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02:08:28 Jul 12th 10 - Mr. Petite Penois:

What do these countries listed below share in common?

North Korea, Iceland, Holland, Peru and Andorra.

I'll help you out. None of them have ever won a World Cup. It's startling to think really, the gap between good and bad football teams is already huge and it's growing, just as the gap between financially rich and poor people does. What will it take to improve these poor footballing nations listed above, in order to add them to the list of footballing greats?

A lot is my guess.

Brazil, Italy, Germany, Uruguay, Argentina, England, France and Spain all share something in common. They've won the World Cup. They're good teams. Will the poor teams ever join the list of successful winners?


02:15:32 Jul 12th 10 - Sir Butters:

not North Korea, US will bomb the puck out of it soon enough.  Cannot practice soccer amongst all the radiation fallout

04:10:08 Jul 12th 10 - Lady Cao The Kozachoker:

Brazil lost to NED.  can't compete with Europe.

 Italy,  had a terrible cup.  didn't ever get out of group stages.

Germany, were strong.

Uruguay, were impressive.  

Argentina, had a terrible cup and disaster facing Germany.  see Brasil above.

England, were a mess.

France were a disgrace and only made the cup due to outrageous reffing.

 and Spain ~ class.

04:15:06 Jul 12th 10 - Mr. Petite Penois:

They all won the WC though. Good teams.

North Korea, Iceland, Holland, Peru and Andorra. Haven't. Therefore they're bad.

04:37:12 Jul 12th 10 - Mr. Vuggy The Annoying Bastard:

England, were a mess.

As always. ;)

05:07:59 Jul 12th 10 - Mr. Jango Fett:

Yeah but I think Petite Penois has got it right. The reason why some of the biggest countries like Spain or France or Argentina are really good is because they have the money to pay for the equipment or the stadium to let their star soccer players play. Not all countries have that kind of luxury sitting around for them to utilize.

10:40:55 Jul 12th 10 - Mr. Legend:

And most of the WC winners were already a team like Spain now they had like 5-6 players from barca in the starting 11. And Holland hasn't and the other bad countries.

17:03:10 Jul 12th 10 - Mr. Petite Penois:

Most of the WC winners aren't from 1 team.

I just think North Korea, Andorra, Holland etc are bad footballing nations. That's why they've never won a world cup.

17:08:58 Jul 12th 10 - Mr. Legend:

Kinda true the dutch premier league sucks. But we have international players like sneijder that briljant. And sorry but when I look back at the history of dutch soccer then I see 1974 great football in Holland. Same with 1978. And then you have 1994/1995 (Don't know the exact date) were a dutch team won all the cups that they played.

07:39:50 Jul 13th 10 - Mr. Chilean:

Okay, first take in to consideration this was the first time Spain had made it to the finals. Holland, even thought the lost, they've been in the finals before.

Ofcourse Brazil lost against Nederlands, I mean the refs were going to start carding brazilian fouls eventually in the world cup. This was one of the worst Brazilian tems I have ever seen, mainly because of how unorganized and dirty they played

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