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Origins of Ruler Names
03:26:05 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Agent Clamps:

Ok so we all notice that some people have really weird ruler names that seem like they might make sense if they were explained =p. Here post the story of how you got your name or what it means or what it is a reference to etc. I'm going to get the ball rolling by making wild fabrications about how certain people came up with their names in hopes of calling them to the thread to defend themselves by giving us the real story XP

03:30:34 Dec 25th 07 - Duke Epyon The Weirdgrivi:

it came to me in a dream......sorta :S

see if you can guess where I got my name ;)

03:44:35 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Agent Clamps:

Oh ya myself. My name is from the cartoon Futurama. For anyone who doesn't get that show at home it is like about space-traveling package delivery guys. Once they meet a mafia crime gang who are robots and one of the gangsters is called Clamps cuz he has clamps for hands and likes to rough people up with them. 

04:07:51 Dec 25th 07 - Sir XelNaga:

Starcraft, enuff said

04:07:58 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Agent Clamps:

Wild allegation time.... =p

Doughnut: Named after his first sexual experience.

Xiax: Named for his first word; it was later found that he was only choking on a rubber nipple but the name had stuck.

Salamon: The fish....obviously....(insert ironic tone)

Phoenix Fire: Named after a brand of lube.... yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh........

Deadly Poop: So obvious =p

Scientist: Named after his encyclope*beep*nowledge of ladies and also chemistry, but mostly the ladies

Vengeance: Named after the oath his mother made to his father during the child's particularly painful delivery

Survivor: named from a popular television program..."american idol"

Anyway anyone else who'd like to make wild allegations about where people got their names, in hopes of getting them up here, go nuts =p

04:42:03 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Xiax:

I'm not sure how I could make that sound when I'm choking but it is actually just a derivation of my actual name since I'm not very creative.

04:54:47 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Soc:

swifty............ due to his extreme quickness and agility after hours. :) he gave the foundation for the phrase "minute man"

12:38:00 Dec 25th 07 - Duke Epyon The Weirdgrivi:

Soccer: probably has to do with some sort of sport.... maybe golf!!

13:52:38 Dec 25th 07 - Pirate Lewatha:

My name... is old, and only used by me... I think, except for some impostor on everquest I think..


I've been using it since I was 10 and some friend invented it for me. I likey ^^

14:35:54 Dec 25th 07 - Sir Dead Oralive:

what ummmm mines from the game DoA(Dead Or Alive) my favorite fighting game

15:04:55 Dec 25th 07 - Wolflord Karac:

My name, is well, my name....

15:19:13 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Vengence:

my name was i dont have any reason for it, just randomly made it

15:24:21 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Kassius The Kookie Bandit:

was watching little nickey one time, 2nd fav char was cassius:

15:27:44 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

my name was based on the message Agent Clamps sent me

15:28:43 Dec 25th 07 - Lord of The Morning:

Lord of The Morning --The Wheel Of Time. Crappy fantasy series that I liked a few years back ^^

Carnage -- The kingdom. D'uh.

Yerean -- guess!

NaeRey -- *my* nick.

Corwin, Random, Merlin -- Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber

16:56:36 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Agent Clamps:

Ohhh k... someone posted a joke which I suppose might have been mean or something but it was all for fun but then my post responding to it "haha yeah but that's so true" was deleted...I'm so confused about modding here =/

18:20:54 Dec 25th 07 - Duke Luta Mor:

Well since I have no consistant name, you can call me "CK the Fat."  Which actually comes from a little parody newspaper my brother and I did many years ago... CK was the arrogant bastard character.  Also why my first character, The Fat, wasn't well liked...

Sometimes I also go by New Era Orchestra, which is the name I write music under.

22:02:58 Dec 25th 07 - Sir Iwasfrozen VI:

My English Teacher made me write an essay a year back entitled "I was frozen on the spot." Later, when regestering for AQ i wrote my user-name as I was frozen on the stop.

Later, and many browser games after I shortened it to Iwasfrozen, and the rest as they say is history. :)

22:04:49 Dec 25th 07 - Dark Lord Finwe:

Crappy fantasy series <----- BLASPHEMY

23:00:11 Dec 25th 07 - Sir Santa The Elite:

I wanted my to change my name but with Xmas coming, I cant of course, but form next Era on I shall be known as Dagonet, one of King Arthurs knights :)

05:28:43 Dec 26th 07 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:


09:47:03 Dec 26th 07 - Sir Santa The Elite:

Might, did you ever think about the fact that most people playing this game eat cows?

10:14:43 Dec 26th 07 - Duke Salamon:

heh.... erm... Wheel of time = best :D :D

Erm ... Epyon = Gundam :P cool gundam tbh.... i made an impression on it in Armored core 3 : silent line and Last Raven :P

Erm... My name well... i had just watched Lotr and i was in the S mood.... i had started out with Baldwin because i thought of Count Baldwin of Edessa or King Baldwin of Jerusalem (Crusades) but it didnt stick and it wasnt fun role playing because people referred to me as Alec Baldwin :P and i had nowhere to go w/ that..(as an rper). My initial name (when i joined lgc) then was Salmer or Salmex So i tried to change my name to something to Sarumon( i didnt know how to spell that back then :P... and spelt it Salomon or something like that) then I just spelt it with Salamon and it stuck... tho there was a period where i switched between Baldwin or Salamon, but thats over and Im a full fishy now :P

10:41:15 Dec 26th 07 - Sir Spoon:

What came first, the kitchen utensil spoon or me,  The Spoon?
They obviously stole my nick for something lame like a spoon :(
I could've been like.. something cool. But now I'm a freaking Spoon.

