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The past few years
17:35:52 Apr 22nd 11 - Mr. Dur:

Hey all,

I haven't played for years but I'm getting a vibe that something bad has happened to the game and forum it seems a lot more subdued and dead. Anyone fancy filling me in on the events of the past few years so I don't have to trawl through the forum?

19:14:37 Apr 22nd 11 - Mr. Rebecca Black:

The game died.


19:53:19 Apr 22nd 11 - Mr. Pure The Archfiend:

Game turned shit.

The people who are still around are only around because they have faith ZeTa shall return.

19:58:03 Apr 22nd 11 - Puppy Fracker:

It's not anything in game mechanics that's wrong, it's really just the community harming itself whilst the game grows stagnant and hurts for new blood.

20:01:54 Apr 22nd 11 - Mr. Pure I:

^^douche. Its because the game has turned shit. Your the only one who says that is not the reason whereas all the vets buzzing around says its the game mechanics. And I believe its because you haven't seen the "real" visual-utopia that hundreds of people loved.

20:04:36 Apr 22nd 11 - Mr. Dur:

I should probably know this but who was ZeTa?

20:09:39 Apr 22nd 11 - Mr. Pure I:

:| The creator of the game

20:15:35 Apr 22nd 11 - Mr. Dur:

He died? Stopped updating? Forgot his password?

02:28:55 Apr 23rd 11 - Puppy Fracker:


Nice way to start out an argument. Guess I'm not entitled to my own observations. Really, just grow up and cut the "you haven't seen VU back then" crap. There are "vets" who've echoed my thoughts, but I guess it's harder for people to argue with them and much easier to shout obscenities towards the new guy who's giving you a fresh and unbiased view, right?

Just because the ones who disagree with the changes shout the loudest and the most doesn't mean jack squat. I've been told by a fair amount of players that it use to be boring, before certain changes. Stalemates galore, having to load up onto blockers or be some feeder for a merge so some other guy can go out and have fun, etc etc. 

03:05:16 Apr 23rd 11 - Ms. Binhette The Contrabandista:

The game was fun until around the time the 3 characters was introduced and ZeTa put the game on auto-pilot. Now there are no changes to the game mechanics to figure out (or bitch about for that matter), vets leaving eliminated some of the challenges of beating them. The game is a big stalemate imo .. or just stale :D

03:16:23 Apr 23rd 11 - Ms. Mia The Fallen Angel:

For how long has ZETA been missing / not doing his work? :(

13:14:47 Apr 23rd 11 - Mr. Pure:

I would say nearly 6months to a year.

02:26:35 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Karl Marx:

18:14:37 Apr 22nd 11 - Mr. Rebecca Black:

The game died.


Lol I love your new troll alias, Swifty. You sir are a master Troll.

06:38:27 Apr 27th 11 - Puppy Fracker:

eh, not really, his trolling is obvious and repetitive.... master troll would be someone who is never found out, by a large portion of the community. lol

Common troll is common.

09:35:42 May 30th 11 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Puppy, the community wasnīt very friendly when I started playing (era 25), and it hasnīt gotten any worse. There simply are fewer people and less (new) things to talk about.

15:23:35 Aug 2nd 11 - Swedish chef Brashen:

the things being as they are have nothing to do with how the actual game is,

The Vets have always complained and said they are gonna quit since the game sux so much,

lol most people are still here,

the problem with the game is that we get to few new addicted players and its just the same people over and over again,

What we need is a Zeta who burns for the game again or someone to take over that roll and start expanding on new markets, maybe as a facebook game would give the new players that is needed.

21:41:09 Sep 10th 11 - Ms. Lighshield IV:

Brashen.. It is a facebook game now :D

23:05:01 Sep 10th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Mr. Theron of The Dales):

All the stuff about the game mechanics dieing is bull. Pure you wasnt even around when the game started dying. 

The game began dying due to A loss of a large amount of members over Zeta not 'updating the game' , As there was a LARGE mass of un educated players who wanted certain features that just werent practical. 

After this mass left , Zeta fearing more would began putting in these upractical or just pointless updates. That upset the vets and the majority of the vets left. 

Zeta then changed back alot of things , the things that werent changed back like great walls / merges etc were things that had been taken out , not due to the un educated players but due to actual concerns over bugs and not. This meant game mechanics wise the game was PRETTY MUCH THE SAME , except on a bigger map. 

Zeta made incomes ALOT bigger...not sure if you was here for that. Although some complained the first era none really complained after that. 

However VU never recovered from the loss of players. VU was always a newbie unfriendly game , when VU was attracting experienced gamers who then made newbies feel at home this was fine. But then people like pure started naming themselves vets and acting like fucktards towards new players. That added to VU's very little advertising meant the game never gained the new members it vitally needed and the game settled down to the same people fighting the same people and allying the same people. Kingdom names change but the players in a kingdom hardly do. 

