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On the big battlefield
15:39:12 Apr 20th 08 - Duke Argyle:

What do you do on the battlefield? Poetic lines are welcomed as answers.

21:57:02 Apr 20th 08 - Sir Binh The Demolisher:

I looked around for an enemy
I told him that he look ugly
He became enraged and charged at me
He attacked me like an angry bee
I simply dodge his crushing blows
I then striked back and say he blows

23:04:59 Apr 20th 08 - Pirate Lewatha:

veni vidi vici

18:16:10 May 11th 08 - Mr. Killer:

The ravens circle overhead,
As soldiers fall down and die,
The sky is pink, the grass is red,
On the ground the troops do lie,

The general waits in the back,
Ordering troops to the fore,
And weapons do the soldiers lack,
Learned in their enemies lore,

Tales and stories of false bravery,
Of their fierceness and the like,
Of their wisdom and severity,
And the mockery of their trike,

The arrows fly through the air,
The weakened soldiers fall,
The cavalry charge down their pair,
And then the ravens call,

The surviving troops begin to flee,
Maggots infest the dead,
The enemies celebrate their victory,
Then they leave newly-wed.

18:19:57 May 11th 08 - Prince Gorris Septim:

My army fleed with fear
As the other army grew near
I hoped that I would not die
So I could recieve a nice pie

20:57:12 May 11th 08 - Mr. Ants:

Pirate Lewatha


4/20/2008 11:04:59 PM
veni vidi vici


do you know how to pronouce that?

(i do)

21:08:36 May 11th 08 - Mr. Clamps The Redeemed:

weni widi wichi is our best guess but it just doesn't sound as noble =p

21:16:17 May 11th 08 - Mr. Ants:

my sister is doing latin A-level

i don't know why

22:00:19 May 11th 08 - Mr. Plato The God of Knowledge:

Oh, the hills which many fell
Very few came back to tell
The battle they fought and barely won
While many other chose to run

The clash of swords and roar of men
And the final outcome is retold again
For while one side dies or reversed
The blood of the dead is forever cursed

The general standing high in power
Planning his tactics in the tallest tower
And when the enemy comes to attack
They're surprised to see us fight back!

The final outcome is always grim
And the many dead soldiers lay ripped limb from limb
But finally the victor stands proud in thier day
And the defeated have much to pay

Parades and songs heard from around
And the dead lay piled up onto a mound
So listen up if you look for a meaning
Fight bravely no matter how many men are screaming



17:45:23 May 13th 08 - Mr. Spoon:

I often eat rice
It's really nice


22:20:03 May 13th 08 - Khan Silent Halfbutt:

From west to east, from north to south, Touch Valar and face my wrath!

- really, guys, this is no joke, please don't hurt him for a while, it brings no glory to kill the weaker, and once i find ya, i will have revenge 3 times! 3 fold? whatever... it's gonna be terrible!

23:42:35 May 13th 08 - Prince Bertilius Septim:

Mine was serious, that's usually what happens when I enter battle...

00:08:09 May 14th 08 - Mr. Arvious V:

I melt down utensils
And make them into pencils

02:01:14 May 14th 08 - Dreadlord Jay Renfro:

yeah dont touch me unless invited!!

02:03:58 May 14th 08 - Dreadlord Jay Renfro:

02:25:49 May 14th 08 - Duke Krasksagon:

Thy troops fear not iron nor destruction
they march boldly toward under the drummer's instruction
to fight and slay and--AAAAAAGH!  GET THIS ARROW

04:36:35 May 16th 08 - Mr. Atreides:

Pirate Lewatha

veni vidi vici

She stole mine! That was seriously the first thing I though of :p

Time to make up a new one....

I win.

08:55:28 May 16th 08 - Mr. Ant:



I suggest you say Goodbye to your friends, if you have any, and your family

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