to power rings out. A new chapter will be written, new legends will be born.

Visual Utopia; a new world awaits. Create an account today.

19:30:59 Dec 10th 08 - Sir Mingan:

...a small, albeit gratuitous, reference to the once great LGC in there...

22:20:57 Dec 10th 08 - Mr. Roxbury:


23:22:53 Dec 10th 08 - VU Admin:

A Strategy is a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal, most often "winning." Strategy is differentiated from tactics or immediate actions with resources at hand by its nature of being extensively premeditated, and often practically rehe*beep*d. Strategies are used to make the problem easier to understand and solve.

The word derives from the Greek word stratēgos, which derives from two words: stratos (army) and ago (ancient Greek for leading). Stratēgos referred to a 'military commander' during the age of Athenian Democracy.


Strategy should always provide competitive advantage . Because of its ability to provide competitive advantage strategy is differniated form planning. strategy can also be termed as direction enables companies to achieve its goal and objectives

Strategy is about choice, which affects outcomes. Organizations can often survive -- indeed do well -- for periods of time in conditions of relative stability, low environmental turbulence and little competition for resources. Virtually none of these conditions prevail in the modern world for great lengths of time for any organization or sector, public or private. Hence, the rationale for strategic management. The nature of the strategy adopted and implemented emerges from a combination of the structure of the organization (loosely coupled or tightly coupled), the type of resources available and the nature of the coupling it has with environment and the strategic objective being pursued. Strategy is adaptable by nature rather than rigid set of instructions. In some situations it takes the nature of emergent strategy. The simplest explanation of this is the analogy of a sports scenario. If a football team were to organize a plan in which the ball is passed in a particul*beep*quence between specifically positioned players, their success is dependent on each of those players both being present at the exact location, and remembering exactly when, from whom and to whom the ball is to be passed; moreover that no interruption to the sequence occurs. By comparison, if the team were to simplify this plan to a strategy where the ball is passed in the pattern alone, between any of the team, and at any area on the field, then their vulnerability to variables is greatly reduced, and the opportunity to operate in that manner occurs far more often. This manner is a strategy.

In the field of business administration it is possible mention to the "strategic consistency." According to Arieu (2007), "there is strategic consistency when the actions of an organization are consistent with the expectations of management, and these in turn are with the market and the context."

23:28:56 Dec 10th 08 - VU Admin:

War is the state of prearranged conflict that creates an environment conducive to combined hostile efforts between two engaging parties in order to facilitate the transfer of power. In his seminal work, On War, Carl Von Clausewitz calls war the "continuation of political intercourse, carried on with other means." War is an interaction in which two or more militaries have a “struggle of wills”. When qualified as a civil war, it is a dispute inherent to a given society, and its nature is in the conflict over modes of governance rather than sovereignty. War is not considered to be murder or genocide because of the usually organized nature of the military's participation in the struggle, and the organized nature of units involved.

War is also a cultural entity, and its practice is not linked to any single type of political organisation or society. Rather, as discussed by John Keegan in his “History Of Warfare”, war is a universal phenomenon whose form and scope is defined by the society that wages it. The conduct of war extends along a continuum, from the almost universal tribal warfare that began well before recorded human history, to wars between city states, nations, or empires. A group of combatants and their support is called an army on land, a navy at sea, and air force in the air. Wars may be prosecuted simultaneously in one or more different theatres. Within each theatre, there may be one or more consecutive military campaigns. A military campaign includes not only fighting but also intelligence, troop movements, supplies, propaganda, and other components. Continuous conflict is traditionally called a battle, although this terminology is not always fed to conflicts involving aircraft, missiles or bombs alone, in the absence of ground troops or naval forces.

War is not limited to the human species, as ants engage in massive intra-species conflicts which might be termed warfare. It is theorized that other species also engage in similar behavior, although this is not well documented.

16:29:07 Dec 16th 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

Hello, I think Zeta wants to get some links from important websites to increase this site's value in the google search engine and get a better pagerank for more traffic. One way to increase backlinks is to post a general informative article about strategy games on the internet to article directory websites and they allow you to link to your website while doing so.

There are many ways to get more backlinks: Submit article to top 30 article websites, top 50 social websites, top 50 search engines and directories, and also top most popular blogs, etc the more important in terms of visitors the websites that link to you, the more important google sees those links and gives more value to your site and also the links must be related to game,strategy etc and also varied from one another so google dosent see this as what they call '*beep*dexing' or they could devalue the link's importance.

 Anyway, I don't know if it's a good idea for the players, if it catches on the search engines then this site might be flooded with visitors and new players, I'm afraid that it won't be the small nice community that already is, on the back side admin will see his pockets fill up quicker. But Zeta, if you want some help on SEO and link building tall me i could help you as I'm trying to launch a new website too on insurance

22:48:27 Dec 16th 08 - Mr. Arvious VIII:


09:52:40 Dec 17th 08 - VU Admin:

You don't need to have links from other domains, linking to your own site from your own domain is quite enough.

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