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Popularity Contest
06:47:07 Jan 8th 08 - Mr. Random:

You have 1 Private Messages.

im so damn popular XD

08:48:50 Jan 8th 08 - Lord Seloc:

220 Private Messages.

This doesn't quite mean your popular.....

11:10:14 Jan 8th 08 - Mr. Random:

lol well this is actually coz i just accidentally deleted all my msg's...

i had about 160 or so, a few of which important KD orders and proff of betrayals etc =[
i got no dirt on no1 nemore so i decided to vent my frustration....(if you couldn't tell my first post was sarcastic)

11:15:59 Jan 8th 08 - Prince Mielo:

well be happy your name isn't revenge ... that would bring down popularity with allot

11:43:17 Jan 8th 08 - Mr. Random:

lolz i see nuthin wrong with revenge.
he just does a whole lotta flamin.

13:28:12 Jan 8th 08 - Prince Cephorus Septim IV:

Lol, I have been inactive this game, and I really never get many PMs...

You have 45 Private Messages.

15:13:00 Jan 8th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

You have 313 Private Messages.

16:04:49 Jan 8th 08 - Sir Revenge:

You have 273 Private Messages.

Not as unpopular as people may think  XD

16:11:38 Jan 8th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

I would say about 60 of those are from people wondering how to play this game ^^ WHO GAVE THEM MY NAME?

16:14:31 Jan 8th 08 - Sir Revenge:


* Shifts eyes before running into the distance looking back to see if being chased*

16:16:37 Jan 8th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

*Might pops in front of Revenge, grabs him and gives him to the Cow Torturers/interrogators.[After stripping you of all magic ofc :D]*

17:10:55 Jan 8th 08 - Lord Seloc:

lol Might you get pms from *beep*s, I noirmal get them asking how to play in private chat 0.o

17:16:24 Jan 8th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Seloc, I tell them after I help them in chat to send me messages if they need any more help.

18:14:18 Jan 8th 08 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

You have 572 Private Messages.
last era well over a 1000 ^^ now i just rarely use messages chat is where it all goes down !

im sure there is many people out there with over a 1000 already

19:46:13 Jan 8th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Its just cause Hanky is a leader :D

20:32:23 Jan 8th 08 - Mr. Vengence:

 You have 469 Private Messages.

im not a leader!

being doing RP's and stuff tho, so i get lots of PM's cos of that

13:38:50 Jan 9th 08 - Sir Gaius Aureliae:

You have 2230134 Private Messages.

I like to pm a lot!

17:46:29 Jan 9th 08 - Mr. Vengence:

i think you have been PMing the natives and yourself a lot.....eirther that or you have messed about with that number, very likely

05:55:39 Jan 12th 08 - Mr. Killstone The Exploiter:

132 Private Messages.


muahahhahahaha =D

23:22:21 Jan 12th 08 - Prince Cephorus Septim IV:

You have -2 Private Messages.

23:26:14 Jan 12th 08 - Mr. Chimey The Chonga:

You have a *beep* load of Private Messages.

07:38:16 Jan 13th 08 - Duke Luta Mor:

I had 300+ last era, mostly from RPs though.  I'm only at 102 right now... haven't done much RPing this era, and due to a big kingdomwide stalemate there isn't a lot of merge-attack collaberation, etc.

09:55:49 Jan 13th 08 - Mr. Architect:

I had something close to 900 last era, all from Politics.  This era, because of Carnages' policies, I have only 274...

18:33:48 Jan 13th 08 - Mr. Ambrosias Arilyonis:

You have 443 Private Messages.

Wow, you all are very inactive...

16:45:18 Jan 14th 08 - Mr. Vengence:

544 Private Messages.

and it keeps going up

23:45:33 Jan 14th 08 - Mr. Plague:

You have 621 Private Messages.

00:14:21 Jan 15th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

* Might The God of Cows642Mr.ElfFant.Today

09:19:11 Jan 15th 08 - Lord Seloc:

lol Might think again.

Revenge 714 Knight Dwarf Mant. 1 days

* Seloc 1322 Lord Human *Ashamed*. Today

18:48:42 Jan 15th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Seloc, I changed my name. I did that this era. I had like 900 last era with my other name!

18:51:24 Jan 15th 08 - Sir Evans:

You have 672 Private Messages.
too many and i cleared them halfway though this era so make it about 1k :P

21:28:32 Jan 15th 08 - Duke Arzun:

 You have 102 Private Messages.

IRC FTW... who uses MSGs?

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