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Putting VU on Steam
04:01:13 Feb 3rd 23 - Nayoke the Kid (God Eros Please Cry):

Has there ever any been any discussion of making VU available through the Steam Store? Seems like it would generate a lot more attention just by being in that environment. No idea how hard it would be transferring everything from browser to client, but I am assuming there are reasons it hasn't been done

07:50:59 Feb 3rd 23 - Mr. Mullet Also:

id say that its because it would do the same as putting as a twitch category

09:29:34 Feb 3rd 23 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke Longbeard):

that's like comparing apples to tennis balls. not everyone on steam plays call of duty or elden ring. the diversity of games on steam is tremendous. imagine if 1/1000 warhammer players caught onto vu. it would be bigger than ever

10:05:09 Feb 3rd 23 - Mr. Mullet Also:

no no no id mean that itd be just chating for a looong bit and move build explain 

attenborough couldnt stretch that shit for mor that 10 min

also vu is built into browser and has no acttual app that i am aware of

extrapolate and interpret known data better

17:28:54 Feb 4th 23 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Demon):

Easy enough to embed a browser into a faux client for playing via Steam, but not sure if that's even allowed? Not seen any browser-based games on Steam before

21:01:55 Feb 7th 23 - Mr. Existentialist:

The game is fantastic to play as a browser game if there was a way to transition it to the app store it could easily pull in a few good new players 

22:23:47 Feb 7th 23 - Mr. Chaos II:

Problem with platforms like steam is they require a revenue stream.  This means that VU would be required to provide some sort of compensation moving forward to support this.  

Do you want to have to pay either a subscription or buy the game?  I'm not saying not to support Zeta but he would be in a position where he would have to pay an extra fee to steam to house his game.  He would likely have to pass this fee onto the players rather than having a donation system which has been working for him for over a decade.

A pros would be more exposure; however would this game survive a temp I flux of thousands of players who play for less than an era?  Most new people won't stick around long.  

I wouldn't be surprised if Zeta has already investigated this as an option.  Had he been serious about it he probably would have mentioned it at some point before now.

00:22:06 Feb 8th 23 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke Longbeard):

If a monthly sub for even like $5 for all the benefits of vip was put into the game I don't think that would be anything but a good thing for VU. It would let new and returning players get all the tools without having to put in all the money.

In terms of increasing player retention, that would probably involve more of a community effort. At the very least going through all the guides and articles and really streamlining the information there.

18:26:30 Feb 8th 23 - Mr. Fiend:

im new and so far all the guides ive read asside from the jokes have been very helpful. although the jokes were humerous. haha.

19:12:18 Feb 8th 23 - Mr. Existentialist:

Mr. Fiend:

im new and so far all the guides ive read asside from the jokes have been very helpful. although the jokes were humerous. haha.

Hey bud, this is my second era; on the discord the questions and answers room is fantastic; lots of the guys who I was at war with legit gave me helpful advice because the community is pretty fking great so check out there If you are ever stuck just remember your kingdoms OPSEC. 

Failing that feel free to mail me and I'm sure I can rattle enough cages to get you the right answer :) 

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