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No Multi but banned
18:05:08 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Annoy:

topic says it all ,

              First id like to state that in the past when there was no crossworld i multi on each map ...i also "only" played this game , hell i even paid for BT's back then , this was years ago .  Now i do not Multi ...i work more hours plus i play "WoW , CoD4 and TF2 " ...

     I request that you also ban every other player in VU  aside from the FEW new players i can with 100% certainty say that they all run multiple accounts or have run multiple accounts and like myself no  longer do so .

        I don't Care if someone runs Multiple accounts personally ,  if anything it might be the saving grace of this game , otherwise the fact that so few people play would become painfully obvious . 

 Banning people for a flawed system ,  if you do not want multiple accounts create client that dose not allow it and a Pay for play version of this game were mutiple accounts are closely monitored  alongside what you already have in place .  Id also like to add that as it stands now the only thing successful about banning is that it kills the player base of the game and any possible revenue .

  One last thing like to know WHY THE F@K i am banned . You show me the other account i am playing on (aside from this i just created)  The IP adress or proxy i "could" connect on  and you will find nothing .

18:11:46 Dec 30th 09 - Prince Highwayman:

Dry your eyes Princess.  You got caught.  Cheerio.

18:16:12 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Annoy:

troll ....$tfu  and stick your cheerio up your lose a$$ hole where dady F@q you as a child .

18:17:04 Dec 30th 09 - Lady Jade:

Maybe it's because of your language?

18:32:39 Dec 30th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

another multi caught? that 2 today, zeta is on a roll!

18:33:36 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

yes, they are out there, lock them up...

good bye multi

18:47:30 Dec 30th 09 - Duke Random:

I've got a feeling it was the same sad little man coming back to have another little angsty moment :)

19:00:05 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

He's got a point. There are way too many multis in this game. You guys can never support anyone can you? xD

19:11:26 Dec 30th 09 - Lady Jade:

Is that a confession ;)

20:05:08 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Abdulla Ulla Raaj:

no it actually is retarded there dishing fucking bans out like nothing iv played vu for over 24 era' well past experimenting and the only one who uses this computer in the house non the less my brother is here atm and shares the internet connection cause hes here on holiday to get online from his laptop....this multi system is retarded its not even accurate

20:20:53 Dec 30th 09 - Toaster Struddle:

did anyone notice that this guy ^^^^^^^^ copied and pasted this in a thread earlier ^_^ lolz

20:23:12 Dec 30th 09 - Lady Katie Holmes:

20:23:41 Dec 30th 09 - Lady Jade:

Basically he's kinda proving that all 3 accounts are his.

Why after being banned would you make another account then post in your complaint thread.

20:26:06 Dec 30th 09 - Duke Pesterd:

You will not be unbanned. You got caught up in the system and that is the end of it.

If you have further complaints then message me or Charley.


20:59:21 Dec 30th 09 - Loser The Born Loser The Enforcer:

While I am very anti-multie myself, I must stress that admin has to be abit careful with who he is banning. There have been times when he has, indeed, caught innocent parties in his scan, and has affected their game, their team and probably put them off the game forever.

Case in point: I myself was deleted about 9 eras ago for "multieing". The reason for my deletion was because I did indeed have a younger brother who I introduced to the game. He was playing on Starta and I was playing on Mantrax. My house has 5 computers, and we were both playing on separate comps, but from the same IP. Ironically though, when I was deleted, it was my brother who swore never to play the game again, LOL!

I know many people who, because they enjoyed the game, introduced family, friends and / or housemates to it. These people normally share one roof or log in groups from the same place (what are friends for if not to enjoy the game with? Though I know there are some failures here who can only make "friends" online....). If these people inadvertantly get caught in a multie sweep by Zeta, they must be given the chance to prove their innocence to him. I hope Zeta is smart enough and fair enough to hear them out.

If not, then well... it is not their loss if they stop playing the game... *shrug*

21:16:15 Dec 30th 09 - The Architect:

Zeta has set up a system for people playing in the same household, all you have to do is send him a message about it and he'll take it from there.  Granted it would be better if it was an automatic system, but either way, you can get it done.

21:35:49 Dec 30th 09 - Loser The Born Loser The Enforcer:

Sometimes, people are not aware of it. Or they thought that the period of time they would be logging in on the same IP would only be for a very short period. Or worst still, maybe it never ever crossed their mind that they could be doing an act of "multieing" when they introduced their family or buddy to the game. I mean... ignorance of the law is not supposed to be an excuse, but it should be a mitigating factor right? How many people know everything from A to Z anyway...

