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New End of Era Torrent File
00:18:36 Aug 14th 07 - Sir Falazar:

The era of Amon Hen has come to an end.

A reply of the era (Fantasia) can be downloaded from the following torrent file:

00:59:46 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

i cant open the file :(


02:01:46 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Roxbury:

The movie needs a play by play so people know whats going on. Not that easy to see what is happening, other than the red dot chasing the blue dot.

Also, some elevator music should be playing during the clip. Maybe a little Celine Dion. Or something from a porno. How about a halftime commercial?

02:21:27 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Epyon:

yeah I got the video running but I have no idea which dots are which kingdom :P

hmmmm some music would be nice... :)

03:27:06 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Thor:

Me too. I thought it was difficult to see what was happening but good idea to have some sort of replay.

What about that old "Je t'aime" song...? Maybe the guy who won the era can nominate the soundtrack to go with it...

03:47:00 Aug 14th 07 - Sir Falazar:

Bran, you gotta have windows media player, or something else, and a Torrent program to download the file.

08:00:04 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Jet:

Use VLC - this shiat plays every thing.

BTW so much could be done with these end o*beep*e videos.

13:29:02 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Helmuth Von Moltke:

ZeTa needs to add colour keys and to change the colours of each kingdom.

For instance, it's pretty difficult to see Zeon fighting LGC becauseo f the blue on blue, and I think DB loses its colour midway through and takes the same colour as Aby? or something.

14:08:05 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Dark Orion:

VU Admin


8/14/2007 1:21:54 PM
Suggested start date for next era is on Monday Aug 14th 12:00 CET

i think zeta got a lil bit confused with the the era is gonna start next monday 20th of aug or today? :-))


14:10:05 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Helmuth Von Moltke:

no, its gonna start in a few years time when the next monday 14th comes about

14:54:02 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

today is tuesday 14!!!!

15:04:05 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Dark Orion:

hehe Moltke...your humour makes my day:P

@Zakira..yeah so the date it's just not fitting!..can u immagine how many years will take till 14 of aug will be on monday..and till the era will start according to Moltke?:P (i think 6 years:)) ) 

20:23:32 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Alexander The Great:

actually 8 years


23:10:36 Aug 14th 07 - VU Admin:

Mantrax and Zetamania have now been uploaded. Please help seeding!

11:08:44 Aug 16th 07 - Mr. Thersander:

I can open it... But I think it kinda boring hehe:-)

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