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18:33:36 Oct 23rd 13 - Mr. Mereth:

Hi there,

I'm new. I made a kingdom... was going to call it nubist colony, probably should have. I brought a friend from another game.

Any help ya'll can provide would be greatly appreciated we're nooobs :)

18:42:53 Oct 23rd 13 - Lady Leila:

Welcome to the game. We are here to help you with anything you have problems with, feel free to ask questions here or you can click on my name and ask me personally.

I noticed you went on Midgard, so you will have the disadvantage of being late starter, because people already been there for more than 3 days I think. They will be better developed, but since you are new and do not have a lot of land, you have newbie protection. Use that best you can.

This means do not attack scouts of other players around the map, and do not attack their armies either, unless they are preparing an attack on your city. If you have 3 times less land than they do, they can not take your town. So keep that in mind, let them prepare attack, knowing they cant take it, they will give up. Do not close gates on your cities, that will make it possible for them to attack you. Gates do not help when defending, they just prevent people walking over your town.

As for building and stuff, use forum guide, its all written there. Go slowly, one day at a time, try to be active, come several times online during the day, put something to build every time you come. Make sure you build guard towers for the time when you come out of protection, you will see that in your news page, the amount of hours you have in protection.

If you have any question, please ask.

01:33:53 Oct 24th 13 - Mr. Ignis Shaher:

Dont forget that u should cast magic on people who are 50% stronger then u or they will be able to attack u.

I think also that if someone in u kd attacks someone 50% then u and u havent he will be able to take u city.

Best option for u guys would be reading the guides in the forum and maybe joining a kd with nire experience players to learn the game better .Try it for two-three eras or create two other characters and play in other worlds too.After u got a a bit experience try joining a kd in mant or fant .

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