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14:45:41 Jan 19th 21 - King Justanius Fontainius XLV:

Hey guys, I dont really play the game anymore. But I have known Slade from VU for way over a decade. We use to check up on each other once in a blue moon on Facebook. Well anyway, I can see from all the condolences on his profile that he has passed away. I miss the guy and we had some great times playing here, this is how we met. I am sure a lot of you guys knew him well also, so I wanted to also let you guys know. I absolutely loved being in the same KD as him. He brought so much good energy and was fun. I know he is somewhere on the other side cracking jokes and having a laugh. Thats just how the guy was, one of the best team mates a fella could have. 



15:34:40 Jan 19th 21 - Penguin (Lord Penguin):

RIP Josh my boy...

15:36:21 Jan 19th 21 - Exalted Farmer Sal:

Slade we played VU together when we were both around 16 back in the day. Kind, funny, and light hearted. You were one of my first mates in Holy, you kept in touch with me thru all these years on Skype. Thank you for all the fun times and memories. Rest in peace. You will be remembered as a true friend. 

16:13:39 Jan 19th 21 - Mr. Roxbury:

RIP Slade. LGC and FW were lucky to have you, and I was lucky to have known you.

17:14:00 Jan 19th 21 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Napoleon Bonaparte):

This is such tragic news :(

RIP Josh

17:16:58 Jan 19th 21 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Crixus Prime):

Really sad to hear this :( RIP to fellow vu brother

17:45:51 Jan 19th 21 - Mr. Kool:

R.I.P Slade was a pretty kool dude..

17:51:38 Jan 19th 21 - The Passivist:

See ya on the other side buddy  o7

18:01:51 Jan 19th 21 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Bad Bell Mate):

rip Josh

i'll miss fucking with you and vice versa. a very likable guy

19:17:45 Jan 19th 21 - Legend (I am Legend):

RIP The Real Josh.. 

Great memories playing and talking with ya.. Will miss you!

20:51:22 Jan 19th 21 - Princess Joan of Arc:

RIP Josh :(

21:37:04 Jan 19th 21 - Mr. Tok:

RIP Josh

22:18:06 Jan 19th 21 - Lord Reddragon:

:(. Oh man, i really enjoyed the time i played with and against Slade. I use to joke with him that he was in the future because the hour zone difference. Im deeply saddened with this news.

00:33:19 Jan 20th 21 - The Oppressed:

Mr. Slade

Lived in Era 31, got 1 heir(s) (Crack Knight) and was a member of Predators

in a time of Darkness two Heros Arise to fight this evil force that threatend there lands
they had many battles but the last one will always be remembered by all
two brave hero stand on tainted ground as they march the troops into battle without fear
Battle after battle many months pass and there seems to be no ending to this war
untill one night Remenber has a dream a Prophit came to him and said
you are the strongest ruler in the land of Zeta but you still find it hard win win wars the key is money
Remenber then woke remebering evering thing in his dream but he still didnt understand it
untill one day a Mage Call Mr. Money asked to join his kingdom
then it click he could not win the war with pure power he needed magic so he accepted his ivitation and let him join as soon as he could Mr. Money joinned the fight
his power was use in bad ways against rivals and allys soon the allys withdrawed there troops and went back to there lands
there were but 2000 noble troops who would die for there leader and the three heros stand side by side not caring that they were out number
all they cared about was protecting there lands from invaders
they stood there in the rain as they heard the war drums of the enemy's
they stood there and waited then just on the horizon they sore there enemys
they stood on the mountain steering at the three heros
then they let out a cry and chaged towards Remenber Slade and Money
they thought they were going to die but they were going to die heros
so they chaged into battle without fear with every inch of strength they had they fought untill every last man was dead blood was spilt all over the plains there rtroops were dead but so was the enemys they stood there and remebered the brave souls that die for there Land there Kingdom
al three of them were covered in blood rain poring down and they fear ran thew Remenbers Heart he ran as fast as he could to the top of the mountain and look upon Hordes of troops coming there way
but they still stand there ready to fight to death
to protect there Land there Kingdom the Commrads there friends and family
that day one of the greatest Kings to ever Rule was Killed and hes cloest friends along side him
Slade His Closest freind and second in charge of his Kingdom
a great warrior and fa close freid of Remenber
i tell you this stroy to day so no one in this land will forget those who died in the great war
and Never foget those brave Heros who defended our lands
King Remenber, Ruler of Mafia and friend to all
Money, Friend to Remenber and Viceroy of Mafia
Slade, Closest friend to Remenber Second in charge of Mafia
and my father...


