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Polyphasic Sleep
02:52:26 Jan 5th 08 - Lord of The Morning:

It's a kind of sleeping schedule in which you sleep some 30minutes for 6 times a day. That's just 3 hours of sleep a day, compared to the usual 6-8... 3 hrs saving a day. THat's 21 hours more each week. You also feel very rested.
the catch? You must go to sleep exactly every 4 hours. If it's 5hours, you won't feel good and might even collapse...

More about it:

The whole idea is interesting and great, but VERY impractical. There's a community of polyphasic sleepers on the net, with some 100 members.. not a lot, is it?

However, this technique is also used to reach other .. 'skills'..
such as, learning to go into REM (basically most important sleep phase) fast.
This enables you to sleep some 2 hours and you'll feel as rested as if you slept 5....

Anyone does this/heard of this?
Discuss you mighty people!

I sound like some professor,eh? ;P

06:50:48 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

i do not recommend this to young people. growth hormone levels are highest during sleep.

10:50:45 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Bruiant:

i would suck at that, it takes me atleast 20 mins just to go off to sleep. but why do they do it? cant they just sleep... any reason behind it?

11:05:50 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Kassius The Kookie Bandit:

...more time to do ......stuff

13:42:38 Jan 5th 08 - Lord Seloc:

That looks very interesting! but you kinda stuck if you miss one of your naps.

14:11:44 Jan 5th 08 - Sir Spoon:

I do this in times of war.. Wake up for 10-15 mins, go back to sleep. Works fine indeed!

22:44:30 Jan 5th 08 - Lord of The Morning:

Heh, actually for VU life this would be great.. so you miss just a few ticks every now and then...

@Bruiant - that's why some people do this exercise. If yo ucan call that...
Going to polyphasic sleep makes your body get used to fall asleep/go into REM mode VERY fast. Usually it takes around 1-2 hours to go into REM. When in polyphasic sleep (takes some 2 weeks to adapt to it), your body learns to go into REM in just a few minutes.

I've a friend who took some 2 week course in which they taught him to do this, and when he "adapted" to it, they taught him to sleep just some 4hrs and still get a full night's rest.

Polyphasic sleep also increases the possibilities of getting a lucid dream...

23:43:26 Jan 5th 08 - Sir Revenge:

Lucid dream   :o

03:59:22 Jan 6th 08 - Mr. Romus The II:

i just read a whole page on lucid dreams lol. i think i had about 6 lucid dreams but when i realze im in a dream my body is like dam he figured it out! time to wake up.

01:49:45 Feb 10th 08 - Mr. Saintanger:


02:22:53 Feb 10th 08 - Sir Soccerrogue:

similar to self-hypnotism................................ u can hypnotise for 20 minutes, and wake up feeling like u had hours of rest.

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