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02:08:26 Mar 24th 08 - Mr. Spud The Illusionist:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Heaven
Members: 5
Tag: H
Created: 3/21/2008 9:23:58 PM
Leader: Prince Heavensfrontdoor


Heaven has returned once more to claim peace and freedom over this lands.

Currently not accepting applications.
Dont contact us, we contact you if we think you have what it takes.


02:10:01 Mar 24th 08 - Duke Drakos:

Are you knock, knock, knocking on Heavens door?   :D

02:10:02 Mar 24th 08 - Duke Veracity Boiler Man:

Edit: Changed my mind...

02:15:53 Mar 24th 08 - Mr. Imma Chargin Mah Lazer:

<3 Ponsa

05:53:04 Apr 4th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

maybe its there theme, if i remember correctly they did exist last era

07:29:57 Apr 4th 08 - Mr. Elsin:

Ultimate multi kingdom was MAD not heaven :o

07:35:47 Apr 4th 08 - Mr. Justin:

PJ has said something smart for once. OMG THE APOCOLYPSE IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02:48:37 Apr 6th 08 - Mr. Seth:

Kd description should be:

Welcome to the Heaven of Multi's!

04:36:02 Apr 6th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

Mr. Justin


4/4/2008 5:35:47 PM
PJ has said something smart for once. OMG THE APOCOLYPSE IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yaya pj is smart =D

00:53:37 Apr 7th 08 - Mr. Plato The God of Knowledge:

You damn well ain't...

08:47:35 Apr 7th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:


16:30:51 Apr 8th 08 - Mr. Messiah:

One account isnt enough?

Want to play all races at the same time?

You have that script you got from Falazar just laying around but now you want to use it?

Zeon is - and has always been - the ultimate multi kingdom!

  • So send your applications today - no questions asked!
  • Mark your applications "Hot Multi Mama" - apply now!
  • If you put me in as sponsor you will recieve one vice position per 3 multies!!!!!

23:05:59 Apr 8th 08 - Duke Argyle:

messiah made my day :D funny guy

03:50:51 Apr 9th 08 - Mr. War Cheif:

go messiah tell em

04:25:22 Apr 9th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

plato you will never kill me!!!!!!!

23:45:42 Apr 9th 08 - Mr. Xenophon The Fierce:

yep... totally a multi

17:04:41 Apr 10th 08 - Mr. Seth:

Messiah u rock :D

I wanna apply your kd..but I have only one question..if I'm not a comunist can I still join? =))


22:47:36 Apr 11th 08 - Duke Arzoon:

Mr. Elsin


4/4/2008 2:29:57 AM
Ultimate multi kingdom was MAD not heaven :o

Oh No you didnt!

03:19:25 Apr 16th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

as if im going to leave

10:31:05 Apr 17th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

no this is the ultimate multi kingdom

Black Chain

Kingdom Banner

Name: Black Chain
Members: 3
Tag: TBC
Created: 4/17/2008 8:27:36 AM
Leader: Mr. Peter Jackson


The rebirth of the raven wil light the path of man


peter jackson is one sexy hunk of man meat!!


  • Mr. Peter Jackson
  • Mr. Peter Jackson Multi
  • Mr. Peter Jackson Multi II

13:23:07 Apr 18th 08 - Mr. Hilario:

Mr. Elsin
4/4/2008 2:29:57 PMUltimate multi kingdom was MAD not heaven :o

i second this. :D

02:43:38 Apr 19th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

=D i do, and when would you like your appointment?

04:12:37 May 17th 08 - Sir Slade:

Mr. Elsin


4/4/2008 9:29:57 AM
Ultimate multi kingdom was MAD not heaven :o


Screw you MaD was never i Multi KD

(i dont think)

Mr. Hilario


4/18/2008 3:23:07 PM
Mr. Elsin
4/4/2008 2:29:57 PMUltimate multi kingdom was MAD not heaven :o

i second this. :D

And what the Hell are you on about


04:30:31 May 18th 08 - Sir Peter Abby Jackson:

another pointless topic revived by slade

17:26:07 May 18th 08 - Pirate Lewatha:

Slade, MAD had 5 persons deleted for multiing in one era... please come again?

08:29:09 May 19th 08 - Sir Peter Abby Jackson:


20:44:29 May 22nd 08 - Mr. Razil:

ok point take

07:27:04 May 24th 08 - Sir Peter Abby Jackson:

razil your not slade, why did yuo take the point?

23:55:07 May 24th 08 - Mr. Ironic:

If you play Stair Case to Heaven backwards you can  hear the name of people who are multiing in VU  ;p

08:37:32 May 25th 08 - Sir Peter Abby Jackson:

its stairWAY to heave*beep*r>

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