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Tick Time
13:18:50 Mar 23rd 22 - fred (Mr. Terrorist Fred):

Vu Admins

Can you make the game Tick every 30 mn instead of 1 h
we are getting bored moving our armies for 2-3-4 real days, to prep on a city for also 1-2 real days!! 

and max training time should be 24 h!!!, not 40...

most of old players left this game cz it s too slow, make it faster (we are in 2022 !!) and for sure new players will join

13:31:41 Mar 23rd 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

I actually like the fact when I go to sleep I know in morning I am alive because nobody can travel huge distances over night. It is supposed to take time traveling. Split up your armies they will move faster if they are smaller. 

I would support idea of one map going 30 minute days, it would be quick world. Maybe open one of the closed worlds for that. 

13:35:24 Mar 23rd 22 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus):

yeah, even if you want to test it on half the worlds first, this would be a huge quality of llife improvement.

or make maps smaller to accomodate lack of people

15:36:06 Mar 23rd 22 - Percy (Sir Percy The Economist):

^ this. Thereís no reason maps that once supported hundreds are still used for ~50 tops. That would resolve a majority of it.

Timing changes wouldnít be an ideal change, as it currently strikes a solid balance between delayed progression to keep things alive when away, and allowing for things to move quick overall and keep era time relatively short. Fant is an oddball that rarely happens, so donít take that as the norm. (Though a single map that operates faster wouldnít be a bad idea, same as we have a map for Great Walls, new player, etc). 

As for movement, troop counts between 7600 and 178k all move at the same speed. Anything above 178k-ish (exact cutoff is in the 178-179k range, donít have the data in front of me currently) moves at the same speed all the way up to an infinitely sized army. Use that to your advantage. Except for Dwarf, all T3 and T5 count as 2 troops for movement. This is how people move quickly across the map is using that knowledge to your advantage.

22:40:23 Mar 23rd 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Siegfried Fafnir Slayer):

I think both map size and speed of the game is just fine. It makes you plan things out better or face the consequences of your lack of planning.

30m ticks would very quickly lead to burn out, and as someone who plays with a lot of newer players I can say that there is already a lot to learn, and that 30m ticks would simply overwhelm new players even more so - leading to them leaving.

23:48:44 Mar 23rd 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

Make Mantrax a 30 mins tick world then! But implement it! He's right. Game is really slow compared to other online games. 

13:54:35 Mar 24th 22 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

true the game will be more offensive and more fun

if u want ur cities to be safe when u sleep, than train more and make blockers, work as team 

14:33:29 Mar 24th 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Then bug abusers like Fred or Jasper walk over mountain and take your cities while you sleep. This update (which will never happen anyways) would just make few semi active people quit.

16:39:25 Mar 24th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

What makes you so sure! 

This is 2022 & speed worlds are in demand in all mmos. Unless ZeTa wants to keep this game alive for few more years with old vets... then it's up to him. 

But if he wishes to increase the community & bring more players from those other games to keep his pocket not empty, this will be a great step. Make at least 1 world 2x more speedy but still stable & not too fast. Many new players will love it as many cannot suit with this super slow environment. So Valhalla could be an option too. 

This is the evidence how it's killing vu.

The worlds

1* FantasiaOpenshatteredworlds87

ZeTa as you can see, your fav vets are holing the main world for +3 months & still want another month. Its definitely not newbie friendly or even worth the time for players come from outside. 2x speed/ 30 mins tick can save it whether it's Val or Mant, not Zetamania of course as no one really play there except few casual players. 

17:38:27 Mar 24th 22 - Mr. Nwb:

On the contrary, I find it is fairly newbie friendly. Granted, I'm in a kingdom that let's the newbs play and doesn't kill them off. 

One of the biggest draws for me is actually how slow it is. I came upon this game and have been pleased with how I can live my life and play the game in a way that I'm not sacrificing too much of my daily business. 

Now, I'm new so I'm not trying to argue that this game is perfect the way it is. Just, the slowness is what's got me playing it. 

I was also picked up by one of the vets here that has guided me through a lot of things. Without the guidance, I may have quit before I started. 

17:40:43 Mar 24th 22 - Mr. Nwb:

Sorry I didn't realise it went by the character name. 

I'm newb, nice to meet you all 😁

17:55:28 Mar 24th 22 - Jarl Eivor:

I would enjoy 1 world with faster tic changes but not all the world. The best thing about this game is what Dark said. I can sleep without stressing if I'll have major losses when I wake. Turn Zeta into a faster world.

18:08:06 Mar 24th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

Jarl Eivor:

I would enjoy 1 world with faster tic changes but not all the world. The best thing about this game is what Dark said. I can sleep without stressing if I'll have major losses when I wake. Turn Zeta into a faster world.

That's what we're saying. I bet Fred meant the same or similar. 

19:16:34 Mar 24th 22 - HorusPanic (Ms. Masako):

I think a micro map would be cool too. 

05:26:04 Mar 25th 22 - Phat (Grand Moff Death Harbinger):

This is 2022 & speed worlds are in demand in all mmos. Unless ZeTa wants to keep this game alive for few more years with old vets... then it's up to him. 

i don't think zeta has ever cared abouot market demands...

06:04:21 Mar 25th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

Of course he did. 

There was a time we posted "gorilla links" to other web forums to bring people in. ZeTa was also in Live chat asking "how did you find the game, who invited you, is this game good, what would improve the game,..." etc. So he did care. 

