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The State of Visual Utopia
20:27:42 Aug 18th 14 - Mr. Swkisback:

Heya people! SWK is back and...not expecting population to be this low. I popped onto Zetamania is there is like three kingdoms currently on there. Kingdom highscores says otherwise. I am just wondering what happened while I was gone.

20:35:53 Aug 18th 14 - Ms. Tiamat:

There was a plague that specifically targeted VU players, it wiped most of them out.. but we were able to find a cure just in time to save a few.. Wish that certain people had not found out about the cure.. but cannot always pick and choose who to save.  

20:39:27 Aug 18th 14 - Teirdel (Saint Dragon Blood):

Changes and lack of exposure to mass populace that is the internet. Every since bt change and before I have seen it dissolving but recently it has taken a heavy dive with extremely long era's and slow arma/response time.

21:55:58 Aug 18th 14 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybeann):

3 character accounts and too many worlds for low population makes population even smaller :/

22:00:15 Aug 18th 14 - Stormy (Lady Stormycrow):

you guys have it all was the glaring lack of boats....

22:06:45 Aug 18th 14 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybeann):

What use do dwarves have for boats Stormy... :P

05:48:54 Aug 19th 14 - Mr. Hjkhyugt:

to cross rivers

05:50:54 Aug 19th 14 - Mr. Hjkhyugt:

op game is nearly dead. if you want it back advertise it to your friends, and have them advertise it to their friends. the only way to revive it is by word of mouth from the players who still care to play it.

13:20:33 Aug 19th 14 - Bran (Mr. Scruffy The Janitor):

and more people need to make kingdoms. everyone complains theres no kingdoms but noone wants to be a leader

18:19:41 Aug 19th 14 - Mr. Stery:

Agreed bran. I have made a new kd on nirvana and luckily the biggest kd has offered terms rather than feeding. Hopefully we can grow as a kd this era and see how we develop.  Need a good few more kds though on all worlds for what I have seen.


20:58:09 Aug 19th 14 - Mr. Swkisback:

I mean I have played before (took about a four month hiatus) but seeing this is quite odd.

00:19:50 Aug 20th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

Vu is its own state?! Can I move there?

05:30:57 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Soccer Balls:

After 5 years away, I was excited a new era was starting.....but man, it's boring as hell. I used to barely be able to get away between roleplaying and chatting with everyone on chat. We used to have scientist doing amazing rp threads and there was chatter everywhere.

The past two hours I've just been reading forums that haven't been posted in for months.

06:16:21 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Barney:

That's fair, but the game actually got better. AOTD nerds, good mobile site, etc. Over the past couple weeks there have been a good amount of returning older players like yourself and newer players, and mostly around the part of the community surrounding GvE and Evil there has been a lot of activity and positive signs of life.

I'm working on a VUwikia and a handful of people have already offered to help me with it. I have someone I live with who has offered to help me as well, so we as a community can do a lot of work that the admin hasn't done that resulted in the decay of the game we've seen over the past X years.

At the very worst the game can only get better before getting worse, and it only gets worse if the admin sees the game getting better and decides to do nothing to help or stand in the way.

06:19:47 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

With all those Freemium games like clash of clans earning millions.....zeta should make this his job, not just a hobby.

I'm excited about gameplay, but I was simply commenting on how little activity there is. 

I remember pesterd , swifty, fordy, and septim spamming the shit out of the forums...... and flame wars and trolling galore. 

It was great.

Now I just see a lot of me posting :P

Why is GvE going to save the game?

06:29:30 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Pang Tong:

GvE is a mass one on one alliance, that allows newbies to play alongside mid to well experience players. This provides huge benefit to learn and grow and hope that more players return and new players to play.

07:28:57 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

ah, that definitely would help. Zeta should just send all new players to that world by default!

07:44:06 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Barney:

tl;dr VU got better over the past few years with minor balance changes, a really good mobile version, and GvE is the best thing to happen to the game in years because it's actually playable for noobs.

The big issue right now with GvE is that the team balancing system didn't work well for the first round, but we already have discussed a number of ways to fix that and will present the best ones to the admin before the next round.

21:19:47 Dec 27th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

With all those Freemium games like clash of clans earning millions.....zeta should make this his job, not just a hobby.

It's so funny that you say this, when I went home for Christmas I actually saw so many commercials for apps (HOW CAN VU HAVE SUCH A GOOD MOBILE VERSION AND NOT BE MONITIZEABLE WITH SOME FORM OF APP!? I mean what makes the game so good DEFINITELY isn't the execution anyways) that were a lot like VU. They obviously make a lot of money or else they wouldn't have had commercials on American Television during Primetime on Christmas, you feel me Soccerguy?

But look at the kind of bullshit Zeta was posting a year ago about how he doesnt want to put in any work unless he sees there being a potential payout down the line or immediate funding with a Kickstarter. It can be, but he needs it to be clearly visible to him because he's him and he gave up on his game.

21:19:47 Dec 27th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

I'm excited about gameplay, but I was simply commenting on how little activity there is. 

GvE has brought back a lot of older players and at least 6-8~ newer players have come into the game through it, the number of players online at any given time has gone up instead of down for the first time in years.

21:19:47 Dec 27th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

I remember pesterd , swifty, fordy, and septim spamming the shit out of the forums...... and flame wars and trolling galore. 