11:17:00 Dec 26th 07 - Duke Salamon:

:P heh what are you complaining about.... i got beat out by aquaman in stick figures :P..... you have a third arm and leg!!! :P ;)

11:36:28 Dec 26th 07 - Sir Revenge:

Dark Knight - From a simpsons episode where bart and marge go on a game over the internet and bart is the baddest one and hes called dark knight

Revenge - Because I wanted to take revenge on Kobuskan for making me quit dark knight and start fresh which I really appreciate now because I had rainbowed my cities and I improved alot from It so if your reading this thanks ^^

13:54:36 Dec 26th 07 - Sir Gaius Aureliae:

The first name that I used and seriously thought of was Hytlodeo, which was the name of a character in Thomas More´s Utopia, who has the same first name as I. Later, I changed it to Aurelius because of Marcus Aurelius, an emperor of Rome. I liked the name Aurelius, and thus decided to keep it as a second name and just change the first for the eras to come...

14:16:55 Dec 26th 07 - Mr. Clone V:

MY name Dreadlord.
Back then Warcraft 3 WAS The shizle :P

14:38:16 Dec 26th 07 - Dreadlord Brent Corrigan:

Im the only dreadlord, hush -.-

As for Valar, I did not take it from Tolkien, its short for Valar Morghulis which means all men must die in George R. R. Martins A Song of Fire and Ice.

As for Brent Corrigan, just google who that is if you want to know. 

15:23:13 Dec 26th 07 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

Clone V is the true dreadlord. Valar is THE BREADLORD!

19:10:13 Dec 26th 07 - Mr. Killer:

Eh emmm... My name was... well... BECAUSE I'M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!

22:25:13 Dec 26th 07 - Sir Dead Oralive:

You cant kill me im the Dead Oralive Man!

22:42:39 Dec 26th 07 - Mr. Sparemylifeplz:

I just want my life to be spared, but no one ever listens :(

01:17:16 Dec 27th 07 - Lord Seloc:

My name is Coles backwards.......
I also used the name Sorank for an era, it's a name I made up for WoW, which I happy to say I left ages ago.

04:07:16 Dec 28th 07 - Lady Calliope:

Calliope's my favorite of the nine muses.

04:12:06 Dec 28th 07 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Im Might the God of Cows because.....Im a God of Cows (Duh) and more....And Im Mighty! :D

05:04:32 Dec 28th 07 - Crazy Xuaron:

Xuaron ( MR. X )- came up whit this name when creating a Hotmail account as all other names were taken and i dont like a number behind my name so i just came up whit this LOL have this name for like 11 years now

Twisted Illusions ( my 2th nick )  - Is my DJ name. music style Hardstyle / Hardtrance

21:50:10 Dec 28th 07 - Demonic Shezmu:

after being in Abydos for like AGES and a few of us eventually went Ancient Egyptian God/Demon when chosing a name... I picked Shezmu...I also added the Demonic title to my name...simply because I got tired of thinking up new names and well...evil demonic stuff fits fairly well with myself ingame and the description of Shezmu... for further reference...

started out as the nubie called Rampaging-Bunny...which was my Counterstrike name years before I started playing VU...

22:08:05 Dec 28th 07 - Mr. Clone V:

Mr. Sparemylifeplz


12/27/2007 12:42:39 AMI just want my life to be spared, but no one ever listens :(


22:18:01 Dec 28th 07 - Mr. Sparemylifeplz:

It's true...

12:19:57 Dec 29th 07 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

hanky panky - i was a very horny boy back when i started vu

21:26:34 Jan 3rd 08 - Mr. Tagmatarkhis Augustus:

My name comes from a rank in the Ancient Greek army. Tagmatarkhis was the title for a battalion commander. Augustus was a common name for many roman emperors.

12:53:12 Jan 4th 08 - Prince Mielo:

I won't discuss my name ...

22:24:51 Jan 13th 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

got my name after a licence plate "sano2h8", for those who cant understand what it says it says "say no to hate". the game doesnt register numbers so it got shortened to sanoh, so i now use sanoh in everything.

23:03:43 Jan 13th 08 - Prince Cephorus Septim IV:

The last name of the third era Emperors of Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion is Septim.

The first name of the first Septim Emperor was Tiber.

Other Emperors in that game were named Cephorus and Pelagius.

The other names were common Roman names and a couple I made up: Aesius, Lucias, Salius, Gaius, and Calus.

02:17:15 Jan 14th 08 - Mr. Gnisis Mininus:

Lord of the Morning and Salamon are both in the Wheel of Time. It's not that crappy!

03:12:06 Jan 14th 08 - Sir Grim Darkhammer:

I started in era 14 as Jadbalja. It's the name of the lion in Tarzan & the Golden Lion.

Changed my name in era 26. Darkhammer is from WOW and Grim is how I feel most of the time.

04:34:35 Jan 14th 08 - Lord Protector Nimic:

Lord of The Morning --The Wheel Of Time. Crappy fantasy series that I liked a few years back ^^

You just made my list.

08:40:56 Jan 14th 08 - Mr. Architect:

Oooh, oooh, can I be on your list?

08:57:49 Jan 14th 08 - Lord Protector Nimic:

Well, you're using the name of a player who used to play way back, so you're already on it ;)

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