23:10:25 Sep 10th 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Polywrath):

Zeta never made incomes larger, Kath.  He's increased the rate at which the production of resources rises early on.  If you notice, the more buildings you have, the less you produce, capping off impossibly low in comparison to what kind of income you could get from conquering in the past!  Largest I've seen since the new income is like 7.5 mil.  Before it was over 50mil.

16:26:36 Sep 11th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Mr. Theron of The Dales):

Ive seen much larger then 7.5 mil , and by making income larger , i meant you GET a large income larger... And in all honesty poly was it the average player who had 50 mil? because as it is if your income is below 3-4 mil at eras end on a high world your slacking.

16:34:08 Sep 11th 11 - Puppy The Kitten Squisher:

"Much larger" than 7.5 mill with current mechanics, Kath? That is highly unlikely, aside from maybe dwarf income, which has a much higher glass ceiling than the other races. Building upkeep and diminishing returns cut hard hard, especially considering a lot of the land taken throughout the era is wrecked, armories, gt heavy, or all out crapola rainbows.

17:25:33 Sep 11th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Mr. Theron of The Dales):

If the majority of the cities youve taken have been armouries , GT or all out rainbows your fighting retards at the edges of their core. And Much larger , I wont pretend ive seen it frequently but yes ive seen much larger then that. 

But All of this is irrelevant , As i've already admitted I did not mean to say incomes were larger.

22:05:20 Oct 28th 11 - Sir Henry Degrimme:

The game used to be about strategy and wit... now it's about who has the biggest fist... Even still, most players don't seem to follow the traditional methods any more.

I remember 4 mill being very high. I guess that means Era 31 was a long time ago from now... or that I have Alzheimer's.

22:42:58 Oct 28th 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Try Harder):

Well around era 36-37 ish.. I saw players from Rebirth having over 40million income after taking a lot of cities..

I mean recently I've taken about 5 90k miners, and then a bunch of smaller cities and my income is slowly rising above 5.2million just because production is rising...
In any case Kath, I'm 100% certain since the new mechanics have been in effect there is no way you've seen incomes larger than 7.5 million...  Maybe if you're lucky, your base income, that being before upkeep could be higher.. maybe 8-9 million, and likely that would be a dwarf... however, by that point you'll be reaching near 2million building upkeep, let alone what your troop upkeep would be unless you housed them all.  And there is no way any player would ever be able to farm up to that income as building costs would be way to high.. 1.2 million building upkeep for me, and 14.5k gold per building to build lol.

And no, not the average player.. a good conqueror would have that kind of income in the past.. like I said about Rebirth.. at least 5-6 guys in the kingdom at that time had those massive incomes.
I would say, depending on your race/length of era.. 3-4mill at era end isn't bad at all with the new mechanics.

4mil at era 31 being high?  That would probably have been average for someone who didn't do much conquering if any at all... Unless they changed the production mechanics from then til era 36-37 which I could be mistaken but I don't believe they did..  
My third or fourth era with Sprout, not conquering anything, as a dwarf without using cavers, I pushed to near 7 million before the end of the era and I remember thinking that was low as hell, but still really high for me at the time.

23:20:11 Oct 28th 11 - Sir Henry Degrimme:

Maybe I am a bit backwards... I'll have to read my histories... Haven't played in a while. XD

23:22:25 Oct 28th 11 - Mr. Muammar Gaddafi:

nods to confirm Sir Henry is backwards, thus making him emmirgeD yrneH riS

23:41:22 Oct 28th 11 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrgalon):

Poly is completely right.

03:11:10 Oct 29th 11 - Sir Henry Degrimme:

Geez... thanks, fellas.

Well... let me say this now...

I remember 4 mill being a great income when I left the game (sometime around 2nd era of Fant.).

Better? :P

04:09:28 Oct 29th 11 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus XVIII):

no shit, its samual

04:12:31 Oct 29th 11 - Sir Henry Degrimme:

Wrong, Samulis. Please read of my family history before making up fake ties.

04:44:30 Oct 29th 11 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus XVIII):

my bad

17:37:16 Oct 29th 11 - Sir Henry Degrimme:

No problem, mate... I remember he came in around when I did.

13:16:52 Nov 2nd 11 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent):

Haha, income... I've been playing this game for how long?  Lol I never have incomes above 3-4mil ;)  Or rarely.  It's just sooo boring farming up that much, and I never have too much opportunity to capture and stuff (mainly like working defense and stuff).  Henry, I don't doubt that 4mil was pretty high.  Obviously not what a good farmer or conquerer would have, but still high enough to pull some weight.

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