Sir Slade

Lived in Era 32, got 1 heir(s) (Slade) and was a member of BURNT

A Warrior arises for the Ashs to Fight an Age old Enemy of the Night
The Warrior knew he was going to die but he knew if he did nothing he Slaves hes Followers his freinds and Family would all Perish by the Hand of the WarLords of Dark Blood and Sheolic Empire
So he did what he had to do
He Went to the Temple of Zeon Were the monks Held the sacred Sword of Zeta
it was Said it was Carved by the God Zeta him Self
He Spoke with the Templar Monks and Asked to Talk the Sword
but it was it was against the Laws of the Zeonic Council to Remove the Sword from the Sacred Resting Grounds
So the Young Warrior Left the Temple
but he returned later that knight and under the cloak of Darkness he snuck into the Temple and took the Sword of Zeta
He then Ran as fast as he could until he could not Run no more
he soon past out under a tree in the Forbidden Forrest
When he awoke he found him self in a Bed he then Jumped out of the Bed and Grab his sword
He Serched the whole cabin but no one was there
but just as he was about to LEave a Great Mage Appered right infornt of Him he say
'Child the time of Darkness has fallen apon the Realm of Fantasia the Warlords Plauge the World and know one will stand against them if nothing is done they will go though the whole Realm leave nothing but ashs and Ruins form town to town then will Sweep thought the Realm like a Blood Stain Hurricane the will leave the Groung Soaked in Blood and pills of Dead bodys'
the young Warrior stared at the mage and ask what he could do
the mage said
'you are a Brave Warrior and people will follow you lead the people of the Free World against the Evil WarLords Rase the Army of Zeon they will be Bless by the One and Only GoD Zeta
and the Sword you carry is a powerfull weapon do you know what Power it holds
the Warrior grip his Sword and said it hold the same power as every sword does
they Old mage laught at the Warrior and said
it Hold the Power of Zeta i will train so you can use the full power of that sword
so for many months the Young Warrior Train with the Mage
but while he Trained with the Mage the Evil Warlords Conqured more of the realm little time was left
after the seventh Month the Warriors Trainnign was complete
and the mage ask the Warriors Blessing to join him in his Quest to Fight the Evil Warlods
The young Warrior thoguht and soon aswnred Yes
so the Mage and the Young Warrior Headed for the Zeonic Capital of Gaster
As they Arrived The Great King Messiah Gretted them and gave them a place to stay
later that knight the Warrior and the mage sat down and told the King of there quest
and the Great King Messiah Told the two of what he has been plainng so there plans just came togather
the Great King Then Told them to go to bed because they would have to get up Early in the Morrning
in the erarly hours of the morrning the Warrior and the Mage Were woken up by the sounds of music as the went out side they noticed it was a festivle and it was in there hounor
later that day the Great King Messiah Knighted There warrior
The King ask what the Warriors name was
he then said
'my name is Slade'
so shall it be dont you are now know as Sir Slade Knight of Zeon
Sir Slade please take ten thousand of my best men to aid you in your battle
Slade then thanked the King and contuned with the Festations
When the Sun Grew Dim the Warriors Set the way to the Final Frontier to Fight the War Lords
they Marched as Men
they Marchs Heros
They Marched Saviors of the Realm
and just before they Left the Gates of Gaster a Voice Called out and said
'This is a eath wish you are marching to your Doom'
Slade then Shouted out
So the two heros march towards the Hordes of armys that awaits them at the Great Plains of Zeta
were it was Said Zeta Acended From the Mortal Realm to the Realm of Gods Were he Created the Kingdom of Gods were he Remains as the King of Gods.
So the heros march not know if they shall return.


