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04:45:49 Apr 7th 08 - Mr. Excelsior:

As there have been posts on whether Jesus exists why don't we talk about religion. Please answer as many questions as possible.

What makes a religion? Is there a point where religious devotion goes too far(extremists)?

What is your oppinion on religious extremism? Christians using threats of bombs on abortion clinics, Muslims and its terrorism activities, and Scientology's campaign against psychiatrists.

If you were to make a religion what fundamental believes would it have?

09:13:55 Apr 7th 08 - Mr. Justanius:

muslims have only gone into terrorisms because of what they see in many movies u seen with muslims bieng the gd guys?....or one where they just are getting slaughtered in they feel opressed and unfree and grow hatred until some wierd wacko comes to them with the same idea and suggest suicidal boming WHICH IS AGAINST ISLAM!!!

12:59:46 Apr 7th 08 - Mr. Elfy:

Erm christians blowing up abortion clinics??? You got this from where...?



13:59:26 Apr 7th 08 - Mr. Seth:

erm ..just look back few time ago when christians(to read catholics) just burned everione who they could get their hands on and wasnt fully concurring with their belifs(u didnt even had to have a different religion to get that treatment lol) and massacred entire cities with women and childrens just cose they didnt had the same belief as tehir's..and all this under the "blessing" of the pope... this is just to name a couple of great things the catholics yeah they are way more "cleaner" lol

but this is pointless thread that as it was debated on in other threads and will lead to nothing..cose everione will keep beliving and do what they did before so..

04:22:19 Apr 8th 08 - Mr. Squiddy:

What makes a religion? Is there a point where religious devotion goes too far(extremists)?

Mass belief by the people make a religion. Without people and their belief then a religion is nothing but a set of hollow rules. The point at which religion goes too far is when religion begins to be warped and manipulated into something it never meant to be.

What is your opinion on religious extremism? Christians using threats of bombs on abortion clinics, Muslims and its terrorism activities, and Scientology's campaign against psychiatrists.

My opinion on religious extremism is that it is a plague. When a certain social group or community gets infected with it, the people involved will show symptoms of pain, discomfort, psychotic behaviour and slowly but surely they will gradually lose any control of their mind. The pain will fade, but much like watching an episode of EastEnders, the pain will never disappear.

With any outbreak of disease, of course, you have a source. This source is always hungry for death, bloodshed and personal gain. Where the source succeeds, it will grow, whereas failure will only force it to work harder and expand in every other direction until it is strong enough to succeed where it once failed.

If you were to make a religion what fundamental believes would it have?

If I were to make a religion, I would have 2 fundamental beliefs.

  • Rational and logical thinking - Every decision you make should be your own. Greed, jealousy or anger should never be present when the face of difficult decisions stand in your way.
  • Do only to others, which you would expect them to do to you - The promotion of equality, neutrality and peace serve for some of the best lessons any one person can learn in many a lifetime. 
I was trying to think of one more, but I think they both pretty much cover all aspects of life.

07:03:35 Apr 8th 08 - Mr. Fire:


Oh c'mon. Extremst muslims have always had a rough way of solving things. See the armenian genocide by the Turks for example. They wanted to have an united country without minorities with a different religion (hm, Quran says that you must kill infidels or something, right?). So they systematically killed 2 million armenians, 2 million greeks and a few hundred thousand Assyrians. This way it'd prevent them from claiming their own country sooner or later.
Now the extemist muslims (can I say Islamists?) want to convert the rest of the world, and they do that in this way. Suicide bombings, guerillawars.

Personally I have nothing against muslims, untill they take their religion into public. Anyone who wears a burqa in the Netherlands would offend me if I had to see it in public. But our governments fail to set priority to our own values above the Muslim cultures' values, so nothing is done about it.
I mean, we have lived in this country for centuries, and have shaken eachothers hand for centuries aswell when we meet for example. Now some people who believe in Allah come here and refuse to shake hands and accept our culture?

Those people ruin it for all.

13:11:17 Apr 8th 08 - Mr. Elfy:

When it comes down to it nearly every single old religion (islam,christianity,etc.) have a violent past, where theyve supposedly killed in the name of God...Even though God says not to kill, we kill in his name...Obviously most of its now stopped although you can still find cases of this in the muslim extremists and also in N.Ireland where theres a deep divide between protestants and catholics where its got so bad theyve had to be seperated entirely by huge safety fences.Although i have to say muslim extremists are the worst in the fact they blow up innocent people for no reason, and they even blow up muslims in these acts...They really let islam down. There was a plot like last week where 8 extremist were caught with plans to take like 8 planes and crash them into london,canada, and the USA...

Personly im Greek orthodox <(^.^)>

18:01:56 Apr 8th 08 - Mr. Clamps The Redeemed:

You can blame a Muslim with a bomb on his back or an Irishman with a petrol-bomb but lets not forget the "new religion" in the USA. People are off levelling Iraq in the name of Freedom (with a capital "F"). In the past (and still a bit today) the people with the money who need us to fight for their wars would say "The enemy is the enemy of God. The enemy has no respect for our God and wants to destroy it. In the name of the God we so adore, let us raise arms and destroy the infidels." NOW...the guys with the money who want us to fight say "The enemy is the enemy of Freedom. The enemy has no respect for our Liberties and wants to destroy it. In the name of the Freedom we so adore, let us raise arms and destroy the terrorists."

Same *beep*e, different God. I say if a bunch of maniacs want to kill each other over the teachings of magical spirits in the sky let them do it. That is just Dwarwinism at work. I would think we had gone past it when we moved out of our thatched huts in ancient Gaul and Germania, but alas, rich people still need people to fight for them. The legend lives on strong enough for even the poor to start making up things God would say and kill each other for them LOL. Why bother? At least if you're gonna die for something a magical spirit told someone, ffs at least get your family paid for your untimely demise lol

18:21:53 Apr 8th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!! [Que nice Music]

22:31:48 Apr 8th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

well ... muslim-terrorists' families get supported after they suicided ... (Hamas, ..., ... ) ... understandable, but troublesome nonetheless

09:07:18 May 5th 08 - Mr. Khalifa:

the usa is who started terrorists and now they are cleaning there could war mess up now they gave saddam wep to fight Iran they gave bin laden wep to fight the Russians its there wrong doing

09:46:19 May 5th 08 - Mr. Teacher:

the turks were the most hated in the muslim community at there day of rule as the ottoman empire as they changed the way muslims use to lead there lifes, they swayed to many rulers and freely saying anyone is a sheik(muslims scholar)before the muslim community was under one ruler before  the caliphate. and under islam it says you are not allowed to kill anyone unless they the agressor and, but sad how some people dont undertsand and kill and also say it is for islam...those terrorists they have been feed horrible images and stories they feel insecure...its terrible

and lets just say the turkish people aint the best muslims around......

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