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Society Sure SucksAn outlook
21:24:09 Aug 6th 09 - Mr. Jellybean:

Hey guys i somtimes like to write stuff check this out :)

Its my outlook on society mind you im 13 so its not great :P



Life as a human is ruled by society; we live and act according to society’s demands.

Society can cause us to act differently to situations then we really should because of simple societal norms, we have come to accept this and allow ourselves to be controlled by society’s grasp.

We are slaves to the society’s ever changing values of what is right and wrong.


I walk down the same road, day by day, my path never changing, my goal unclear.

Society’s boundaries are confining me to a world of order and control, but this is no way to live, no way to spend my life.


Order and control are needed to prevent chaos, but this control has taken my freedom by stopping me from be being myself. Is there a balance between both? Maybe, but with society playing its part, no.

People may laugh, they may not listen, but they have been engulfed by society, and do not see beyond their lives of simple pleasures and simple actions.

Why cant we have we have a life where every day is different, and not just the simple facts of when I ate this, or what lessons or job I did today? Better that but what we see and do on much larger scales, is what I consider important.


We are like one fish in a huge ocean, a number in a database, insignificant and unimportant.
But we carry on living our lives without a goal, will society allow me to succeed, or will it drags me pointlessly back with simple unnecessary rules. 


People judge me, because of who I am, must I change for societies social morals,

I am not cruel, evil or unkind, yet they see me as an enemy and an outcast of society.

Just because I am not a stereotypical teen, but a stereotype is just another societal norm.

People will always judge, they will judge you before you even talk, shouldn’t this its self be socially immoral?


Society is one of the greatest things to ever happen, but its changed so much and can be manipulated so easily by media and the government, that it is becoming a tool to mould the people of a certain country in a certain way.




By Frazer Bennett Wilford

21:27:21 Aug 6th 09 - Mr. Jellybean:

Yes i know it doesent flow well :(

18:28:32 Aug 7th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

Life is fun! Live life to its fullest and don't think about the bad, only the good. If it's fixable, fix it. If not, leave it. :P

18:42:09 Aug 7th 09 - Sir Santa:

Make the best of what you got, can't do anything else :)

19:01:30 Aug 7th 09 - Sir Overcome:

this i would say are healthy and mature thoughts.

people your age usually have a pretty narrowed mind, and therfor the social codes in school are a bit premature compered to a grown up.

but that is what you are doing, you are growing up. your vision is expanding, and maybe a little faster then a avarage teenager. and the things important in your life will get clearer in the future. as it will for others aswell.

"We are like one fish in a huge ocean, a number in a database, insignificant and unimportant.
But we carry on living our lives without a goal, will society allow me to succeed, or will it drags me pointlessly back with simple unnecessary rules.

some poeple find religion, some people get careless and some people believe in nothing and accept things like it is. this is usually how we learn to live with our insecurities, and find meaning in our lifes.
but dont think to much about this, you will live and learn, no need to stress=)

00:39:19 Aug 8th 09 - Sir Joey Tribbiani:

mind you im 13 so its not great :P

thats where i stopped reading

01:26:07 Aug 8th 09 - Sir Caradoc:

me too. lol. im much more thoughtful than this kid, the only teenagers that are "slow" are the ones who decided to smoke pot, go to parties every night, and dont have a job. have to say, im none of those. i may be a little redarded when i think sometimes but there is one big world in the cranks inside my head. anyways...


overcome, you are a grade "A" fool. its hard to become one of those unless you voted for a person that will america further indebt and balm it on the last administration. then believe it too. yeah... always someone else to balm it on. back on topic now. "some people find... to live with our insecurities". the truth is, that is living life to the fullest if thats what you believe right? thats the fullest YOU can make it within your own mind. hence, no stress, living, learning and a lovley bunch of coconuts

01:55:46 Aug 8th 09 - Sir Overcome:

lol, why are you bringing american politics into this? im not from america, and that was a pretty far out example.

and what you presented is just another life philosofi. and an extended verson of my: "accepting things like it is".

keep the insults to yourself, if you want to post in the public forum.

another thing is that you seem to just smash down a bright mind with heavy critic. why?

02:49:37 Aug 8th 09 - Mr. Thundar:

Nobody here knows me, as I am new to the game but upon seeing this I thought I should post.

Frazer, I'll call you that rather than Jellybean as you put your real name anyway. A social norm, you must remember is relative, if you think your bound by social norms, take a year out or travel the world and learn of others cultures (when your old enough that is). What you see as a norm now, may be deviant in other cultures.

We will always be slaves, for the rest of our lives we proletariat are exploited by the bourgeoisie. Now I'm no Marxist, or commie but I know that in our lives its very difficult to do anything other than live your lives, while helping to line others pockets.

Of course, it is a little different now than it would of been hundreds of years ago. Back then if you were born into aristocracy and thus the bourgoisie, you can earn enough money to pay for your life without ever having to work.
At least now barring the Royal Families around the world, the bourgoisie have to work for themselves.
I'm getting a little off topic here so I will try to get back on track.

