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New Updates?
03:39:25 Oct 16th 08 - Mr. Brainiac:

What do you guys think Zeta will be implementing this era?

WALLS hopfully, and B&D or at least some form of it...

08:31:40 Oct 16th 08 - Lord Random:

to re-enstate B&D we need walls.

i hope for that, along with some revival for dwarves.....

08:36:15 Oct 16th 08 - Sir Jesus Left Eyebrow:

Or he may simply decide that he likes everything the way it is, and sit back and watch, 
I personally think the dwarves needed putting in their place (BTW, I play dwarves, i have ever since i started, it is just more of a challenge now.)
Isn't it funny how everyone of these forums has someone whining about Dwarves.

09:02:37 Oct 16th 08 - Lord Random:

i play dwarves too... i just think they've been absolutely gutted....

14:53:29 Oct 16th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

i have to agree with random.

15:03:11 Oct 16th 08 - Mr. Bananaman:

no B&D :/ that's really boring. you can just go and destroy everything without paying anything. It's boring gameplay.
Walls... I don't like them either. Why do we need it in fantasia, which is already defensive map?

16:11:25 Oct 16th 08 - Sir Soccermunches:

bananaman hit the spot.

dwarves, u guys just got too used to being a superpower, ur finally back down with the others.

(my first and only era playing dwarves was last era, where i came in top 10 HOH)

16:16:00 Oct 16th 08 - Mr. Sloop:

Good thing about dwarves is cavemasters can wreck mines!:D

At least I think they still can :P

17:35:00 Oct 16th 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

I say he leaves everything the same just to spite us :p
But I would hope he would save roleplaying as my dying request

20:37:40 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Elite Man:

what happened to dwarves..??  what improvements where made??

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