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14:28:57 Jun 17th 13 - Mr. Ignis The Menace:

I need help with how I should upgrade me science

Usually I paly as a orc and then i go for military lv 7-8 and then for magic lv 4-6 but I havent played for while so what should I do
Also the same for halfling what should I upgrade first....

14:51:22 Jun 17th 13 - Konspyre (Captain Conspyre):

Although it mainly depends on your strat, this is how I do it as halfer:
Start with, like you said, 7-8 mil. Go 8 if I have the time to farm up the ~20m+ it costs, if you don't, go 7.
Then mining. Then magic. Then med, then food. Don't get mining too high, cuz ~30m just isn't worth it.

If it looks like you'll have some exped advents, stop what you're doing, and rainbow everything.

You could go mining first if you use feeders to get the pez, but I don't think it's worth it, as not only will mining science only give a few percent extra gold (effectively, as it doesn't count for taxes), but getting more troops increases your upkeep too. And no halfer wants that. :D

Is this what you're looking for? :P

14:52:55 Jun 17th 13 - Princess Aisha:

If you do military and then mining, you can forget about magic science.

14:53:46 Jun 17th 13 - Konspyre (Mr. Slavik):

You can always get 2-3 magic science. If you're a halfer and you're not getting any exped advents, shame on you.

15:22:25 Jun 17th 13 - Mr. Ignis The Menace:

How could forget advens:) I really like the treasures they find but  I think is best with military then magic 

What about orcs then

15:44:51 Jun 17th 13 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces Sucks):

well most people will get magic first if you'll go higher than 1 tbh it will get really expensive... 6 magic, then 7 mili, then mining 5 and whatever else you'd like.  magic 4 gives magic weapons (i think) which can be used to give your armies its cast on level 5 military for a duration of time dependant on power?

05:49:57 Jun 18th 13 - Pure (Sir Binh The Orc):

As an orc you have a few strats you can go with and all vary on what you want. Generally more of the "Elite" orc players go magic 6/7 then Military 5-8. Then the rest is more up to the player, I usually go med 5 then finish off with a few eco sciences (min>food>tree) I probably wouldn't exceed level 3 on any eco level as it generally exceeds the worth it will give.

If you're in an oop war you would generally go military then magic but that would then make 7 magic too expensive.

14:17:45 Jun 25th 13 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Immolation Death Bear III):

my orc start 10 mining then 10 military Fuck SCIENCE ! Get them nazguls out !

And some magic I tend to get lvl 2-3 xD

14:19:05 Jun 25th 13 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Immolation Death Bear III):

For the other races I agree haha. but this Is just my nazgul fckaround were I tend to not even use MU's  but requires some sneaking around plus Super fast moving speed (Pure Nazguls plus force marche) to avoid Magic. and they never even see you coming And this way you punch so hard You brake rocks nigga! Yew

14:22:08 Jun 25th 13 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Immolation Death Bear III):

Ps. No I don't do drugs.

03:33:56 Jun 26th 13 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Immolation Death Bear III):

11:46:21 Jun 26th 13 - Djinn Bartimaeus (Mr. Bartimaeus The Krazed):

Idk about all that haha i go 7-8 mill off bat and than hit 1 or 2 science levels just to get some EITS going on. Than get 3-5k mining (situational) and than Med, but there are players that play orc better than i do haha but this is what i seem to fit me and work :p

P.s. Fire Orc not being one of them ;)

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