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Skype Group for VU
09:28:00 Nov 10th 15 - Mr. Sunwarrior of The Sun:

Hey guys, Liu Bei of Shu here! Some may know of me and some may not. I recently have been looking at VU marketing plan and I feel maybe those who wish to have the community hear of the ideas might want to join a Skype group to discuss? I know that is why a forum exists but maybe you prefer skype over forum so for those who don't mind an extra chat, add me on skype: SunWarriorKing(Liu Bei of Shu)

This will be a new group created to help bring out the ideas people might have and maybe discuss how it could help the future of VU. Thanks!

09:41:38 Nov 10th 15 - Bran (Mr. Aragorn II):

ill join if zetas there, otherwise theres not alot of use is there in discussing ideas

10:52:30 Nov 10th 15 - Mr. Raegyr The Baeringer:

Well not necessarily. Perhaps it takes a massive brainstorm of the vets that brings in an idea that actually works. I mean, you can partake in a forum conversation or perhaps get together with comrades of the same caliber and talk things out. We could also use the Facebook Group as well if you feel that works. There are 200 members in that at the current moment. I just suggest skype since a large portion of my contacts are VU oriented.

11:04:59 Nov 10th 15 - Prince Pure The Caring:

The facebook group is a good one to try and get old players on to give their 2 cents worth.

As for skype Im normally on hit me up for ideas, Ill probably dismiss most ideas that create unbalance

16:08:56 Jul 13th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):


Is Skype still a thing for anyone in VU?

17:15:23 Jul 13th 16 - Cao Cao (Lord Cao Cao):

Not sure if this is still a thing, but there's a new Fant. skype group with a few of the active players still chatting. Send me your contact info and I can add you to the group: sanchez.a.michael

21:00:00 Jul 13th 16 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

im occasionally on skype but dont use much these days. you can add me to your channel though! coxy901

04:09:22 Aug 11th 16 - Mr. Nobody Around:

Seeing how Horus is gonna bring it back, I will replay again this game. Ill try and see if I can find some old allies of mine to play as well.

My Skype name is Slater1220. Message me there seeing how I can respond easily to those.

05:51:19 Sep 23rd 16 - Mr. Vilhelm:

I would be keen to join a Skype channel regarding Vu if this thing is accepting newer guys

13:01:50 Sep 23rd 16 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

vilhelm setup your skype and add the contact i posted a few posts up. ill create a kingdom channel with us and hanky

14:20:55 Sep 23rd 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. The I):

There is a Fant channel that basically serves as the general VU chat, bran can get you in

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