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19:30:45 Jun 30th 09 - Mr. Kob:

What to do now:

I have the city under siege but i can't take the city

I am trapped inside and cannot leave

I can not be beaten (i hope) by the 2 armies inside, they are both to small and can't merge.

I can Kamikaze , but what will that do


Centurion with 24736 soldiers awaiting your orders, Mr. Kob...

Momentum is defended by 20070 soldiers who seem to be armed with magic weapons and mithril armor. The city is also defended by 5858 peasants.

Momentum has 767 walls, which provide 100% extra defence.

Our strategists say that we currently have around xx % chance for a successful attack. The city is already under siege.

We have prepared 27 days for this attack and are ready to engage in battle!

They have no resources in the city so there is no point in plundering it.

19:37:22 Jun 30th 09 - Mr. Braggi:

wait for the armies do die :D

20:46:45 Jun 30th 09 - Duke Death Proof:

Kamikaze is an attack where you suicide your self on the city. You lose everything so its not smart if you can't take the city.

20:48:38 Jun 30th 09 - Lady Jasmina:

Ask someone to cast Crush Walls on that city... If you manage to crush walls you should be able to take it...

20:49:26 Jun 30th 09 - Mr. Magneto:

Either CW or use a scout to merge out of the city, Kobuskan.

20:54:20 Jun 30th 09 - Lady Karma:

Get a friend with 2x the strength to come take the city :)

21:00:39 Jun 30th 09 - Mr. Kob:

CW is not available, and those 20k inside are allmost all archmages, which provides magic defence.

Scout merging i have tried a dozen times, but army is trapped in the middle of the city and i can't come close enough

Maybe the best option is to take the hit at 13%, but will the remains bounch or stay on the city.

23:34:09 Jun 30th 09 - Mr. Seloc:

You can take a city if the walls are closed.
if you do not get this option it is a bug.

23:36:24 Jun 30th 09 - Lady Karma:

I think he gets the option, he's just saying he has 13% chance only

11:32:41 Jul 2nd 09 - Sir Water:

you shouldnt have left kobu...

13:52:36 Jul 2nd 09 - Sir Gilth:

ask the enemy to open the gates ;-)

14:11:48 Jul 2nd 09 - Mr. Barny:

1. You deserve it for prepping from the middle of a city
2. He would probably have around a 13% chance for a successful attack on your army. Wait it out or get a CW, and a decent kingdom mage. Without walls your chances would be upper 80's or lower 90's. Or, wait out until the siege takes its toll. No matter what, hazarding the attack now is a stupid move.

18:43:59 Jul 2nd 09 - Mr. Kob:

Attacking at 14% is stupid, but............


Mr. Kob.

We have returned full command over Momentum to Mr. Kob.

We killed all of the 23645 troops.

Our troops gained +6 extra experience.

You Mr. Kob have gained +14 battle experience.

Troops Alive Dead Injured
Centurion (your army)
Ghosts 9 0 3
Archers 498 26 162
Riders 0 0 0
Spellweavers 189 10 62
Archmages 17313 915 5622



11:35:49 Jul 3rd 09 - Mr. Magneto:


What a roll of the die....

13:21:46 Jul 3rd 09 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

lol indeed XD

02:20:01 Jul 4th 09 - Mr. Orcinus Orca:

this is rediculous zeta.....i understand defeating an army stronger than yours is possible but killing all the enemies troops is just plain dumb................especially when the chances of killing all the troops of some1 who you have 99% chance on in the field is impossible

04:03:16 Jul 4th 09 - Mr. Gawaine:

Don't hit kamikaze then. XD HAHA

05:02:36 Jul 6th 09 - Mr. Theophilus X:


20:06:30 Jul 6th 09 - Mr. Overcome:

i have to agree with Orcinus all though it is slighly of cause its a big difference between the field and attacking a city.

but this is insane. if he would have won, then his casulties should have been waaaay more.

it doesnt makes sense

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