Ultimately, I am not writing this in a passionate attempt to "protect the multies" or anything... as I said before, I am pretty damn anti multie myself. I just hope that Zeta would give a fair hearing to any innocent party that was accidentally caught in his sweep because, speaking from my own experience with this, it can be a pretty damn bad experience for the player and the kingdom...(my ex kingdom and I suffered quite badly from my previous deletion "fiasco"....).

21:48:51 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Abdulla Ulla Raaj:

yes me and my brother do log in from the same internet not really good with computer i thought every computer would have its own seperate ip...either way if they have long enougha log of the ips we logged in from then theres proof he hasnt even logged in from this ip for the last 2 era's as hes only here atm because its christmas holidays

21:51:43 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Barny:

Before I moved out, my brother also played VU (fucking no-lifer living at home at 22 years old). I had permission from Zeta and was still banned 2 times, so I can sympathize with that aspect of multi bans.

If it were not for fucking idiots like the OP of this thread and the OP of the other thread, then innocent parties would not need to suffer.

Charley and Pesterd (moderators) made a post recently about multiple accounts. You are a moron for multi accounting, let alone ignoring the ambigously foreshadowed multi sweep. At sign up, you agreed to have only 1 account. Also, "differnt worlds" is a comical excuse because both of your accounts are no doubt in different realms, but on the same world.

Here is a token example of how NOT to handle the situation:

1. Register a new account
2. Make a rage post on the forums:

21:52:16 Dec 30th 09 - Pirate Candybeard:

I heard Zeta asks for a pic of you and your family member with a VU screen in the background.


I suppose if you send him one of those it should work.

21:57:37 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Abdulla Ulla Raaj:

lmao i couldnt help it barney and i totally agree but this is......9k minutes ban :/ basically my other account wont work for like how many era's..... so wether i like it i will have to make a new account

22:23:56 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Barny:

The account won't work until 312 ticks after the era ends assuming that you were banned at the same time as the "Wtf" guy.

The solution? Don't multi.

I don't think it could be any more clear then that, do you need Zeta to registered 2 accounts and messaged you the rules or something?

22:43:45 Dec 30th 09 - King Charley Deallus V:

Mr. Annoy


12:05:08 Dec 30th 09

              First id like to state that in the past when there was no crossworld i multi on each map
Oh hai, just got online after not being online all day.  The first rules that EVERYONE must agree to is that "This is my one and only account" so please cry more.  I don't care if you had no life and were on every world back in the day.  It never has been allowed, still isn't allowed, and never will be allowed as far as I am concerned. 

Sadly, your reaction to Highwayman's post got you a straight forum ban.  Cheerio.

22:47:34 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Barny:

Whoa, Charley, how the fuck could even decipher what he was trying to communicate with that post!?

00:26:29 Dec 31st 09 - Duke Pesterd:

Us Moderators speak an advanced language.

Barney, we thank you for your help.

02:09:26 Dec 31st 09 - Mr. Orny:

I've never been accused of having multiple accounts, let that be clear, but the photo-system isn't flawless, I think. Isn't it so that you can take a random person with you on the photo with VU on the background? Or how does the system work exactly?

02:26:15 Dec 31st 09 - VU Admin:

We use a face recognition software to scan the photo and then search the internez on sites like facebook to get an ID for the ppl in the picture.
We then connect to security cameras where those people live while at the same time logging their activity on VU.
If we find that the supposed person in the picture is logged in to vu while at the same time hanging out at the mall, we will know that someone is managing his account. Or that the one on the picture is not the same one who is running the account.

03:01:20 Dec 31st 09 - Mr. Chuck Norris:

Good one Zeta :)

VU is the new Warbook. The new and improved hell hole for cheats.

03:54:54 Dec 31st 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

LOL zeta!  Wait... omg are you serious?


04:00:42 Dec 31st 09 - Ms. Black Mamba:

he's dead serious! tineye ofc

04:02:33 Dec 31st 09 - King Charley Deallus V:

Zeta is super cereal guys....

04:04:02 Dec 31st 09 - Praetorian Wyzer:

Good thing I am as Fugly as they come, I make a Nazgul with the runs look good!

04:39:40 Dec 31st 09 - Duke Pesterd:

/tries to copy charley and locks this one but doesnt really hit the ban button on any heathens. 

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