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OReillys solution for Iraq
00:10:07 Dec 7th 06 - Mr. Kilelrz of Doom:

Just watched the No Spin Zone, Bill O'Reillys clips on the website. He is offering his opinions about the Iraq war, and he just concluded that the best way to handle Iraq without pulling a "Jack Murtha", is to insert a strong military leader to power.. much like in Pakistan with President Musharraff.


00:24:31 Dec 7th 06 - Mr. Rommel:

The only place that we should stick a strong military leader in power is within the US armed forces. Then the guy can biotch slap the politicians into letting the military take over it and handle it in the way it should be.

It's Vietnam in the desert, go figure.

Oh, and O'Reilly suxxors:

01:26:57 Dec 7th 06 - Ms. Meloveulongtime:

the best way is for the US to mind its own business and vote a leader who doesnt think they are in the war zone. 

I'm a spammer!

02:37:26 Dec 7th 06 - Mr. Jose Clemente Orozco:

The USA didn't elect Stupidass bush...he fraud his way to were he is...he is trying to be just like daddy...

02:40:03 Dec 7th 06 - Wolflord Karac:

Maybe it wouldnt be so bad for him to be like his father, better that than Kerry or Clinton. And I am proud to admit that I did vote for Bush, he was defiately the lesser of two evils, if you dont like him, then hey, get the *beep* out, you still got that right, im in the military, i know you still got that much.

04:16:28 Dec 7th 06 - Mr. Jose Clemente Orozco:

I am getting the hell out...3 more years and I'll be 18.
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04:25:38 Dec 7th 06 - Mr. Rothgar Negus:

I have served in the military and Bush 43 is a disgrace to his oath.

Electing the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Look to candidates who are not in the Republicrat party.

06:12:25 Dec 7th 06 - Princess Ginger Rogers:

Hopefully, this next election cycly, all parties can bring  good candidates out.  I am sick of this beep.

16:24:42 Dec 7th 06 - Wolflord Karac:

Considering the economy is doing a butt ton better than it was under clinton i consider that to bea step up, so maybe i think we should look to candidates who are not in the democrat party..... they would look to downsize the military. And yes, voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, but you try to name a politician that is not evil??? All i can say, you think you can do better, run yourself, hell, i wont vote for you, but hey, some *beep*s might.

21:13:06 Dec 7th 06 - Mr. Ghouma:

I know im not american and shouldnt post here but I feel like enlighten you if u didnt know. The economy might be going great, the companys economy as they benefit from the war. The tax paying citizens however now have a national debt larger then we have in sweden (and that is sayign a hell of alot).

The national debt is 8.6 trilion or 8.660.000.000.000.

Someone will have to pay that money and its not the companies.

01:54:08 Dec 8th 06 - Mr. Bourne:

ya well the last thing we need is the communist hippie tree hugging scum coming in and screwing up the economy further with that kind of debt.

do i sound like a Republican or what?

personally i think installing a dictator in Iraq wouldn't be the worst idea and its as bad as it sounds at first. except that the dictators we've installed in the past royally suck

02:11:31 Dec 8th 06 - Mr. Rhade:

The national debt doesn't mean *beep*.  If anyone actually tries to call up the debt, all America has to do is print up that much money, and there you go, no more debt.  This would of course entail rampant inflation most likely followed by a severe repression/depression, so noone's ever going to try to call the debt, I hope.  And Bush is not nearly as good a leader as you seem to think Karac.  If he was, why are most Republicans avoiding any contact with him?  That answer of course would be that it's diplomatic suicide at this point, and the reason it's diplomatic suicide is because the larger majority of America at this point hates bush.  Now despite the fact that a majority of Americans are ignorant enough to be swayed by media, the smart ones already disliked Bush, so the ignorant ones are just catching up as the media has turned against the current regime.  Modern politics is terrorism, admit that to yourself and everything becomes much cleaner.

11:06:31 Dec 8th 06 - Mr. Ghouma:

Well Rhade you are probably right, however China and japan now got a huge advantage on you. If you want to learn from history, think of what De Gaulle almost did with the dollar. Alot of america is gonna belong to foreigners in the future.

