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Oh the Chat Box...
09:23:49 Jun 1st 08 - The Dark Knight:

00:04] Mr. Bios Void: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[00:04] The Dark Knight: que?
[00:04] Mr. Bios Void: I just reliezed that they army passing by might settle here
[00:05] The Dark Knight: No, eso no es bueno.
[00:06] Mr. Bios Void: aswell as my counter attack force
[00:06] Mr. Bios Void: Im ruined unless cao cao is destroyed or allied
[00:06] The Dark Knight: ¿Qué hará usted?
[00:06] Mr. Bios Void: i speak and read english dark knight
[00:07] The Dark Knight: ¿Bien cómo hágale nos espera que comuniquemos?
[00:07] The Dark Knight: Yo sólo hablo español.
[00:07] The Dark Knight: ¿Sabe usted quién yo soy?
[00:08] Mr. Ant: wibble
[00:08] The Dark Knight: ¿Qué es Wibble?
[00:09] Mr. Ant: est 'word'
[00:09] The Dark Knight: ¿Como la palabra usted habla?
[00:10] Mr. Ant: (i don't know spainish)
[00:10] Mr. Ant: (not good with french but know i little)
[00:10] Mr. Kenny: Wibble is wibble ofc
[00:10] Mr. Kenny: wibble is he! thats who!
[00:10] The Dark Knight: ¿Por qué no habla cualquiera por aquí español?
[00:10] Mr. Kenny: :P
[00:11] Mr. Kenny: why no no speak something here spanish
[00:11] Mr. Kenny: calcutta :P
[00:11] Mr. Ant: lol
[00:12] Mr. Kenny: ingles dark knight
[00:12] The Dark Knight: ¿Qué habla usted de? Usted no tiene sentido.
[00:12] Mr. Kenny: ingles
[00:12] Mr. Kenny: por favor
[00:12] The Dark Knight: Yo no hablo inglés.
[00:12] Mr. Ant: parle en anglais SVP(<francais)
[00:14] The Dark Knight: Je parle seulement un petit français.
[00:14] The Dark Knight: Je parle seulement un petit français.
[00:14] The Dark Knight: Je parle seulement un petit français.
[00:14] * Mr. Moyza has joined Lobby
[00:15] Mr. Kenny: one small what?
[00:15] Mr. Ant: je parle peit fabcais, est ok
[00:15] The Dark Knight: Esto es tanta más diversión que hablando en inglés, en que soy con soltura.
[00:15] Mr. Kenny: you speak a little french
[00:15] * Mr. Apple Pie has joined Lobby
[00:15] Mr. Kenny: :P
[00:15] Mr. Ant: yeah
[00:15] Mr. Kenny: oh im getting rusty on french
[00:15] Mr. Ant: lol
[00:16] Mr. Ant: francais SVP
[00:16] Mr. Kenny: svp?
[00:16] * Mr. Qassim has left Lobby
[00:16] * Mr. Water has joined Lobby
[00:16] The Dark Knight: Ne pas oublier votre français, comment d'autre pouvons-nous parler ?
[00:16] Mr. Ant: please( in french shortend
[00:16] Mr. Kenny: you know
[00:17] Mr. Kenny: for not understanding english you are good.
[00:17] Mr. Water: hey
[00:17] Mr. Water: :)
[00:17] * Mr. Kenny turns up the heat!
[00:17] Mr. Ant: ?? i do understand english being english
[00:17] Mr. Kenny: Evaporate!
[00:17] The Dark Knight: Yo lo comprendo, yo justo no lo puedo hablar.
[00:17] Mr. Kenny: no dark night
[00:18] Mr. Ant: non, je ne pas comprendo
[00:18] Mr. Kenny: hi lo
[00:18] The Dark Knight: ¿No qué?
[00:18] Mr. Water: wtf\
[00:18] Mr. Water: its french?
[00:18] Mr. Water: talk english
[00:18] Mr. Ant: i would
[00:18] Mr. Kenny: its french
[00:18] Mr. Water: but?
[00:18] Mr. Ant: but his isn't
[00:18] Mr. Water: dark knight?
[00:19] Mr. Ant: yep
[00:19] Mr. Water: he can
[00:19] Mr. Kenny: Wasn't there a forum post by dark knight?
[00:19] Mr. Water: he is just fooling around
[00:19] Mr. Kenny: I am pretty sure I saw one.
[00:19] Mr. Water: he talk english u nublets
[00:19] Mr. Ant: lol
[00:19] Mr. Ant: it was funny anyway
[00:19] The Dark Knight: I enjoyed myself
[00:19] Mr. Ant: so did i

09:26:34 Jun 1st 08 - Mr. Ant:


09:40:45 Jun 1st 08 - Sir Oscar The Grouch:

Archi , nice use of an online translator xD

Thats some funny *beep*

09:42:42 Jun 1st 08 - Mr. Ant:

i didn't use a translator

09:45:34 Jun 1st 08 - Sir Oscar The Grouch:

I said

Archi as in Architect

Architect  = The Dark Knight


09:46:21 Jun 1st 08 - Mr. Ant:


14:49:20 Jun 1st 08 - Mr. Xiahou Dun:

I dont know wtf is going on here, but i'm mentioned in the chat! Woot go me! (im Cao Cao btw)

19:52:22 Jun 4th 08 - Mr. Arctic Devil:

ling tong is better :D choose nicks wisely :D dynasty worriors... wooooo

21:07:44 Jun 4th 08 - Mr. Xiahou Dun:

Nah Xiahou Dun is by far the best, then Huang Zhong =P

(Say Lu Bu and you will die)

21:33:06 Jun 4th 08 - Praetorian Wyzer:

"Lu Bu"

Nope still alive!

22:19:27 Jun 4th 08 - Mr. Xiahou Dun:

*Random chinese soldier slices Wyzer's head off

See, i told you ;D

13:38:33 Jun 5th 08 - Mr. Arctic Devil:

*beep* i broke my ps2 :( cant play them anymore :D cao pi sucks.... his double sword attack really sucks :D but ling tongs nunciaks(or wtf) is good :D pheonix

10:17:12 Jun 6th 08 - Mr. Attrill:

na lu bu is the best but i hate playing as him almost as much as i hate playing aginst him (im not to got at dyny lol)

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