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State of VU
07:49:43 Apr 11th 12 - Mr. Killlstone:

Hey its been a while since i have played VU (some of you might remember me). has it changed anytime soon or does it still suck?

09:18:37 Apr 11th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Phelan Kell Decoucy):

It does not suck never did.

It is great and you should return and play

09:26:26 Apr 11th 12 - Pure (Mr. Pure II):

VU has never "sucked" it has had stupid updates but since most of us are addicted, we learn to live with it.

09:27:30 Apr 11th 12 - Mr. Killlstone:

i do not recognize your name and since you think the game didnt suck about a year ago then im going to assume you havnt been playing for more than a year or two or so. the game used to be a lot better then the updates fucked it up

EDIT: alright pure has a more accurate post. it gets monotonous tho thats how i was able to stop

10:05:50 Apr 11th 12 - Opportunity (Mr. Right):

Meh, It's ok. If you're asking if it's as good as it was around era 20-30 range, I don't think so. It sounded like a good idea in theory, but multiple accounts being allowed kind of ruined the atmosphere and community of the game.

10:47:44 Apr 11th 12 - Pure (Mr. Pure II):

I quite miss the big connected map as well, if that is what Opportunity was getting at?

14:38:15 Apr 11th 12 - Mr. Edd:

i like the connected worlds!

21:54:10 Apr 11th 12 - Mr. Killlstone:

i liked it when there was one world for everyone :)

04:09:10 Apr 12th 12 - Opportunity (Mr. Right):

When I started, it was just Fant and Mant. I might have gotten the time period wrong, but that was the best time in my opinion. 

10:44:00 Apr 12th 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Boooyyyy):

Yep. Still sucks Killstone :)

04:38:38 Apr 13th 12 - Mr. Killlstone:

thanks wilber. guess its probably not worth a drop in grades then....

09:35:02 Apr 13th 12 - Electric Magneton:

Open worlds.. and Open Market was a fun era.. or couple era's.. even if it was wierd.

12:51:39 Apr 13th 12 - Lord Chade The Supa Powa:

I'd totally agree with Electric :) the connected worlds and the worldwide market was really really big fun :D lol

13:29:15 Apr 13th 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

open worlds sucked, the warlike kds would get destroyed mid era due to all the lame ass kds farming on a lower world

22:04:50 Apr 13th 12 - Mr. Sincere:

I don't think it sucked back when i used to play...i thought it was pretty cool

23:43:57 Apr 13th 12 - Mr. Killlstone:

open worlds was bad. one big world was by far the best and if not that then no more than 3 seperate worlds

06:36:03 Apr 17th 12 - Septim (Emperor Tiberius Septimus Cidellus):

I haven't played since the 2000s! 

Where the hell am I?

Oh, hi Killstone! Hi Opportunity! Hi Stirlin!


09:14:20 Apr 17th 12 - Opportunity (Mr. Right):

Haha hi Septim!

I hear they gave you a forum mod position. God how things have changed ;)

10:23:00 Apr 24th 12 - Chancellor Ademo:

How many ppl still play? I haven't seen the news page say anything over about 75 the times i've been on.

10:28:08 Apr 24th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Darlings):

There are currently 85 players online.

16:06:25 Apr 24th 12 - Mr. Virginal Vestigial Vagine:

Adam you sexy beast, hows it going?

16:49:15 Apr 24th 12 - Chancellor Ademo:

It's going great.. :) Who's behind that weird name? :p

16:58:50 Apr 24th 12 - Mr. Epic Fail Incoming:

Only one person uses such weird names.... its Sean / Dalak :P

Oh BTW, hey Adam *waves* <3 :)

17:10:28 Apr 24th 12 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent II):

Hey Killstone!  Long time no see ;)  It's OK. On of the main problems for me right now is there is no down time between eras.  I really miss that downtime actually.  That's why I'm inactive right now on my characters (that and dying on a world).  Also the multiple characters is a bit of a hassle, I might go to just one character again.  Plus since everyone has 3 accounts, you are always fighting the same people or at least very good people.  Don't really meet anyone knew.

Overall there have been some improvements.  The biggest improvement is balancing of races.  They all are very good atm, where there are standout players in each race.

However, the improvements aren't enough to make up for the monotony the game has become really.  I suggest playing an era and seeing how it goes though.  You were very good ;)

19:34:18 Apr 24th 12 - Chancellor Ademo:

Well, I did kinda figure but it's always polite to ask ;) Been a while :)

20:57:02 Apr 24th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

im sorry, Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent II),  but theres no monotony in this wonderful Massive Multiplayer Online Strategy Roleplaying Game. there are many tasteful quality of life improvements done by the administrator of this game that keeps it up to date and fresh. add to that the major incoming update and i would say it's one of the top 10 games worth playing right now.

to op: Visual Utopia is a wonderful game still very worth investing your time in.

16:56:01 Apr 25th 12 - Mr. Virginal Vestigial Vagine:


Yeah mate, it has.. I took a long break from VU and came back a couple of eras ago to find that not much has changed. Are you going to play mate?

17:02:31 Apr 25th 12 - Chancellor Ademo:

Yea I'm playing casually on Midgard atm

22:04:26 May 1st 12 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

Mr. Bruce Willis (4/29/2012 11:29:37 AM) GOOD BAD
Please post this on the main forum for me cause im banned again :(

Zeta has stated he is more than happy for players to cross log and multi, as it improves the status of the game. He will be doing "checks" which involve tossing a coin.

For those who want to play the real multi game, pm me and I will show you the safest way to create your main account and 3 feeder accounts, which is untraceable by zeta's coin toss.


23:13:01 May 1st 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Hungriest Horse):

Bling proves his excellent playing ability. By admitting he knows how to create accounts to feed himself and not get banned. Wow, such an awesome player.

20:46:56 May 2nd 12 - Mr. Riku:

The game is dying due to massive neglect. Player population and participation are the worst they have ever, ever been. This is even though now each player can have to 3 accounts. 

The ones you have left who regularly still play are the most die hard of die hard VU'ers. Even the regular die hard ones have left and it wont be long until no one is left.

I want Zeta to get his act together cause I really like this game. He left it unattened in a bad situation. It's not even though as he left it unattended with the game in good position (like he did before) such as when Arma in fant restarted all worlds along with no KD number cap thus ensuring a new totally fresh round for the whole game will always come around and KD's can move up the ladder. Unlike now where it's hard enough for KD's to move up the ladder cause of the disorgnized starting times (unless your lucky enough to die of just as another world opens up) and where we have had constant gridlocks of worlds not being able to restart cause no one could cast Arama. And with Zeta not being around, this sometimes went on for months where people would just try to farm up enough to allow someone to cast arama. 

It's really in a horrible state, especially compared to the 05-10 days. Im actually surprised that another similar game has not been created. Cause at this stage in the game it's not as if VU would offer much resistance. But under a capitalist world, its only a matter of time. Lets hope VU is able to get back on its feet before that happens. 

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