As you said, order and control plus society = no freedom. To be free would mean to have no bounds or limits. No social norms and no deviancy on most levels (of course murder and such things are deviant but more of an extreme level than I'm talking about). There is no such thing as true freedom.
Whoever reads this, think in your head now. When you talk to someone, do you ever think of what you'll say before you talk? Of course you do, its only natural. Answer me this though: Why? Its because your scared of being embarassed, made a fool out of, being labelled something, or whatever. That, is not freedom. That is being bound by social norms and expectations.

I cannot think of any cultures that allow someone to have a different day everyday. Generally, western cultures work to survive and prosper and then die.
Third world cultures, the same mostly.
Native cultures, money is generally non-existant. People have jobs in the villages to keep the running of the village and they share produce and help each other out. But still, same thing every day.
Eastern cultures (such as Russia), supposedly work for the good of the country. But due to corruption and such, its too similiar to capitalism. But once again, work the same job everyday.
The only people I can think who could live like that are the bourgeoisie.

Of course we are insignificant. I could once again say about how we are exploited, or I could go into detail about it but I have already said about it and the details I'm sure you know anyway.

Yes, people do change with the social morales, its interesting to see how people act differently in similiar situations in different cultures with different norms and values.
People do indeed judge you at every turn. Such is the way of human behaviour.

I'm not sure what you mean about society being one of the greatest things to happen. Society didn't happen, its always there. Its not a tangible thing, but to have a society, all you need is people.
I do agree though, media and government influence society to an EXTREMELY massive extent. But what can we do about it? We can't "fight the man" like the hippies.

I haven't really talked sociologically with someone for a while so that was a nice refreshment for me Frazer. It was a good read, made greater by the fact your just a kid. I shall enjoy any more posts you make, no doubt. However, I might just like to add. Don't let a hatred of society fester. Thats the first step onto becoming a serial killer. Haha.

09:35:35 Aug 8th 09 - Mr. Jellybean:

OK thank you for the advice, and thundar i wont be writing for a while, im currently finshing off a book on action script 2, and that takes up most my

doing anything that takes brain power time :P

12:31:42 Aug 8th 09 - Mr. Thundar:

Pity, well if you ever want to just chat about stuff, message me. It doesn't have to be scripted, I mean I'm all for a sociological debate. As such it shouldn't be too much of a stress on your brain power :P

13:31:27 Aug 8th 09 - Mr. Jellybean:

Sounds good :D

Btw the book im readings

ActionScript for Flash MX : The Definitive Gudie 2nd Edition  (check it out)

Iv been power reading tons of flash books resontly hehehe this is my third this summer i read the bits that are not praticals at night while watching red dwarf hahahah !

18:10:26 Aug 8th 09 - Sir Overcome:

When you talk to someone, do you ever think of what you'll say before you talk? Of course you do, its only natural. Answer me this though: Why? Its because your scared of being embarassed, made a fool out of, being labelled something, or whatever. That, is not freedom. That is being bound by social norms and expectations.

please dont think you have figured it all out, cause there is so many different perspectives on this.

i believe there isnt one answar to this, as it depends on the situation (who you talk to, where are you etc) you dont walk into a bar in Newcastle and scream Newcastle suck even though u might want to, unless you want some action really bad or there is another "ridiculus" reason. cause you adjust the the inviroment.
do you think the same situation would be in here? i guess you have some sort of freedom in here, as you can say whats on your mind. and if you put a serious post in here, i think most people would say whats on their mind, not what people want to hear.

and i myself always try to let people know who i really am and what i really want to say.

this is much harder when you are in school, and would have to face the same people every day. but as you grow older, i think most people slip out of this and claim their "freedom".

on your other stuff, i both agree and disagree, but i simply dont have time to go deeper. and i have other priorities.

if i was to give any advice to people with this thoughts, then i'd say dont close your mind, and be open for adventures. most people are bound to work/school,family and other things, but you can still claim your own freedom.

options will reveal themself if your looking for something more then a regulare day=)

22:26:24 Aug 8th 09 - Mr. Thundar:

I do not claim to have it all figured out. What I put is my belief on it. People are welcome to their own opinions, infact I welcome them. If we all think differently it just proves to us, forced socialisation doesn't work. Otherwise we'd all believe what we were told to believe.

I, however, do not understand what you are getting at. As I said, it is all relative anyway so you must adjust to the specific culture you are in.

Of course on the internet it is different, as you said serious posts are made more often than not. Thats because your not face to face, and you can contemplate what your going to say. Its a little different, in the heat of a conversation you can hardly take back what you said and stuff. As such, your less likely to be deviant in how you act or what you say, because theres no delete button.

I agree, I try to act the same wherever I am, but it is sometimes not possible to do so. I act very differently to what I did a year ago before I moved, because I had a different peer group with different values and a different culture.

Yeah school is good proof of it. My sister for example puts on an accent just so she doesn't get mocked or misunderstood. Thats not right, she should speak how she normally speaks.

My advice to anyone is: study sociology sometime in your life. Its a very interesting subject. Infact my favourite.


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