Duke Slade

Lived in Era 35, got 1 heir(s) (Slade) and was a member of Sarafan Knights

As i stood there and watch the Blockers hold steady i wonder what would happen to me and my fellow Kingdom mates, There has been word that there is three horde armys Marching toward three different blockers soon the fight will be a good one.
"The Day of the attack is Hear my Grace" Shouted one of my Generals it is time to send it all, I ordered my Mages to Freeze the smaller armys in there places, i lit up the sky with my Magic and casted meters down from the heavens to burn all that march toward us. The armys of Ali, Quiteone, Binh, Warlock, Mielo, Raist, Remember, Josef Fritzl, minister, Xerxez, Soulofdoom, Tango, Elvis Impersonator, Soccer And Gilthanas March towards the enemy with Pride and Honor and never to back down. They Hold the blockers for days on end but its know that they will not hold forever. Then the Knights of Peacekeepers Broke though West blocker soon after that the Warlords of Foundations Broke though the Northen Blocker so we were Fighting on two fronts and still defending two blockers all was lost. Two days later Slade and many other Lords of Dark Blood lost there lives, But there sons will take revenge on there Father killers and bring peace to there souls.

03:33:45 Jan 20th 21 - Mr. Learner:

RIP  mate :(. Will miss you!!!

05:21:27 Jan 20th 21 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

RIP Mate 

07:08:36 Jan 20th 21 - Sir Atilla The Hun:

RIP Slade

08:22:14 Jan 20th 21 - Lord Caedus:

RIP Josh, tragic news. An absolute titan in the game.

It might be nice for his family to post this forum link on his FB! 

18:03:32 Jan 21st 21 - Binh (Mr. Binh Not Late):

RIP Slade. Alot of people will miss you. :(

23:26:23 May 28th 21 - The Wolflord (Ms. Blossom):

Just found out today. Iíll miss you my brother ❤️

23:59:43 May 28th 21 - Senturu (Lord Senturu):

RIP Slade, we will all miss you and all the fun you brought to the game! 

16:30:40 May 30th 21 - Mr. Blackbeard Pugmaster:

Found this in his history... loved playing with him...

When the Sun Grew Dim the Warriors Set the way to the Final Frontier to Fight the War Lords
they Marched as Men
they Marchs Heros
They Marched Saviors of the Realm
and just before they Left the Gates of Gaster a Voice Called out and said
'This is a eath wish you are marching to your Doom'
Slade then Shouted out
So the two heros march towards the Hordes of armys that awaits them at the Great Plains of Zeta
were it was Said Zeta Acended From the Mortal Realm to the Realm of Gods Were he Created the Kingdom of Gods were he Remains as the King of Gods.
So the heros march not know if they shall return

22:07:18 May 31st 21 - Mr. One More Chade:

RIP Josh mate!!!

Such a great person gone :(

02:09:00 Jul 18th 21 - Mr. Dayvid:

Slade you asshole. I feel so bad because I haven't spoken to you in 8-9 years. Sorry I wasn't a great friend to you back then, we were almost always on opposite sides, even though we spoke in skype. I checked into VU a few days ago and got hit with the news reading the forum posts. You didn't deserve to go so young, I hope you are still here somehow in this life and happy. You would go out of your way to make people happy, even when they flamed you to hell and back, even to me. I'm sorry and I really hope you are in a good place now, 

your friend forever - 

And for what it's worth bro, you made not only my own life, but everyones life around you, so much better. Much love, see you on the other side. <3

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