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Overpriced but quality shit
00:56:05 Jan 27th 17 - Lala (Mr. Lala Bragi):

I sell quality shit only. It's top quality. It doesn't smell like Bling's cheap Gaia's all the time. It's pony quality shit. Feed it to your troops and their morale will go up. Homegrown shit. The quality of my shits is always top notch. 

Buy my top quality shit from the market today. Its real top quality and your pezzies will stop using the washroom every so often due to cheap quality shit that you have been offering them and your production will go up due to the top quality shit that I provide. 
If you have any questions about the quality of my shits, you shouldn't buy it and wait for cheap shit and low quality shit from MAD.
Limited stocks only. Offer only on Fantasia but I'll expand markets if there's demand for top quality shit in other realms. Love xoxo ♥️

You are selling 33000000 stone for 32010000 gold (0.97) Sell 694739 stone for 1 gold to make it the cheapest.

You are selling 43900000 tree for 63064117 gold (1.44) Sell 14492703 tree for 1 gold to make it the cheapest.

You are selling 6000000 food for 11340000 gold (1.89) Sell 5936844 food for 1 gold to make it the cheapest.

09:23:02 Jan 27th 17 - Mr. Game:

Very low quality stone, crumbles easily. I expected 24 karat gold after STG but the product did not perform to standards.

Bought about 2 million units of food and none of it was kosher, the aroma it gave off was so foul that my peasants would rather starve than eat it.

The tree is overpriced, sell wholesale to the natives because I won't allow you to swindle me with your outrageous prices.

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12:32:50 Jan 27th 17 - Lala (Mr. Drug Addict):

Hey hey my quality shit was contaminated by fckers getting in my cities and one of their ugly Orcs ruined it. Next shipment will be quality as promised. My shit is always quality. I promise you'll rate it 10/10 when you try the next shipment. Love xoxo ♥️

22:34:14 Jan 27th 17 - Mr. Death Chocolate:

More mexichina junk. Build the wall

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