I remember these guys too! We got Fordius to play with Binh, Hanky, Random, Penguin, Etc (10~ vets) on Fantasia this era but it actually sucked because the teams were really stacked and Fantasia just wasn't a fun world, which is what inspired me to suggest GvE (that and the FFA world of Starta making me realize that we could do something like that, but if we got the admin to slap some official rules on it it would be better and he actually did. Don't fucking forget that guys- Zeta did something good for the game. The mobile version for VU is pretty good as well.

Regarding flaming: See the shit I'm posting about Tico, some idiot who trained 600 ogres out of 810 taverns OOP for an army named KKK on Good in GvE in Tico's Tale.

21:19:47 Dec 27th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

Now I just see a lot of me posting :P

Why is GvE going to save the game?

I see a lot of me posting too, I think I make up 1/3 of forum activity in the past week. But I'm hoping someone else is out there seeing a lot of me posting and when I put up a VUwiki or some shit people will add to it and that will get the community moving more in the right direction.

Right now Evil, the imbalanced and HEAVILY favored KD in GvE, which is just an innately a noob-friendly concept that is not designed to even be a noob world, has taken in a ton of new and returning players.

There are signs of life in VU for the first time in years. Markets function with extreme activity, there are players doing things, active KD forums, an active thread with 5 pages for a world that is 10 days in. Right now the positive signs of life are mostly within Evil and on GvE alone but when things like a VUwiki and community content starts coming out the game isn't going to get any less popular or worse unless the admin runs it into the ground.

08:15:45 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

don't worry, i'll get fant and valhalla going.....can't wait to wipe out legacy :)

08:59:22 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Barney:

I think a lot of the old LGC guys are playing in FW on Mantrax actually, and not that actively.

I imagine they would come back and play things like Fant/GvE were the game improved, there were more players, and the admin was active. I spent some time with LGC in the past and played with Binh and Fordius recently on Fant, but Fordius is going inactive again and I haven't talked to Elsin, Roxbury, Brashen, or any of those guys in years and have no idea how they even feel about the game.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong here but I'm pretty sure Swifty is still around too and put a troll app in to Gim on Fantasia last era.

09:28:29 Dec 28th 14 - Bran (Mr. Bran The Malevolent):

hi soc, wb back

barny swifty is around for sure hes in skype like everyday, tho im pretty sure he doesnt actually care to play vu anymore

10:15:00 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Barney:

Make him care you cowardly elf-playing animal

10:17:11 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Barney:

Bran I didn't want to spill the beans and leak top secret GvE KD information but I feel like I need to do so for the health of the game. I'm sorry friend.

Oh Swifty, please come back and protect Bran from highly skilled warriors like Tico! Penguin was not strong enough to Protect Bran's Barn from the KKK!

(Get ready to get flamed Bran)

12:09:04 Dec 28th 14 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

Yeah on Good we've had some new players as well, around ~2. But many of the Good players quit mid era. Hopefully next era will be half-balanced.

Thanks for the easy cities everyone!

05:48:52 Jan 9th 15 - Emperor Tiberius Septimus Cidellus:

Still around, Soccer. Just lurking...quietly. Not much to do anymore with the forums half-dead. ;)

18:23:09 Jan 9th 15 - Mr. Mavericks:

Weird, did not know this thread was started by me. Dang I am forgetting too easily :(

16:03:08 Jan 15th 15 - Mr. Barny:

09:37:18 Jan 14th 15 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

I was making dinner while taking care of a hungry baby... baby found the server and pushed the power button... So the server shut down.

You have to admit that that's a pretty amusing explanation for the server's minor downtime the other day/

16:20:46 Jan 15th 15 - Ms. Kiodachi:

what if the baby is a euphemism for a chick.. cuz why would he be making dinner for a baby..

01:24:45 Jan 16th 15 - Mr. Osiris:

well babies do eat. However he didn't say he was making dinner for the baby just taking care of it while he cooked food 

16:30:33 Jan 22nd 15 - Mr. Soccersevil:

he cooked for himself while his baby was HUNGRY! WHAT A MONSTER! 

Maybe he was cooking the baby, solve both hungers!

06:09:43 Apr 27th 15 - Mr. Sun Jian of:

So I come back to see if anything changed....
*Look through threads to see*
Nope, nothing has changed. Later gents and ladies.
*Walks out of Visual Utopia*

07:30:51 May 15th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

There should be only 3 worlds. 

Good vs Evil

That way things doesnt get spread out but rather concentrated instead.
Kingdoms should absorbe nubs as fast as possible and not kill them as soon as they go OOP.

07:38:15 May 15th 15 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

I'd change Mantrax for Zetamania really, or just merge them with their features included.

07:39:40 May 15th 15 - Mr. Pimp:

I'd agree on reducing the number of worlds.
However, I'd like to see some new dynamics added to the game. Something along the lines of a new science type each era, or a science unique to each race that redefines the race, so as an example, Nazzies being able to fly over mountains or forests as certain mil science level, humans developing advanced technologies like river crossing at a certain mil science, or a skills science that can be bought like other sciences, however each race has unique abilities that only their race share.

07:44:33 May 15th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Also farming should be more benificial. Nubs need to see their empire growing somehow.

And yes Zeta specials for the second world.
Expanding worlds would also work...

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