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Paranormal Activity 1 and 2
07:11:22 Jul 7th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

I saw the 1 I almost pied.

Is it fake or real?

Btw have anyone seen the part 2 trailer?

I DID pee in that one.

12:48:36 Jul 7th 10 - Mr. Vuggy The Annoying Bastard:

Oh no. He almost shat a pie!

21:20:16 Jul 7th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

mm ok lol <.<

08:10:43 Jul 8th 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

lol um its fake... and Steven Spielberg took the paranormal activity movie and made it alot scarier then the original one which was a low budget movie... love the theatrical movie better than original... :P hoping to see the 2nd one :) should be great... but not quite sure how theyll follow up and make it different from the other but still scary...

09:51:24 Jul 8th 10 - Mr. Koss:

i got bored it was spooky to watch but i dont think ill be spending money to se the second one and i saw the trailer i dont get why people think its so damn scary maybe i saw the wrong one could someone post it?

20:12:39 Jul 8th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

@Salamon is it fake? but the movies says ''Taken from real life events'' and it does look scary and very real.

@Koss IDK I dont like to see the trailer it IS scary when you log in to msn on ''Today News'' appears ''Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer'' clik it then it redirects you to the msn webpage where there are a lot of videos.

07:11:12 Jul 11th 10 - Master Orrises The Cutthroat:

no this movie is not real it's from the makers of Blair witch project... Rec and quarritine,

this movie is real and you will be freaked out by real life shit


08:04:12 Jul 11th 10 - Mr. Gruhmbar:

gawd i hated paranormal activity, worst 10 bucks ever. of course it isnt real and when they say "taken by real life events" or w/e you know they blow it out of proportion by like 1000%. 

Now, the fourth kind i enjoyed more, but i still feel some resentment for picking it over some other movies...

16:19:57 Jul 11th 10 - Duchess Wicked Wraith Rider:

According to promotional materials from Universal, the film is framed around a psychologist named Abigail Tyler who interviewed traumatized patients in Nome. However Alaska state licensing examiner Jan Mays says she can't find records of an Abigail Tyler ever being licensed in any profession in Alaska. Ron Adler, CEO and director of the Alaska Psychiatric Institute and Denise Dillard, president of the Alaska Psychological Association say they've never heard of Abigail Tyler. Web sites for an "Alaska Psychiatry Journal" and "Alaska News Archive" containing references to Tyler were created by the film's producers, but were outed as hoaxes when it was discovered they were registered a month before the film's release and the purported author of one of the archived news articles stated she had never written it.

01:35:02 Jul 12th 10 - Master Orrises The Cutthroat:

in the begining of the film it clearly states that names has been changed for the protection of the people...

01:44:35 Jul 12th 10 - Duchess Wicked Wraith Rider:

Read up on it a little more, seems like it was just a very well disguised hoax. You are of course welcome to believe what you like.

07:21:21 Jul 13th 10 - Mr. Chilean:

Yes defenatly, I did some sniffing around myself into the goverment records and 3/4 of the stuff is fake the other 1/4 is actually truth like the city. Apperently in 2004 or 2005 there was a huge deal of strange disappearences that happend in the Nome in which the movie is set.

20:37:20 Jul 14th 10 - Mr. Hard Knocks:

taken and exorcist are the only ghost hunter movies that count the rest are rubbish. maybe i could grow up to become jigsaw if mommy buys me some white face paint and lipstick. cant forget amitivlle horror and ssome people liked rose red. dang it who put a quarter in me again.

23:03:24 Jul 14th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

I saw ''The Fourth Kind'' like 2 or 1 days ago, the best 5 bucks I paid in my life. Its fake because Milla appears there.

23:06:28 Jul 14th 10 - Clown Wankin Between Ticks:

its fake, i laughed through all film 

18:54:19 Jul 19th 10 - Master Orrises The Cutthroat:

ok juggilo ...

21:54:38 Jul 24th 10 - Toaster Struddle:


#1 was fake and shit as all hell the hype wasnt worth the hour plus snooze fest that took place through the first 4/5ths of the movie only to have the last 15 minutes be completely and utterly predictable.  With a completely obvious cliffhanger ending that was set to make a sequel only because.  The movie itself cost absolutely nothing and made like 100x the expense of making so ofc they were going to make a sequel.  Will it be better then the first........ probably not but they have a bigger budget this time.

My opinion:
If you want a great handheldish style film I recommend watch REC, Quarantine, or Cloverfield.  All of which were much better.

14:26:07 Aug 3rd 10 - Lady Godiva:

In regards to Struddles opinion.

REC is the 1 year older, Spanish and possibly better version of Quarantine. I'd see one of the other, not both.

But yes, Paranormal Activity wasn't that good. But then again, I saw it with 6 screaming lasses, so it wasn't all bad.

16:05:14 Aug 3rd 10 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

^_^ patch me up doc

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