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Rate me as a VUer
16:17:56 Mar 14th 12 - Sun Warrior King (Mr. Liu Bei of Shu):

I was wondering if, those who know me and those who I have fought, could post what are my strengths and weaknesses at playing VU. I know it seems like I should just ask people in PMs but I feel like people will be more honest about their opinion through the forums instead of messages. If you dislike me, this would also be the time to say so. I make mistakes and if I have wronged you, Ill do what I can to make it right.

19:15:29 Mar 14th 12 - Mr. Wang Love:

Strengths: none
weaknesses: you care about what others think

19:21:34 Mar 14th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrminator):

lol :P

22:23:41 Mar 14th 12 - Legend (Mr. Hankys Lover):

Likes Wangs msg.

22:34:37 Mar 14th 12 - Sun Warrior King (Mr. James Bond of England):

I am truly being serious or I would have never asked. If I am to improve, I cannot just keep fighting and guessing. That only works when you just start. If I want to be like a vet, I need to get others opinions. What is so wrong about it???

22:46:36 Mar 14th 12 - Legend (Mr. Hankys Lover):

Sun do you use chat programs like skype? Ya can get the best opinion in your kd chats. On the forum you will only get trolled.

22:53:36 Mar 14th 12 - Sun Warrior King (Mr. Liu Bei of Shu):

I can see that now but my iPad is crap and it crashes there everytime while my computer wont let me use it. I would have asked them there but I am talking about everyone I have faced. I could list those who I have faced against but it would be quite long.

20:12:17 Mar 17th 12 - Zephyr (Ice Prince Zephyran):

Sun, you play good.


Sincerly, Your Old Friend :P

20:28:35 Mar 17th 12 - Mr. Joseph Kony:

If you are a children the very goood... here is your ak47

22:45:34 Mar 17th 12 - Sun Warrior King (Mr. James Bond of England):

Thanks Ice!! Whoever you are Kony, I do not find your humor humorous.

13:41:10 Mar 29th 12 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Moses Igba of The Mbororo):

Strengths - alright at farming up 

weaknesses - not very good at attacking , good at defending 

Another thing that annoys me about you is that your very adept at shifting blame and pretending you had no involvement. 

15:15:33 Mar 29th 12 - Sun Warrior King (Sun Warrior King of The Land of Zenonia):

lol Im sorry if there was anything that was my fault but it was usually overshadowed by your reputation such that I looked like a good guy in the eyes of others. Thanks Duke.

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