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The time
16:26:42 May 26th 10 - Mr. Lollylops:

is drawing near, friends. The Africa Soccer Cup.

Who does everybody think is going to win it? North America? Mexico? Opinions please.

18:30:16 May 26th 10 - Lady Patches Ohoulihan:

North America never wins anything, not without Britains/Europes help. It will be Spain, or Italy.

05:36:48 May 27th 10 - Duke Rensmauth The Meek:

If it's South Africa, why is the image of South America?

10:48:23 May 27th 10 - Lady Patches Ohoulihan:

Thats not South America, thats South Africa.

16:56:44 May 27th 10 - Mr. Dead Oralive:

They came from the same father?

17:29:36 May 27th 10 - King Ernest Deallus The Wise:

What's soccer?

23:49:57 May 27th 10 - Mr. Lollylops:

Soccer is the sport that women usually play.

Personally, I prefer football. (the clue is in the name, a guy in body armour runs with his feet while carrying a  ball).

North America has the best soccer players and league. I'll be rooting for them in South Africa.

00:05:30 May 28th 10 - King Ernest Deallus The Wise:

I like football as well.  It is so entertaining!(ick)

North America? I should have known...sneaky bastards.

09:25:58 May 28th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

another troll topic :P

14:58:11 May 28th 10 - Mr. Heroix:

North Korea ftw!

04:29:19 May 30th 10 - Mr. Douchebag:

Spain is gonna win

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