16:46:26 Dec 8th 06 - Mr. Kilelrz of Doom:

Isnt there a certain irony in invading Iraq, just to install a new dictator? Doesnt that make you feel like there was no "terrorism, nuclear, evil, must protect safety of America" reason after all, but just good ole geopolitical powerplaying going on?

17:37:39 Dec 8th 06 - Wolflord Karac:

All I think it is, politicians get bored, so decide to spice up their life with ours. And as for America being owned by foreigners in the future, not a chance, and what advantage does china and japan got? Sheer numbers? Doesnt make up for skill, and the fact that we have more nukes than the rest of the world combined.

17:58:39 Dec 8th 06 - Admiral Krum:

Skill? Well, America could learn a lot from China and Japan, for that matter they could learn a lot from the rest of the world. The advantage Asia has is technology....and numbers. Their technology is far superior to the rest of the world, and they have cheap labor, which is why American coorporations have most products made there in-turn hurting your economy.

I don't see what having a lot of nukes means...other than an incredible paranoia. Why would you need more than 1 nuke? or 5 nukes? So lets say you have 1 million nukes, America gets to decide when the end of the world will happen?

18:56:04 Dec 8th 06 - Admiral Krum:

But Fox News? Talk about the worst source for your news.

18:59:43 Dec 8th 06 - Wolflord Karac:

There are always going to be things our Military can learn from otehr countries, but over all, we have the highest trained, most disciplined army.

19:26:04 Dec 8th 06 - Admiral Krum:

Karac, you don't really believe that do you? Highest disciplined? Have you seen the videos of your troops in Iraq? It's like a bunch of teenagers with guns.

If other countries had the budget of America's army, they would be the dominent force.

19:40:03 Dec 8th 06 - Sir Erunion Telcontar:

Highest trained? Most Disciplined? I think I'm going to be sick... Krum, it's not teenagers with guns, it's drunk pre-teens with tanks...

The Brit's and Canadian's have far better training and dicipline, in fact, almost all non-third world countries have better training and discipline, and I expect some of the third world countries armys are more disciplined (although they can't afford training)...

19:49:42 Dec 8th 06 - Wolflord Karac:

Oh yeah, i remember the revolution............ and Krum have you been watching Fareinheit 911? I have personally seen american troops doing amazing things, saving lives, only to turn around to pass out food to children, the videos you see are the propagandists trying to bring negative images, not the real thing, until you go over there, dont talk *beep* about what is going on, you have no idea.

And as for the brits?? Id take a Seal or Beret over any brit anyday of the week.

20:14:41 Dec 8th 06 - Admiral Krum:

More Canadians have been killed by Americans than Iraqis in the war. Too many children with itchy trigger fingers, and little supervision.

You may not like it, but it's true, Canadians and Brits are better trained and more disciplined, we just don't have the money like the US does.

I eat green berets for breakfast.
John Matrix ~ Commando

21:51:29 Dec 8th 06 - Mr. Deathace:

"the best way to handle Iraq without pulling a "Jack Murtha", is to insert a strong military leader to power"

Uhm...what was Saddam? and why the fck are you there after all then?:)
It can't be oil or anything like that, can it? I thought this was all about democracy and freedom and all that crap ;)

00:03:23 Dec 9th 06 - Mr. Dreadlord:

Saddam was also inserted by US but he was a little greedy with sharing his oil with the rightfull owners (American Capitalists)

America will try to install a strong dictator again for it is most profitable for you need a strong dictator to suppress his people or the country will fall apart and mostly join iran.

And well trained troops US has them like navy seals and actualy any military who isnt in iraq or afganistan.(US,korea,Germany,Japan ext.)

And if terrorist woulnt blow up armored vehicles and kill US soldiers the weapon companies wouldnt have alot more 2 sell now would they. 

00:32:32 Dec 9th 06 - Mr. Ghouma:

Here is a link for thoose open minded enough for both sides.

Yea, its ironic dreadlord. CIA gives Sadam the power, when he dosnt want to trade his oil for dollars any more, there is a war and another undemocratic regim takes power. With the cost of 600.000 dead Iraqis.

00:49:23 Dec 9th 06 - Mr. Bourne:

it is my personal belief that Israel has the best trained most disciplined military and their intelligence agency is the most efficient considering the amount of money they spend.

the fact of the matter is every country will claim to have the best troops or some whatnot. the differential between them is minimal in most cases.

