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Role Playing
00:57:00 Nov 17th 12 - Mr. Salmophet:

How important is it to role-play in this visual utopia?

01:09:56 Nov 17th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

Role-playing its only to gain tittles like Sir, Lord, Duke and Prince, thou you can also donate to the game and get a costume tittle.

But a lot of people roleplay out of fun and for entertainment. but this days it is death. only few people roleplay.

05:31:47 Nov 17th 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Rawrfaic):

I'd roleplay, no one ever seems to follow up on it when they start one, though.

05:42:24 Nov 17th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

I would role-play with everyone not for a tittle(I already got one) but I will gladly rp with people to 2-3 messages a day.

05:44:21 Nov 17th 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Rawrfaic):

I'm just.. Not the best roleplayer, is another thing. I used to do it alot, then stopped.

06:33:38 Nov 17th 12 - Duke Dakarta:

I've just recently started role playing. Feel free to /whois me and get me on my characters.

07:25:12 Nov 17th 12 - Dyrness (Sir Dyrness The Ram):

I like to roleplay in random in-game messages; for example, I will roleplay when I'm sending a not-necessarily-important message to kingdommates or allies with titles.  I don't enjoy roleplaying in a forum and most I message in character don't respond in character anymore.

07:31:46 Nov 17th 12 - Lord Dakata:

I kinda do the same. Except I don't really try with kingdom mates. In a couple of mine as of now just happen to be allies.

But to answer the original post/question:

As I have only been here for a few months, I don't see it as that important unless you want a title.

But to the game as a whole, I think the integrity of the game as far as Multi-Media Online Role Playing Game (MMORG) is concerned, it should be important.

05:41:17 Nov 19th 12 - King Charley Who Deletes Dumb Posts:

Roleplaying, when I first started, was a roller-coaster.  There were a handful of people who made a lot of mind-numbingly simple RPs that you could play on the forums.  The only thing you really had to do was post and have fun.  However, when people started wanting incentives to RP, the forum was given none and messages were the only real way to gain titles. 

The main people in the Roleplaying Forum grew tired of having no people coming onto the forum and many efforts were made to help it.  Huge guides were written to help new RPers learn the basics, training RPs were set up, and a lot of effort was put into it, but there was just no real dedication to it.  It would die for weeks or months at a time, then a revival would occur and it would last a short time before dying again. 

Septim/Cidellus and myself tried to keep it going for years, with both of us being made Roleplaying Moderators, but Septim finally got too frustrated with the lack of activity and I got too busy with school and basically that was it.  Most of the older veterans had already gone and never really returned to it.  I still pop around to check up on it and moderate the RP aspect of VU and ban a person or delete a post, but it honestly is so slow that I could sign on after a week and see only a handful of messages(However the other mods probably regulate it so that could explain it).

I was a terrible writer when I first came here, now I have a degree in English, Psychology, and history.  Funny how a website can change a few things huh?


10:08:37 Nov 19th 12 - Dragon (Lord Woden):


Does this mean you will be coming back to play again?

12:18:54 Nov 19th 12 - Emperor Tiberius Septimus Cidellus:

I highly doubt that. I still pop in too, on occasion...

But yeah, Charley just about hit the nail on the head there. We both tried to keep it going for a long long time, but eventually it just became impossible. There were others that helped (Demonsul, Arvious, Erunion, and a few others), but they faded in and out of existence a lot too. 

I think the main problem was the decline of the game's player pool in general. With less and less people playing Visual Utopia, there were less and less people trickling into the RP forum. Not only that, but as Charley said, there was no real incentive to forum RP. People couldn't really maintain interest for extended periods of time.

In any case, I'm still alive. If any of the older players want to chat, send me a PM. :D


Oh, yeah, right. Charley signed his post to look all official. Well...I'M NOT DOING THAT. Here's a picture of a puppy, instead.

05:40:29 Nov 25th 12 - King Charley Who Deletes Dumb Posts:




Wait...ah shit...few days late.

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