14:19:14 Mar 25th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Imperator Imperiorum):

ZeTa as you can see, your fav vets are holing the main world for +3 months & still want another month. Its definitely not newbie friendly or even worth the time for players come from outside.

1. This world has been at war for the full 3m. There are actually more players on Fantasia right now than when the era started.
2. Last 2 eras the world ended in 25 days.
3. Imperium has ~80% players who has returned/joined VU in the last year. Including four brand new players picked up this era on the map.
5. There are KDs on the map who are playing right now because Imperium, unlike mad/zerks/whoever hasn't killed them because...I don't know why.
6. What you like doesn't mean what everyone else likes.
7. Faster tick times will only benefit very active players. This will ensure to drive away even more.
8. There are many, many things to be done before changing the whole flow of the game to attract new players.
9. 30m ticks for Zeta would be fun, but I bet you after 1-2 eras the map would be empty just like it is now.
10. Fantasia can be over at any time if mad/ryan weren't holding it hostage. Whether tomorrow, or 3w from now, Imperium will hold the #1 HoH.
11. Fantasia isn't a newb friendly world. It's Fantasia...

15:08:04 Mar 25th 22 - HorusPanic (Darth Panic):

wasn't there a period of time where eras were 50 min ticks?

18:24:30 Mar 25th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:


Implement that instead. 

02:10:58 Mar 26th 22 - Percy (Sir Percy The Economist):

How about instead of all of that, stagger ticks on all worlds? That way, if someone is playing multiple worlds, action is more constant for them? 

Say, Fant remains at the XX:00, Mant at XX:15, Val at XX:30, Zeta XX:45, etc.

That way if someone wants action all the time, theyíre typically high activity, which means theyíre likely playing more than one world anyways. 

If someone prefers the slower pace, just play one world and enjoy it how it is now.

06:04:29 Mar 26th 22 - Mr. Friendly Cyrone:

I think its pretty clear Zeta isn't going to make any major staggering changes like this. I'd like a fast world too, but it's just not likely to happen. From what I've seen, the most realistic suggestions are the ones that would be easy for him to implement (like how he buffed dwarf swordsmen).

I think saying that Fantasia is being held hostage is kind of unfair as well. With context, it makes perfect sense why. Without context, it looks like the world is being held hostage. Just be patient; the next era is going to be banger too.

07:12:08 Mar 26th 22 - Endless (Lady Artemisiaiofcaria):

Ryan is just a good player and if Imperium canít concede that their kingdom is #1 but another kingdomís player is #1 individual then you can see how it might be perceived as holding the map hostage.  Seems like a recent trend imo so making the tick faster wonít alleviate the boredom of waiting. If both MAD and Imperium are content to battle it out then we the losers just need to deal with waiting.

When I first started playing the game I thought the hourly tick and long troop walks slow but now itís part of the gameís appeal 

21:00:57 Mar 26th 22 - Mr. Friendly Cyrone:

Whatís the first thing you see when you look at the era history? The player who ďwonĒ and their kingdom. So youíre basically saying they should win... lol? Maybe suggest it shows the winning kingdom on that list rather than the winning player and you wonít have your eras held ďhostageĒ. Also anyone who thinks score reflects skill and value is absolutely clueless, but thatís just how the game works.

23:19:20 Mar 26th 22 - Endless (Lady Artemisiaiofcaria):

Top 6 show 1 MAD and 5 Imperium. Pretty sure when anybody  looks at the entire top 20 they can understand who farmed, who battled and who holds the majority of era end rankings. If they canít maybe they need to learn to read stats. Itís not really any different then when I started playing, only difference is I donít remember eras dragging on because the top kingdom wanted all top placements. Could have happened I just donít remember it.

23:27:54 Mar 26th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Hindsight):

Endless, we're both old time players, we both know eras are named after the #1 HoH.
Sure, it doesn't matter at all, but that sentiment still lives on in atleast me. I specifically remember me starting the era in era 30, the era of lenard (or leonard? can't be bothered to check)

If anyone's holding the world hostage, it's Ryan, and nobody else.

00:59:43 Mar 27th 22 - Endless (Lady Artemisiaiofcaria):

I believe the two kingdoms should just duke it out.  Whom  the hostage situation maker is usually depends on perspective and itís never going to be objective. 

I always play multiple maps so Iím never really waiting for one to open or end. 

Perhaps the answer lies in an option of when the world has been open 90 days every player regardless of status on the map votes on whether Zeta should use his god powers to restart the world. Same at 120 days. 150. 180.  If there is an absolute timeframe 180 days is a good limit, 1/2 year for one game makes me shudder lol

03:19:25 Mar 27th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Hindsight):

The two kingdoms have been duking it out all era, which is what brings us to this current situation. For the current Fant era, MAD has obviously been beaten, yet Ryan insists on never fighting and just turtling til he eventually gets out-farmed.

The current era lasting 3 months is definitely far out of the ordinary, but that doesn't mean the era stagnated or anything. If anything, I'd argue it's been one of the best eras in modern VU history, because of how close all of it has been.

I'd personally put it 50:50 between Fred and Konstant for MVP of the era, bc Fred's performance, on his own, brought MAD from being close to dying OOP to being well on their way to winning the era.

Konstant's strategising is hard to argue against though, and the hours of thinking and attention it cost him is what managed to turn it all around in Imperium's favour, despite Imperium being pushed back to one small, tiny corner of the map at one point.

Big props to MAD (Except Aloy for the childish whining), DR, Big Daddy Trogdar, the newbs in Imperium and everyone else for a very wild and refreshing era.

Looking forward to seeing the real Zerkers back again next era <3

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