14:16:11 Dec 9th 06 - Sir Shahal:

The only reason the American military is strong at all is because our military budget is huge and we can afford the strongest and best weapons.  On the other hand the training for the ground infantry (mainly Marines and Army groundforces) is getting worse and worse.  Discipline is so frowned upon by the liberal crybabies claiming cruel treatment to the soldiers in boot camp.  There was a time when you got beaten if you didn't do what was ordered of you which made you do your absolute best to keep from being punished.  Now your drill instructors can't so much as touch you if you do something stupid.  Troops now a days are just getting softer and softer.

China's military has a number advantage and our very disciplined but lack strong weaponry.  Britain has good training and weapons but lack manpower.  Really I don't think there is a perfect army in the world. The radical muslims in the middle east tho I have to say are some dedicated people.  People are readily willing to give up their life for their cause.  Kind of says something don't you think. 

Edit:  Yes Bourne I agree that the Israelis have one of the best militaries in the world.  If they had the manpower they could probably wipeout the entire middle east themselves. lol

(Edited by Sir Shahal 12/9/2006 2:18:07 PM)

14:30:59 Dec 9th 06 - Mr. Devi:

Do you guys realize Roxy posted this just to see who bites, lol.

Dont feed the propaganda, Ban roxy.

15:00:39 Dec 9th 06 - Mr. Deathace:

"The radical muslims in the middle east tho I have to say are some dedicated people.  People are readily willing to give up their life for their cause.  Kind of says something don't you think."

Kinda says that they're fighting a defensive war or at least for their beliefs. Which you can't really say about any other country in there. I guess most of the soldiers don't even know why the hell they are there (except the US ones who are there for the scholarship or whatever the military bribes them with:D).

15:51:16 Dec 9th 06 - Mr. Smuff VI:

you cannot call bush evil. hes too stupid to be evil. he is controled by the rest of the administration and a quest for more oil.

and its not just the US fighting and dieing in Iraq. the Britsh and other nations have troops their as well.

and heres a fact for everyone: in the first week of the war more brits were killed by US 'friendly fire' than any iraq counter attack. this is mainly due to the US's grosse lack in fully trained troops on the ground.

US army: kids with guns

16:12:51 Dec 9th 06 - Mr. Bourne:

thats actually Africa smuff

16:38:14 Dec 10th 06 - Mr. Ghouma:

19:21:43 Dec 10th 06 - Mr. Smuff VI:

whats actually africa bourne?

19:59:51 Dec 10th 06 - Mr. Deathace:

Smuff: I think he meant that kids with guns is Africa. US army is teenagers with guns.

20:03:05 Dec 10th 06 - Mr. Smuff VI:

which is pritty much the same thing tbh.

05:30:06 Dec 18th 06 - Mr. Mako:

Considering the economy is doing a butt ton better than it was under clinton i consider that to bea step up,

I imagine that's why so many companies are either going out of business or downsizing considerably right?

I'd much rather have Clinton back in office, at least he had a grasp on balancing the budget.  I doubt too that he'd have gotten us involved in Iraq, and more than likey would have sent help to New Orleans a lot sooner and wouldn't have wasted as much money on *beep*.

*Misses the Clinton years*

(Edited by Mr. Mako 12/18/2006 5:30:29 AM)

05:36:53 Dec 18th 06 - Mr. Mako:

More Canadians have been killed by Americans than Iraqis in the war

Who *beep*ing cares, they're Canadians...

in the first week of the war more brits were killed by US 'friendly fire' than any iraq counter attack

Again, who *beep*ing cares... 

(Edited by Mr. Mako 12/18/2006 5:41:32 AM)

16:47:01 Dec 18th 06 - Ms. Meloveulongtime:

even the carebears dont care!

20:22:19 Dec 18th 06 - Ms. Avril Lavigne:

10:18:14 Jan 1st 07 - Mr. Brom:

I have a lot of *beep* to say so sit back. First of all, you little *beep*es who think this war is about oil look at the gas prices. If this war was about oil i think you would be smart enough to relize it would have gone down by now. The reason it is so high is cause we have to rely on other countries for oil because of the stupid bills clinton and the tree hugging demacrates put in place that we cant build anymore refineries or *beep* like that on our soil. There has been one in construction in texas for 10 years cause the democrates keep stopping it.

