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New world for VU Tournament
13:40:09 Sep 20th 21 - Mr. Ice Strykewyrm:

I request Admin to open Armageddon/... world for holding a VU Tournament

It'll be Consecutive playing Players vs Returners + Irregular + New players.

New World Settings: 

👉 30 mins ticks instead of 1 hour ticks for giving activities more priority.
👉 Cap all Kingdoms to 5 players in this world. Due to low participants probability we request ZeTa, please cap the world to 5 members Kingdoms only.
👉 7 days sign up or pre-settle days timer so all player can join in before Tournament starts. Timer should looks like "T-168 or something" when the world will first spawn on the world list.

👉 All other world settings should be same as Fantasia & must not have Newplayer world's specs.

There can be multiple Kingdoms consisting Consecutive playing Players, multiple Kingdoms consisting Irregular players but please don't mix it up!! 

If Admin approves, we would like to see the Tournament begins & world's countdown starting soon!

Also please VOTE for the Map for this world here. How to vote: copy the previous commented chart (below) & input "+1" besides the map name.

1desert 🏜️+1
2VuQ 🌄

3island 🏝️


5manxmap 🪨

6bigsnowmap 🗾


8Arkan ❄️

9shatteredworld 🏔️



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