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New Player FFA
01:43:01 Feb 22nd 14 - The Real Josh (Archangel Sorin):

[11:22:02 AM] DLD / Niklas: You know what would be fun to do?
[11:22:09 AM] DLD / Niklas: Everyone gets a complete noob
[11:22:27 AM] DLD / Niklas: they get 1 month to teach them stuff about the game
[11:22:43 AM] DLD / Niklas: then we throw all the noobs into a FFA like on starta
[11:22:54 AM] DLD / Niklas: and see who is the best teacher
[11:22:58 AM] Terence (Iceworks): OMFG
[11:23:02 AM] Terence (Iceworks): dld ur sick
[11:25:39 AM] Josh: or join your noobs KD
[11:25:42 AM] DLD / Niklas: it can be one of the kickstarters goals!
[11:25:50 AM] Terence (Iceworks): ....
[11:25:53 AM] Josh: and land or their city and not actualy build a city
[11:26:11 AM] DLD / Niklas: yeah and you are not allowed to even talk to the noobs
[11:26:16 AM] DLD / Niklas: just watch
[11:28:24 AM] Josh: ooh and then after the newbie FFA we can hold a rookie draft xD
[11:28:29 AM] Lesser Josh: haha
[11:28:33 AM] Josh: get them out into the real world :P
[11:28:38 AM] DLD / Niklas: (rofl)
[11:28:57 AM] DLD / Niklas: 4 kd on fanta that will choose

This is the Idea the brilliant minds from Shaolin Monks have come up with... anyone wanna try it after the FFA finishes

(Shaolin monks can/will not supply the n00bs(maybe ask DD or F as they seem to be full of them :P) you are to find your own new player to help and train.

17:24:53 Feb 22nd 14 - Mithras (Prince Mithras):

You really have me labelled as lesser Josh on skype xD

19:07:51 Feb 22nd 14 - Dragon (Lord Dragon):


12:00:25 Feb 23rd 14 - The Real Josh (Prince Wilberforce):

Ofcourse I do haha

12:08:01 Feb 23rd 14 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

aisha can be my noob

12:53:13 Feb 23rd 14 - Princess Aisha:

teach me, I accept.
I still don't know how to kill a scout that ends up under my army
so I really need help.

13:17:15 Feb 23rd 14 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

will also teach you how to fulfill promises and delete ur account

13:45:47 Feb 23rd 14 - Ms. Jasmina:

I am good with Halfers only.
Will you teach me the fine art of Trolling?

06:10:00 Feb 24th 14 - Mr. Toxic Sludge:

Well... Being completely honest I truly wouldn't mind having a mentor of some sort, lol. 

08:28:14 Feb 24th 14 - Teirdel (Mr. Feardellas The Shortstop):

I think we should make the guides page more accessible. Such as have the log in screen have their pictures and contact info instead of news. Then when you log in you get the news. just a thought.

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