Oh one thing Clinton had a chance to stop 9/11 when he had a chance to capture Osama and he decided not to. And about Bush cheating his way into the white house that is bul*beep*. he won fai and square.

10:40:18 Jan 1st 07 - Mr. Leo:

Wow Clinton had a chance to capture osama????? Really and that reliable source was??????
That movie was made up, Made for TV does not mean it actually happened.

BTW He did lob 68 500lb tomahawk warheads at him, hit target but Osama had moved on.

And Iraq and Osama have never had anything to do with each other.

14:11:52 Jan 1st 07 - Mr. Ghouma:

Anyone with the slightest intrest in whats going on now, in Iraq and any other war should watch this movie.

14:32:04 Jan 1st 07 - Ms. Avril Lavigne:

Your logic is flawed. You only support the view that the war is about oil by ranting like that. There are no democratic party in Iraq. And why would the price drop just becouse the wells in Iraq are open, the oil companies doesnt have any reason to drop prices. Besides, oil price is practically set by OPEC and the REAL reason prices are so high is becouse demand is increasing(mostly becouse of China's industrialization) but OPEC isnt increasing production since they are more interested in selling at higher price.

18:03:05 Jan 4th 07 - Mr. Deathace:

Brom: oil companies aren't really a charity organizations so I doubt they'd sell you anything cheaper if you're willing to pay more...

19:01:51 Jan 4th 07 - Mr. Katsumoto:

Im to tired to read all this debate so all i can say is...

Yh i know its old but its a classic :D

(Edited by Mr. Katsumoto 1/4/2007 7:02:28 PM)

19:08:52 Jan 4th 07 - Mr. Rommel:

It doesn't matter how much crude oil that any oil-producing company can produce. Heck, they can produce 'extra'. However, since the demand is increasing (mostly thanks to China on that one) and our refining capacity is maxed out, you're not going to get any extra supply of gas, and thus the cost is going up.

Now, one more thing, do you think that with a president with so many ties to oil (where he gets his cash from) and connections with the Arabs is really going to push hard to lower the gas costs for Americans and rob himself of his 'retirement' fund? Not in this day and age, regrettably.

(Edited by Mr. Rommel 1/4/2007 7:09:32 PM)

22:53:43 Jan 4th 07 - Mr. Bushie:

Ha ghouma, first you post a link to enemy propaganda, then you post a link to O'Reilly basically dismantling all the left wing arguments.  Was that supposed to be against O'Reilly?  He looked pretty good to me. 

I love the post about what Fox News would have reported in the past.  What would WWII have been like with the media we have now.  "America provokes attack on Pearl Harbor by trying to control world oil supply."  "Anti-war protester, Mrs. Mysonisdead,  Says FDR the real terrorist."  "Kamikaze pilots willingly go to their death to fight U.S. imperialism."  "House to launch probe into "War Crime" committed at Hiroshima."

The U.S. can never win a war with the traitors they have in the media today.

23:21:55 Jan 4th 07 - Mr. Ghouma:

Sorry Bushie, im not american so I dont see Iraqis fighting for their independence as enemys but freedom fighters. How many hundreds of thousands of innocent iraqis have you killed? Is it just to get rid of a dictator who America gave the power in teh first place?

02:20:10 Jan 6th 07 - Mr. Heero:

WAKE UP WORLD! News doesn't walsays tell the real side

Also don't even say bush is bad. Now your probly all like omg bush is the dumbest pres ever. Well it would take a retart to not go to war. 1. His dad went to war with iraq. 2. Saddam was crazy. 3. Saddam killed thousandes with gases. 4. Bush's top intelggence ppl said Saddam had nukes. I mean ffs why wouldn't you go to war after all these facts!

One more thing stop blameing us fo the ciztiens dieing in Iraq. Freedom fighters come on now Ghouma would freedom fighters blow themselves up and ciztiens of thier own nation to get the us out!? Come on ppl stop for a second and use your godgiven brains for once.

o ya and if thats not good enough for ya this is also while were there

(Edited by Mr. Heero 1/6/2007 2:24:07 AM)

02:34:04 Jan 6th 07 - Mr. Heero:

One more vid. to prove to you all the reasones we must fight

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