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Old Player Checking In
14:51:24 May 13th 22 - Killstone (Mr. Killlstone):

I used to play VU back in the day I want to say about 10-15 years ago. I haven't played in ages! From what I remember the game stopped being updated and I felt like it was in a not so great state when the updates stopped.

But VU came across my mind recently and I wanted to check in and see whether it was still up and running, how the game is nowadays, and if there were people even still around from the time that I played.

15:04:12 May 13th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:


Do you know Kyle?

15:09:04 May 13th 22 - Killstone (Mr. Killlstone):

Doesn't ring a bell. Was that the name he went by in the game as well? What Kingdom was he a part of?

The more prominent kingdoms I remember being involved in were Phi and Abydos and i may have been a part of MAD for a bit but can't remember for sure.

15:14:25 May 13th 22 - Ms. Jasmine:

So you're saying updated stopped 15 years ago? :O

I played 15 years ago, there have been some updates but very minor

Recent game updates

  • Dwarf Swordsmen attack points increased from 2 to 3.
  • Injured and dead troops now included in the difficultly of spells on allied armies.
  • XP gain from "steal food" attack nerfed.
  • Formula for protecting weaker players on lower worlds has been updated
  • Increased max market price for slaves
  • Good vs Evil (GvE) has re-opened!

  • No real gameplay changes... still no updates
    The game still has a small community 
    Its not what it used to be, but people still play :)

    15:14:29 May 13th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

    Was in Anarchy last. Cannot remember other KDs. 

    15:23:26 May 13th 22 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus):

    I absolutely remember you Killstone

    15:27:43 May 13th 22 - Venomz (High Warlord Venomz):


    Long story short: 
    - There have been some updates (Not recently)
    - Old players still playing (We lost quite a few though)

    I do faintly remember your name..
    I just had a long break myself, so it's never too late to return.
    New era's starting soon also, so if you're willing to give it a go again, you've returned at the right time!

    15:33:10 May 13th 22 - Killstone (Mr. Killlstone):

    Horus! I definitely remember your name! I was looking back through my old messages. Looks like last time I played was 2012 but didn't seem to serious and prior to that I played on my own in Zetamania in 2010.

    And by no updates I meant big updates. Like when great walls (I think was their name) were removed from the game after that one era with a huge stalemate at a chokepoint made with the great walls.

    It sounds enticing to try playing again, but I just don't know if I have the time to commit to it to be as competitive as I like being, plus I barely remember any of the strategies for city/army compositions.

    15:40:46 May 13th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

    Scroll down. You'll remember his face.

    The guides

    The guides are awesome experienced players that are willing to help you out.
    Characters: Ice Prince Zephyr (Fantasia)
    Marquess Hartmut (Mantrax)
    Prince Bramimond (Mantrax)

    Characters: Sir Horus (Valhalla)
    Darth Paniqy (Fantasia)
    Ms. Masako (Mantrax)

    17:24:45 May 13th 22 - HorusPanic (Ms. Masako):

    i'm an albino pan-african woman now, need a new picture

    19:51:45 May 13th 22 - Mr. Mavich:

    Hey Killstone, welcome back!

    Zerocool and me are in Berzerks, you are welcome to join us. MAD is still around also.

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